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10+ Printable Hang Tag Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign, Doc, Publisher, Pages

Hang tags are marketing staples that are commonly seen in any merchandise. They are not only for aesthetic purposes but they are informative as well. And, when used correctly, they can help increase sales. Marketing may have jumped into the digital age because of the widespread use of the Internet but printed materials are still tangible pieces consumers look for while breezing through the items in a store. While they contain important information about the product, they also aid in promoting your brand. It is important that detailed hang tags are fused cohesively with your marketing plan as they represent your brand’s identity and are vital to product merchandising.You may also see engagement gift tags.

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In this article, we have a curated list of creative and aesthetically pleasing designs of hang tag templates. These templates are handpicked from various reliable and credible sources, so their quality is out of the question. Since they are in digital formats, they can be easily accessed online and can be downloaded whenever and wherever you are. They are also editable, which means you can customize the design however you want so long as it appropriately represents your brand’s image. The file formats are compatible with most of the photo editing software programs commonly used today, such as Adobe Photoshop, and those that are in online platforms. Let’s not wait further and dive right into the list!

Free Hang Tag Template

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Free Thank You Hang Tag Template

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Garment Hang Tag Template

Sale Printable Hang Tag Template

Cute Valentine Printable Hang Tag Template

What Is a Hang Tag?

You have surely noticed the tags that are commonly seen on any merchandise. These hang tags are labels that store owners attach to all the items they sell.  They contain a variety of information such as the name of the designer or manufacturer, the fabric or material used for an item, or the care instructions. There are also some that have small price prints and size labels on them. Although it’s a common notion that hang tags are just simple, boring tags attached to a product to relay information, they still convey the purpose of your business. If the hang tags are strategically placed, their relevant information can encourage a customer who’s unsure about a specific item to make the purchase. If the custom hang tags are well-designed, they will certainly stand out on your products and will attract customers as well as inform them.You may also see holiday gift tags.

Hang Tag Branding Design

There might be times when you ask yourself on why you should bother creating a hang tag when there are alternatives that will be as effective as them. You just have to remind yourself that a hang tag isn’t just a simple price indicator but it’s also a representative of your brand identity and a ticket to product purchases. The hang tag’s design speaks a lot about your brand and they can greatly influence your customers’ purchasing decision. If you have a poorly designed hang tag and it will look cheap, this may inadvertently convey to customers that your products’ quality is below the standard. This will affect your brand’s image and cause a negative impact on your customers.You may also see vintage gift tags.

In this age where innovation is scarcely done, there might be brands similar to yours. To avoid being confused with other brands, you have to try out several versions of the design. Experiment with color combinations, unique die cut shapes, and different layout arrangements. Incorporate different elements that will appeal to your average customers. People’s taste may differ from each other but there are designs that they will definitely agree upon and you just have to figure that out with a lot of trials. It may take a while to arrive at the final design but the process will definitely help you create a distinct look for your hang tag. You may also see thank you gift tags.

Important Information for the Hang Tag

The hang tags may differ in sizes as there isn’t a standard one for all of them, but it is for certain that they only have enough space for a brief information regarding the product that the hang tag is attached to. Don’t overwhelm the customers with an information overload, but do allure them with ample details that will compel them to purchase your products. Since the templates in this article are editable, you can create a custom hang tag that will allow you to stuff the necessary information needed to help your customers make an informed decision. But, what are the details that should be included? Here are some of them:

1. Pricing

It is a standard to put prices on hang tags on each product even though you can alternatively put the pricing on a small signboard and place it over or beside the product. This is because of most of the customers are accustomed to having the prices hidden somewhere in the products. We guess the customers love searching for them even if they are already laid out in plain sight. The pricing can be imprinted on the hang tag itself or a small sticker of the price can be attached to it so when the price of the product changes, you can just replace the sticker instead of making another hang tag or covering it up with something.You may also see round gift tags.

2. Product Care

This is an instruction about the do’s and don’ts in handling the product. For example, there are shirts that are recommended to be hand washed as opposed to using a washing machine. The reasons may vary but what it’s trying to say is that it will definitely damage the shirt if people do otherwise.  It is a crucial piece of information that people usually ignore. But even so, as the owner of the brand, you should still continue to include it in the hang tag’s content. People will eventually realize how crucial this information is and start to read the other details on the hang tag from then on.You may also see baby shower gift tags.

Wedding Initials Printable Hang Tag Template

Winter Printable Hang Tag Template Set

Thank You Printable Hang Tag Template

Reserved Seating Printable Hang Tag Template

3. Materials List

The material of the product may affect the customer’s purchasing decision especially those who are environmentally conscious. The customer may also have an allergic reaction to any of the material composition of the product, so make sure to make a complete list of it. Moreover, the material can be a deciding factor why a customer would want a certain product over the others, e.g. buying cotton shirts over linen and polyester.You may also see blank gift tags.

4. Background

This will entice customers who are fond of local products and enjoy supporting their community. The story of the product’s origins doesn’t have to include all the historical points that made it how it is now. You just need to state where it manufactured and a little information on who designed it. This will help spread the designer’s name and will make the customers remember them on their next purchase.You may also see wedding gift tags.

5. Promotional Data

Include data that will help the customers reach out to you easier, such as social media sites and company website. Since people are online most of the time, you have to be ready at any time to respond to their queries and insert a little promotional statement with it. Letting the customers about your social media sites will also update them with your latest offers that they might like. Make sure that you update your social media content frequently.You may also see birthday gift tags.

6. Logo

How can it be a hanging tag without a logo? This is placed last on the list because it is already a standard procedure to include your company’s or brand’s logo on the hang tag. This is an important piece of the hang tag’s content since this is the image that will be imprinted on people’s mind whenever they think of your brand. If they like your products, they will be able to think about your logo as well as your brand’s name. Having a logo will also make the customers identify your brand anywhere they see it. It will be easier for them to promote your products to their family and friends as well.You may also see plastic name tags.

Gold Confetti Printable Hang Tag Template

Watercolor Flowers Printable Hang Tag Template

Burgundy Floral Printable Hang Tag Template

Pick the Most Appropriate Hang Tag Design

The design is just as important as the information, and this can be said for every related product that involves graphic design. Hang tags may be small but they carry a huge impact that affects the customer’s decision on whether to buy a certain product or not. With the common notion that it is only made to visually please people’s eyes, the information that they contain is usually ignored. As the owner of the brand, you should try to marry the product information with the design to be able to come up with a compelling hang tag that will be difficult for the customers to ignore. Do this and you will see how its impact works in favor of your business.You may also see thank you tags.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect template for your hang tag’s design. Remember to pick the template which has a design that’s most relevant to your brand identity. Stick to your concept. If you find this article helpful, you can bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need another assistance in finding the best hang tag templates. Also, may you find it in your kind hearts to share this with your peers to help this site strive. We wish you the best in your endeavors!You may also see bag tags.

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