9+ Professional Business Letterhead Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

A letterhead is essential as it conveys your brand and is tasked in imparting your company’s first impression in your letters. A quality letterhead communicates professionalism and that the document it is set upon is formal, important, and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

For you to achieve this with your company, we have compiled a large number of letterhead templates for you to choose from. Our site offers templates that are easy to personalize and are available to download. Our letterhead templates work well with our Offer Letter Templates as well, ensuring that all your office documents are presentable and, most importantly, a representative of your brand.

Professional Business Services Letterhead Template

Professional Services Business Letterhead TemplateDownload

Professional Business Cards and Letterhead Design

Professional Business Cards and Letterhead DesignDownload

Blank Professional Business Consulting Letterhead Template

Professional Business Consulting Letterhead TemplateDownload

Professional Monogram Business Letterhead Design

Professional Monogram Business Letterhead DesignDownload

Professional Business Letterhead Layout Template

Professional Business Letterhead Layout TemplateDownload

Why your Company Documents and Letters Need a Letterhead

The act of formal written correspondence does not rely on content but on the overall presentation of the document. The receiver only needs a few seconds to decide if the letter needs any more of his or her time with how it is presented. If the document does contain any logo or company information, it imparts the message that the letter may not come from a legitimate source. In turn, this means that a document like this has ruined its chances of being read entirely.

A significant amount of your communications strategy relies upon your letterhead. It should convey that your company is important enough to be corresponded further with and should show competence even with the sight of a single document. That is why a lot of companies rely on graphic artists and branding consultants to design their letterheads because this investment benefits the company down the line.

The design and color of your letterhead depends entirely on you and the personality of your company. That is why we leave this decision making to you by providing you with templates that are easy for you to edit and use repeatedly, like our Marketing Letter Templates where the format has already been laid out and is easy to print and save.

Professional Business Training Letterhead Design

Professional Business Training Letterhead DesignDownload

Professional Corporate Business Letterhead Template

Professional Corporate Business Letterhead TemplateDownload

Professional Business Stationery Letterhead Design

Professional Business Stationery Letterhead DesignDownload

Professional Global Business Letterhead Template

Professional Global Business Letterhead TemplateDownload

Modern Professional Business Letterhead Design

Modern Professional Business Letterhead DesignDownload

The Benefits of a Great Letterhead

Having a well-designed letterhead as your company’s printing collateral is as essential as having a well-designed logo to represent the company’s message. It is a physical representation of your company and is considered a core to your company’s marketing and communications strategy.

Letterheads are necessary because they convey a sense of respect and as a means to earn the trust of your customers. Expressing this message with your clients will in turn garner an appreciation for your services and products, boosting your sales altogether.

Why You Need to Use our Letterhead Templates

All our templates are of high-quality design that convey a professional, put-together feel. They are very easy to edit to suit the image of your company and can be printed or distributed digitally.

If you are perusing for more templates, have a look at our Real Estate Company Templates section. These come in different formats that are tried and tested by real estate agencies in driving up their sales higher than projected. They are all customizable and a great value for your hard-earned money.


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