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One way to make a party or celebration more memorable is to make sure that your guests bring back something from the event. And we are not talking about the intangible kind like good memories or a bad hangover. In party planning, this small token given to guests for attending an event is called a memento, souvenir, or party favor.

And, of course, while you are already planning what party favor to give away, you should also make sure that these items are labeled and decorated well. To do that, you will need creative and printable favor tags. In this article, we have curated a set of fifteen printable favor tag templates that anyone planning a party or formal event may download and use. Plus, we will also share more tips on how to choose the best favor tag template design for your own party.

Check Out These Creative Favor Tag Templates

When we say that we have prepared a list of printable favor tag templates, what we really meant was that we have curated a list of the most creative and well-designed printable favor tag templates available online today. This means that you will surely find a favor tag template design that you can use for whatever kind of party you are going to organize.

As a reminder, all these templates are available either as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator templates. You will need to have a compatible software tool installed on your computer before you can open and edit these templates on your end.

Best Friends Printable Favor Tag Template

best friends printable favor tag template

Birthday Printable Paint Party Favor Tag Template

birthday printable paint party favor tag template

Blue Boy Printable Party Favor Tag Template

blue boy printable party favor tag template

What is a Favor Tag?

A favor tag is a small label attached to a gift, memento, or souvenir that is given by the party or event host to the people who attended the event. It is usually printed on small pieces of thick paper or cardstock. As a gift tag, it may also come with a piece of string, ribbon, or other material that allows it to be wrapped or tied around the gift itself.

Party favors are usually given away at children’s birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties, business grand openings, and even on election campaign fundraisers.

To create a favor tag, you may either follow the handmade card design route and manually craft your gift tags from scratch. Another option is to use favor tag templates. These are pre-made tag templates that you can download and edit on your end before you print them out. In this article, we provide examples of these printable favor tag templates that you can use for your parties.

And if you are interested in creating a handmade greeting card to go with your party favor tag, check out the linked article.

Chevron Blue Elephant Printable Favor Tag Template

chevron blue elephant printable favor tag template

First Communion Burlap Printable Favor Tag Template

first communion burlap printable favor tag template

Throw Your Worries Away! Printable Favor Tag Template

throw your worries away printable favor tag template

High Tea Favor Tag Printable Template

high tea favor tag printable template

Mermaid Party Printable Favor Tag Template

mermaid party printable favor tag template

How to Choose a Printable Favor Tag Template

In the next few paragraphs, we are sharing the different things that any event planner or party host should consider prior to choosing a favor tag template. Read each tip carefully so that you will not regret your purchase decision.

1. Event or Party Theme

One of the major factors to consider when selecting a favor tag template is your event’s or party’s theme and purpose. To illustrate, if you are throwing an 18th birthday party that follows a superhero theme, it only makes sense to use favor tags that display the same superhero imagery on them. Likewise, a floral-themed wedding should also make use of floral favor tag template designs.

Whether you are the main party planner or you have hired an event coordinator to do the work for you, making sure that all the design elements used in the event complement each other is one of the best things to do. Even if party favors are usually small and ephemeral objects, you should not take them for granted. Your event or party favors should bear coordinating and creatively designed favor tags to show your guests how much effort and significance the event was for you.

2. Template’s Customizability

The next factor to consider prior to purchasing a printable favor tag template design is the template’s customizability. This means that you should choose a favor tag template that can be edited and customized based on your preferences.

This is an important factor to consider to those who want to have truly original party favor tag designs. For example, if you are planning a wedding and you want to incorporate your wedding logo or monogram into all your wedding stationery designs including your wedding favor tags, you will need to have access to the tag template’s layer files and be able to edit them.

Choosing a fully customizable favor tag template does not mean you have to edit the template yourself. You may still choose a fully customizable template and have someone else do the editing for you. As long as you determine before purchasing if a printable template is customizable or not, you can make all the necessary arrangements for the editing afterward.

Mimosa Printable Favor Tag Template

mimosa printable favor tag template

Pastel Colored Duck Favor Tag Template

pastel colored duck favor tag template

Printable Watercolor Feather Favor Tag Template

printable watercolor feather favor tag template

How to Choose a Printable Favor Tag Template (continued)

3. Budget

Another factor to consider prior to buying a printable favor tag template is your party or event budget. Most printable templates and designs will only cost a few dollars. However, it is the printing of these templates that will monetarily set you back a lot.

For instance, if you are planning a large vintage wedding and you want to use vintage wedding templates, and, of course, vintage favor tags too, you may have to allocate a large amount of money into the designing and printing of all these wedding stationery designs. If you have an unlimited source of funds, budgeting for these things will not be an issue. However, if you are having a DIY wedding or if you just do not want to spend a lot of money into creating your wedding invitations, it is best to prepare and work with a budget. Also, you may check out this article on how to make a budget plan.

That is why before you purchase that favor tag template design, make sure that you get a rough estimate of all the things that you will need to pay for before the event. Plan and budget accordingly.

4. Graphic Design Skills

We have mentioned earlier that if you want to transform an existing printable favor tag template’s design and incorporate your own touches to it, you will need to edit the template. So in connection to this, you also need to consider your own graphic design software skills before you purchase any tag template.

If you already know the basics of using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign, you will not have a problem with customizing any printable template after downloading them. However, if you are just a beginner in graphic design, it may be best if you study Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials before getting down to the actual template editing part.

And if you are not confident with your editing skills or if you do not have the time to learn how to edit before the party, you may have to choose a favor tag template that is ready to print and you do not have to make any edits. Or, you may just have to delegate the entire editing task to another person.

5. Lead Time Before Party or Event

In the previous tip regarding knowing your own graphic design skills, we advised that you may have to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator beforehand if you want to customize your favor tag template. However, it may take time to learn a new skill. That is why the last factor to consider before you purchase a printable favor tag template is the lead time you have before the party or event.

If you have months to go before your event or celebration, you can certainly learn graphic design by watching Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials online. However, if the party is set in a few weeks or days, you may have to rethink and reassess your own learning capabilities.

Knowing all these things beforehand will allow you to more accurately create a party planning timeline. And if you only have a few days before you need to use your party favor tags, you may just need to have someone edit the template or purchase printable tag templates.

And there you have it! The top five factors to consider before purchasing a printable favor tag template. Follow these tips and you will not regret your favor tag template choice.

Rustic Printable Thank You Favor Tag Template

rustic printable thank you favor tag template

Scalloped Creepy Bats Favor Tag Template

scalloped creepy bats favor tag template

Simple Printable Thank You Favor Tag Template

simple printable thank you favor tag template

Spread the Love Printable Favor Tag Template

spread the love printable favor tag template

It’s Time To Throw a Memorable Party!

Party planning can be difficult and stressful. But if you have the right tools and tips to follow, you will not go wrong. So use and apply all the information that you have learned from this article on printable favor tag templates. Create the best party favor tags that your guests will not forget about your event in years.

Also, you can bookmark and save this article for future reference. You may also share it on social media and let the rest of the world see this beautiful collection of printable party favor tag templates.

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