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Ah, rainbows. Its natural beauty has long since captured the hearts of people since the beginning of time. Rainbows magically appear in the sky when sunlight enters a raindrop and breaks into different colors. These different colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Red has the longest wavelength while violet has the shortest one. You may also like abstract flyer designs.

Rainbows have long been used in art and religion. It is also used in designing cards, flyers, and other artsy stuff given its colorful and vibrant nature. And talking about flyers design, rainbows can also be incorporated into the design. Many establishments are going into the rainbow design to make their advertisements catchy.
Here are some templates you can use in designing a rainbow flyer template.

Space Party Flyer


Club Flyer Design for Tropical Events

club flyer design for tropical events

Gold Shapes Flyer Template


Rainbow Party Flyer Design

Rainbow Party Flyer Design

Gay Pride Festival Flyer Template


Digital Rainbow Sounds Flyer Template

Digital Rainbow Sounds Flyer Template

Guidelines for Designing a Rainbow Flyer

Designing a rainbow flyer is not as easy as it seems. There are few things that need to be considered. Rainbow themed designs have penetrated the market, and it does a good job of catching people’s attention. But before you start working on the design process, consider these things first. You may also see business flyer designs

1. Budget

Purchase a template that’s within your simple budget. Some templates can be really expensive while some can be bought at a lower price. Always put your budget into consideration. An expensive template might ruin your budget. If you have the means to buy one, then there’s nothing in the world that can stop you.

2. Features

Every template has unique features. Go over the list of its features and choose which ones to purchase. If possible, choose a cheap template that has good features. These features will help you design the template easier and in the way you want it. You may also like fashion flyer psd templates & designs

3. Compatibility

Check if the template is compatible with your applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and others. The template should be compatible and fully editable with these applications, allowing you to design them with ease. Do not forget to check if your simple application is up to date to avoid problems while working on its design.

4. Stable Connection

A stable internet connection is needed when purchasing templates. All of the transactions are done online. The connection is also needed when you want to send a digital copy of your flyer. You may also check out party flyer designs

Disco Music Flyer Bundle


Electro Flyer Template V5


Rainbow Flyer


Colorful Flyer/Posters Bundle


Flyer Design Template


Abstract Rainbow Sphere Brochure


LGBT Wonderland Flyer Template


Peace & Love Flyer Template


Dubstep Flyers


Rainbow in Pop Culture and Mythology

Seeing a rainbow uplifts one’s soul. The combination of colors is very soothing to the senses. Rainbows have been widely used in pop culture trends and have some of its roots in mythology. It even has some peculiarities that some people don’t know yet. Here are some of them. You may also see free flyer templates

1. LGBT Symbol

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community uses a rainbow flag as its symbol of pride and equality for all kinds of love. It also represents peace and the diversity of the LGBT community. Gilbert Baker designed the first LGBT rainbow flag in 1978 and originated in Northern Carolina. The flag is now used worldwide in pride marches held every year. You may also like rainbow templates

2. A Pot of Gold at its End

Perhaps the most common story we learned about rainbows is it has a pot of gold at the end. It is guarded by a leprechaun who knew the gold was stolen by the Vikings in Ireland a long time ago. Scientifically speaking, rainbows don’t have an end. They form a perfect circle. Since we are on the ground, we only see the other half of it in the sky. However, if you are on an airplane, you get to see the lower half that people on the ground can’t see. There is no pot of gold at all. You can also see its perfect circle when on an airplane. You may also check out best microsoft word flyer templates

3. Seven Colors

The rainbow we know has seven colors. But in reality, only the ROYGBIV is visible to the human eye. The sunlight has millions of colors in it and we only see white when it arrives on earth. As it enters a raindrop, it splits into millions of colors. The seven colors we are familiar with are the ones visible in the human spectrum. You may also see chalkboard flyers

4. Rainbows are Made with Rain

Yes, rainbows are made up of rain. However, rainbows are not only made with just rain. Mist can be a factor in making a rainbow. When it is present in the air and there is a good amount of sunlight, you will surely see a rainbow. Rainbows can also be formed through water droplets rising from the waterfalls. As long as the sun is at a good angle, it can enter the droplets and form a rainbow. You may also like rainbow backgrounds

5. Double Rainbows

Have you ever wondered why rainbows sometimes appear in twos? It happens when sunlight enters a water droplet twice. This causes a second rainbow to faintly appear above the first rainbow. Since it is the second reflection, the colors are in reverse. Very rarely, a third rainbow and so on appears, but it is quite difficult to see. You may also check out psd flyer templates

6. Noah’s Ark

One Bible story everyone is familiar with is Noah’s ark. In the book of Genesis, God ordered Noah to build an ark. Because of the wickedness of humans, God decided to flood the entire world. He instructed Noah to let his family and every pair of animal enter the ark so that the world can start anew. In the end, Noah saw a rainbow in the sky, which was a sign of God’s covenant. You may also see flyer background templates

7. Musicians

The beautiful rainbow has been used to name bands and musical groups across the world. One is a British rock band Rainbow which formed in 1975 and was active until 1984. It had been active and inactive until their reunion in 2015. Another is the Korean girl group Rainbow, which was active from 2009 until their disbandment in 2016. The group had seven members. You may also like popular psd promotional flyer templates

8. Other Myths

In Japanese mythology, rainbows are used by the gods to descend from heaven to earth. A Chinese folktale also tells a story of star-crossed lovers who only meet when there is a rainbow. Iris is the personification of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. You may also check out sample flyers

Rainbows are one of the best things that have existed. It only comes once in a while, so let’s make the best out of it. Its beauty never fails to make us wonder how amazing our creator is.

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