Top 100 Premium Photoshop PSD Website Templates

It goes without saying that in order to have your website look extraordinary, you would need to have a set of templates which are world-class to say the least. Some of the best Free Photoshop PSD Website Templates have been collated below so that you get a good idea on which templates to choose for your website.
The best thing is that these templates are available completely free of cost. They are truly out of the top drawer and have been tailor made to suit your requirements. Take a plunge in the world of these top PSD templates.

Seventh Heaven-PSD Template

  • 93053346

It is a very useful template to create websites of personal portfolio, creative blogs and many other creative designs. It has 33 fully layered Adobe Photoshop PSD files.

Oops PSD Corporate Website Template

  • 4194234

This template can be used in a variety of domains which includes Corporations, Companies and Personal Portfolio. It is designed based on Twitter Bootstrap.

Prime-Multipurpose PSD Theme

  • 27699764

This template has all kinds of blogs and portfolios which you could ever think of. It is very well organized and very easy to use.

Elvyre Professional Corporate PSD Template

  • 65123545

This template is very simple and modern and is specifically tailor made for business purposes. It has endless layouts and color designs.

Coloristic Flat One Page PSD Template

  • 64612439

Perfectly suited for any kind of business websites, this template has a multi-layered set up which makes your website a force to reckon with.

Wow Food PSD Template

  • 20486534

This is just perfect for food events and restaurants. It is designed in Photoshop so that it looks very sleek and modern. The template files are 960 pixels wide.


  • 31479758

This template has a 31 fully layered Adobe Photoshop PSD files which are well organized and very easy to update. It is a high responsive template.

Solveto PSD Template

  • 66676151

This is a Photoshop designed template with a very glamorous and sleek look. It has a 10 layered PSD files which makes it all the more user-friendly than you could ever think of.

Ausart Multi-purpose PSD Theme

  • 50706451

This template is a unique one and has 3 home pages and 4 footer options. The design options are very modern and extremely flexible.

GE Trends

  • 65957332

This template is specifically made to meet the requirements of fashion companies. It can be easily customized and has free fonts and icons.


  • 95624769

This template is a very handy application for creative corporate company profiles. It is based on Bootstrap Grid System and has Retina Ready features.

Nature PSD Template

  • 6997580

This template has a responsive design, built in 1200 pixels wide screen. It is very easy to customize and has a one-page template.


  • 35423429

This template is equipped with 29 fully layered adobe Photoshop PSD files and the layers are organized to the core.

Second Gear- One Page Portfolio PSD Template

  • 32199402

This template is used to create high quality portfolios and is compatible with Adobe CS5. It has a 3 layered set-up. The Google fonts are very attractive as well.

Karma-Responsive Clean Website Template

  • 45953150

This template is fully SEO optimized, mobile friendly and has a 3D slider in place to ease the navigation process.

White M

  • 20351292

This has an 8 layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD file set up and the layers are well organized which makes it very easy and flexible to use.


  • 50195246

This template has a very clean and modern design and is ideal for your blogs and websites. The website content is 1170 pixels wide.

Tilability: Health and Beauty PSD Template

  • 11442942

This is an amazing template for health and beauty websites and it is fully editable as per your own requirements.

Mouse- Multipurpose PSD Template

  • 58834257

Ideal for business websites, this template comes with a variety of professional designs and these can customized as the way to want to.


  • 17594617

This template has a one-layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD file set up. It has a clean and modern design with excellent responsiveness.

Riley- Unique PSD Template

  • 80180057

Packed with all the modern features and are very well suited presentations. The layers are very well organized and it is very easy to edit the features.

Online Business Template

  • 37833586

This template is ideal for online business if you are looking to give your websites a very attractive and modern look. It contains a variety of headers to suit your needs.

Spectrum PSD Template

  • 34197868

This template has a responsive design and full of amazing features. It is very easy to customize and is equipped with credit icons.

Univerze7- Metro Style PSD Template

  • 82267782

This template comes with a trendy and sleek look to give your website with a glamorous look. The site content is 100 pixels wide.

Z-Pixel Photo Store PSD Template

  • 65652277

Just a tailor made template for photographers, creative designers and bloggers. It is very elegant, modern and very easy to customize as well.

Inverness- Multipurpose PSD Landing Page

  • 76951195

This template is suited to all kinds of websites which are meant for business and personal use. It is of two types- Parallax and None Parallax.

The Cause- Multipurpose Non-Profit PSD Template

  • 59348786

This template has its uses which can range from commercial, professional websites to religious and political organizations. It has extremely vibrant colors.

ModeOne- A Clean PSD Template

  • 60970167

This template has a 22 layered PSD set-up with a very organized set of layers. The size content is 1170 pixels wide.

Appster-Ultimate App Landing Page PSD Template

  • 70656218

Packed with a sleek and stylish design this is an ideal template for selling your applications. It is boosted with Smart Object Layers for easy image replacements

Scratch-PSD Blog Template

  • 10299940

This template is one of the most organized of all the templates which are out there in the web. It is very easy to edit and has an amazing customer support

Elara-Multi-purpose PSD Template

  • 54023514

This template has a 34 layered .PSD layout, 10 homepage layouts to go with an equally attractive design. It is also easily customizable.

Coursaty-Awesome PSD Template

  • 74850451

Specifically tailor-made for your business, this template is fully layered and easily customizable. It can suit a variety of projects.

Grafika-Photography and Blog PSD Template

  • 37999704

This template is a very creative one and has 7 layered PSD files. It is fully customizable and pixel perfect to the core.

Envor PSD Template

  • 19147059

This template has 12column design and a 15 PSD file set up. There is a variety of colors which you can explore with awesome font icons.

Gleam-Ultimate App Landing Page

  • 39462890

Tailor-made for mobile applications, this template is fully layered and easily customizable. The design is very flat and modern.

Avalon-Multi-purpose PSD Theme

  • 58486238

This template has a bootstrap 3 Grid, 15 PSD files. It is also equipped with portfolio and blog pages. It has been designed as a responsive theme.

Wisten-One Page PSD Theme

  • 50626817

This template is made for creative studios and it comes with a very sleek design. It has 3 unique sliders and one page design.

Kids Zone-Children PSD

  • 6139042

This template is tailor-made for kids or babies and their corresponding products. It has a very clean and vibrant design with various page layouts.

Stability-PSD Template

  • 84127636

This template is suitable for portfolio projects and creative agencies. It has a very organized layer structure, portfolio layouts, contacts pages and much more.

Kreativen PSD Template

  • 1333268

This template has 28 layered PSD files with a responsive layout. Free fonts are only used and it is very easy to customize.

Food and Restaurant PSD

  • 72096374

This template is a single page, easily customizable, clean and modern style design recommended for recipe, food and restaurant.

Amelia-One Page PSD Portfolio Template

  • 79752406

Designed for creative studios, corporate websites, photography, it has a variety of color schemes to choose from. It is well organized and has 5 PSD files.

Harest- Multi-Purpose PSD Template

  • 8330847

Typically used for blogging, portfolio and corporative websites. It has three headers and sliders respectively. It is very easy to navigate

Magic 7-Magical and Responsive PSD Template

  • 7519803

This template has a variety of attributes and it comes with a number of layouts. It has excellent customer support as well.

Dublin Free PSD Template

  • 11951808

This template is specifically made for I-Pads and it is equipped with some of the best layout which can give your I-Pad a very attractive look.

Mode-A Fresh Website Design PSD Template

  • 54283997

This theme is tailor-made for websites. It is affordable, easily customizable and has a variety of designs. The design is very sleek and modern.

Swiss- Website Template

  • 27871095

This template has a minimal design and it is used in brand media, market and graphic designing. It also has a number of musical applications.

Business Website Template-Free PSD

  • 62147054

Tailor-made for business websites, this template can be customized to work on any type of blogs or portfolios. It is available in a variety of fonts.

Free Flat Design PSD Template

  • 65726939

This template is very popular and it comes up with a flat design. It is specifically built for websites and it greatly helps in navigation.

Longwave Free Homepage PSD

  • 86705352

This template specializes in websites, printing icon designs. It is a responsive theme and has a variety of colors to choose from.

Webpaint Free Homepage PSD

  • 79741670

This template is highly responsive and specifically used in digital and broadcasting agencies to give a better shape to your ideas.

Kitchenwall Free PSD Template

  • 45906997

This template is specifically used in blogs and is available free of cost across the web. It is easily customizable and highly responsive.

Ikaros Free Blog PSD

  • 24538938

It is a responsive HTML portfolio template equipped with a number of panels. Portfolios can be easily created with the help of this template.

Wiretree Free Homepage PSD Template

  • 13939538

This template is highly responsive and specifically used in the corporate world. The design is very professional which will truly suit to any corporate setting.

Glisseo Free Homepage PSD

  • 28174780

This template is used for multiple tasks and is highly responsive. With the help of this theme, you can post your own journals in any website.

Pinstrip- A Free Website PSD Template

  • 90191214

This template is easily customizable and is very well suited for websites. It is a free website PSD template. It also includes a banner slider.

Pump- A Free Website PSD Template

  • 90890733

This template is a product based website design which is used to sell products of your choice. It is a commercial template and comes with a variety of designs.

Travel Booking Web Design Freebie

  • 87523565

It is a free PSD template tailor made for booking your tickets while you travel around the world. It is a highly responsive template and very easy to use.

Host Compare-Free Hosting Web Design Free PSD

  • 51161382

This template is used in cloud hosting, cloud computing and is very easy to use. You can easily customize it as per your own requirements.

Summer Freebie Template

  • 61546951

Available in three different versions, this template is completely free and also includes a slider which makes your life very easy while navigation.

Launchpad Free Website Template

  • 97823505

It is a free website template with minimal designs and out of the box shadows. It is specifically used to sell other themes.

Fonzo PSD Web Template

  • 5184896

It is used to display designs, e-books, sold goods or anything you want to show case. It can be easily downloaded and edited as the way you want.

6R Wooden Portfolio

  • 24331954

These are mock up templates which are set on repeatable wooden background. It is well-suited not only for portfolio websites but also for other generic websites as well.

Biz Solutions

  • 75860293

This template allows you to create the online web presence and you can also share the business with others.

Box and Cube

  • 94309447

This template is mainly created to emphasize on icons and general work submission. It is tailor-made for designers for their promotional work.


  • 74958770

This template is a very powerful one specifically designed to be used in corporate sector. The design is very sleek and modern.

Business Company

  • 81999334

This template is specifically designed for web developers so that they can effortlessly create a website which is tailor made for business purposes.

Sleek Minimal Website PSD Template

  • 78437083

This template is very simple and easy to use. It has a very simple layout and doesn

Design Tree: Free PSD Portfolio Website Template

  • 76292038

This template is just ideal for portfolio, blog or any business website. It is built on the 960 grid system and can be easily edited as per your needs.

Free Education Website Template

  • 54095708

This template is very useful especially for students who want to make their project a class apart from the rest. There are a variety of attributes which you help you to do so in this template.

Free One-Page Portfolio PSD

  • 58189490

This template is for portfolio building and is very useful for creative designers. There are a variety of tutorials stored in this template.

Insurance Company : Free PSD Email Newsletter Template

  • 84622885

This template is just tailor made for an insurance company so that it can run its business seamlessly. It is very easy to use,

Owire-Free PSD Template

  • 70141297

This is a 3 page PSD template and has been designed in such a manner that it gets easily fit into online store structure.

Shop Template 3

  • 38906882

This template is specifically designed for any corporate and business company and it is very easy to use. It is a free application.

Bogo Folios

  • 89486605

This template can be used in the creation of personal websites since it is HTML enabled. It also has a pool of attractive colors.

Free Clean and Professional Web Layout PSD: Openmint

  • 32288351

This template is used in business organizations across various fields and it is very easy to use. It is also fully customizable.

High Quality HTML and PSD Portfolio Template

  • 4633822

This template comes with a very neat and clean design and is based on Ecommerce. It is a free template and is very user-friendly.

Business Stack Free PSD Template

  • 76191957

This template has multiple layouts and it is responsive to the core. It has a fully operational PHP contact form coupled with a sample page.

Zebra E-commerce Website Template PSD for Free Download

  • 12030022

It is a premium Word press template, fully responsive and HTML compatible. There are a lot of color options to choose from.

Liquid Gem

  • 50540819

This template has unlimited colors created for creative designers. It has 5 different layouts and it is very easy to customize.

Serendipty- Free Responsive HTML Template

  • 730895

This template is built on twitter bootstrap, has a responsive design and compatible with various media screens. It is very elegant and has a minimal design.

Folder- Responsive Showcase Template

  • 25969560

This template is highly responsive and available free of cost. It is built on 5grid feature which makes it all the more easy and customizable to use.

Legend: Free Responsive One Page Template

  • 78715598

This template is just perfect for those who want to show case their portfolio to the world. It has the most upgraded HTML5 and CSS3 features.

Codestar: Free responsive Bootstrap Template

  • 90922109

This template is designed for studios and web designing and it is completely HTML5 and Css3 compatible. It is a useful template to read various articles.

Verti Responsive Theme

  • 16860293

This template works just perfect when used in portfolio and blog websites. It has a high responsive design coupled with enhanced graphics.

Brownie: Free Responsive Portfolio Template

  • 66239164

This template is just an ideal one for marketing your mobile application. It is completely free and you can edit it as the way you want to.

Madison Responsive HTML Theme

  • 42083491

Specifically made for website designers, this template is used to give a variety of designs to any website. It has a variety of layouts and fonts.

Zeni- Responsive HTML 5 Portfolio Template

  • 78407244

This template is used in business organizations and has a 960 Grid System. It is highly responsive and has a variety of layout structures.


  • 64062669

This template is used for a variety of purpose including blog writing. It is very simple and easy to use with exceptional navigational features.

Professional Website Template Design

  • 47268386

With the help of this template, you can give your website with all the creative designs you could ever think of. It is very easy to use and highly customizable.

zCumbeton-Free Responsive HTML Template

  • 14804647

This template is a cloud hosting website design theme and it comes with a variety of features so that you can effortlessly edit the design the way you want to.

Multipurpose Website Template

  • 99885878

Tailor-made for business projects, it is equipped with custom authors, gallery page templates, blogs and contact page templates.

Find- A Classy Website Design Template

  • 71600340

Free Hosting Web Designs Free PSD

  • 90664939

Office Time- Free Multi-purpose PSD Website Template

  • 94195325

Flat Style Business Template PSD

  • 46559110

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