The Psychology of a Good Menu Design


It is no secret that we humans love food. We gorge on almost anything that is edible. While we all love to make our dining experience memorable and delightfully enticing, there is just one important element that most of us overlook and take for granted: the menu.

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There are millions of restaurants all over the world. Although they may be offering different types of delicious cuisines, they all have menus that list down the dishes that are served in their restaurant. While a menu can just be a piece of cardboard listing down the description of the dishes, it would be wrong to overlook its great importance.

Why a Good Menu Design is Essential

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “A menu is a list of the dishes that may be ordered (as in a restaurant) or that are to be served (as at a banquet)”. However, it is not only the dishes being served that matters in the restaurant industry. A well-designed menu is also an equally important element because it plays a crucial factor in a restaurant’s marketing plan. An effective menu design should always reflect the character of the restaurant while keeping your brand memorable for your customers. All these factors are helpful in promoting and ensuring the profitability of your business.

When choosing a good and effective menu design, your main goal should be to create an impression that would wow the customer. Remember that a great first impression is always important in any types of business. Once you establish a great impression, you successfully convey the brand of your restaurant in a way that will excite your customers, making them want to come back and recommend it to their family and friends.

Key Points to Remember

Unfortunately, there are still some restaurant and catering owners that do not pay enough attention to the menu design, thinking that it is the food and service that drive the sales of the business. While this is true for some restaurant and catering businesses, it certainly does not apply to all. It is also important to understand that a well-designed menu does not only boost your sales, but it is also a great tool to optimize your business. How you design your menu is more than just listing down the dishes and scribbling the price. Once you do it right, you are more likely to encourage your customers to spend more.

Here are some key points to remember:

1) Your menu should not remind your customers about the money they will be spending.

Obviously, dining in a restaurant means that you will be spending money on the food that you are ordering. However, an effective menu does not remind them of the money they are going to spend. To effectively do this, experts recommend not to place the dollar sign next to the price. Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research has conducted studies that showed that by simply not including the dollar sign on the menu can increase sales by eight percent (8%). Additionally, pricing a dish at 9.99 can make it seem even more affordable for the customers, making them likely to try it.

2) You should carefully pay attention to the design details of the menu.

Did you know that your menu is a sort of print advertisement for the dishes and drinks that are served in your restaurant? Just like any other advertisement material it is important to know that the details of your menu design should effectively catch the attention of the customer. Just like any other forms of print advertisement material, it should be attractive to the eye and should incorporate the same neurological manipulations to entice customers even more.

3) Provide a brief description of each dish.

Another important thing that makes a menu effective is by using a descriptive text. Studies also showed that by incorporating a short description of the dish can help boost your sales by 27 percent. Adding a description creates an imagery around the dish. In this way, your descriptive words can tickle the customer’s senses and make them curious enough to try the dish.

Sample Menu Design Templates You Can Use

Wedding Invitation & Menu Cards Template Sample Download


PSD Format of Restaurant Menu Trifold Business Card Template

psd format of restaurant menu trifold business card template

Catering Menu Template Sample Download

catering menu template sample download1

Example Catering Menu Template


Rustic Breakfast Menu Template Sample Download

rustic breakfast menu template download

Restaurant & Cafe Menu Pack Template Sample Download

restaurant cafe menu pack template download

Food Menu Restaurant Flyer Template Sample Download

food menu restaurant flyer template download

Dinner Menu

dinner menu1 788x630


Classic Food Menu

classic food menu 788x525

Pizza Menu

pizza menu 788x744

Final Thoughts

Designing a menu all by yourself can be tempting because it means that you can save some money, but it may not always work for you, especially if you are not confident with your designing skills. However, offers a vast collection of menu design templates that you edit and use for your business. By a professionally designed menu, you increase your chances of selling your dishes and boosting your profit at the end of the day.

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