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5+ Recipe Postcard Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Good food is equated to a good life. There’s something about delicious food that is irresistible the moment we eat it for the first time. It makes us want to make a recipe of our own and let the world taste it. For some, cooking is a stress reliever for them. You may also see sample postcards.

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In every place we go, postcard templates with food in its design centerpiece is a common thing. If you are out looking for some recipe postcard designs, our template collection can help you with that.

Multipurpose Food Recipe Postcard

Designing The Recipe Postcard

Food is the main attraction of the recipe postcard. If you are planning on making one, cook the food and take a good photo of it. See to it that you get the right angle in taking the photo. This makes the food more appetizing and mouth-watering to anyone who sees the postcard. Edit it first before using it in the postcard design. You may also see event postcard templates.

In your Photoshop file, set the size of your postcard. The blank page looks so tempting to abandon sometimes but has the heart to start designing. Put the image in a spot where it can be easily seen. The center of the template is the best area for that. Make the proper modifications for the design by tweaking some of the colors and putting more emphasis into some details. You may also see vintage postcard templates.

You don’t have to overcrowd the design of your template. Just keep it simple, appealing, and unique. It matters most when people understand what the design is all about with just one look. Writing words to attract the attention of the people should be direct to the point. The postcard-only has a limited space. It should be used properly. You may also see old postcard templates.

After putting in all the details, make another round of editing. This time, it is for polishing some details of the design and making it look “perfect”. With this, you have to spend some time in looking for some unpolished parts of the design. Ask some recommendations and suggestions to your friends about the final outcome of the design. You may also see save the date event postcards.

When you are satisfied with the final design, save your work and have it ready for printing. You can now distribute the postcards to your prospective clients. You may also see free postcard templates.

Homemade Recipe Postcard Template

Soup Recipe Postcard Design

Kitchen Recipe Postcard Template

How The Recipe Postcard Can Help

If you are a restaurant owner and having a hard time promoting your restaurant well, recipe postcards is a good resort. You can put your signature dishes as the main design for it to gain traction to your customers. You can also have sold a collection of your postcards with your signature dishes as designs. Leave a blank space at the back for the buyers to write their messages on when they buy the collection. Do not forget to include your contact number and other details such as your social media accounts.

The recipe postcard is an important marketing tool. Aside from the promotions that we talked about earlier, your recipe postcard could go a very long way. It could incite a call to action for the people to try your new dish. They can also keep it as a souvenir if your dish can be found in your locality only. What’s good with postcards is it is affordable and flexible. You don’t have to spend much to buy some and it can be used in any way possible.

Recipe postcards are not just a postcard alone. It can function as a promotional tool and something that is worth keeping for. Postcards with food designs are attractive in their own right.

Recipe Post Card Template

Making Your Own Recipe

At some point, you have eaten a good dish and loved it in an instant. It sparks a burning passion for you to cook and make your own recipe. Making a recipe needs an inspiration from the original one. It is influenced by many factors. In making your own recipe, you have to be open to making mistakes and starting back from square one. It only gets better by practice and persistence. You may also see corporate postcard templates.

1. Know what kind of food you love.

If you are a food lover, it is a must for you to identify what kind of food you love to eat. This will give you an idea of what recipe you should make. The kind of recipe you love serves as your model. You need to master well on how it is made. You may also see advertising postcard templates.

2. Read cookbooks and magazines.

One of the aspects of learning is through reading. Everything is written there step by step. You also have to watch cooking shows and take note of every process. Learn everything you can about the recipe and have the courage to start cooking. You may also see holiday postcard templates.

3. Make the recipe first.

A good planning step on making your own recipe is to make the recipe you want to take it from. By then you would know the basics of making the original recipe and be able to make changes. As you cook, you would begin to realize where to make the changes and which ones would stay. This part takes a lot of practice. One by one, you can identify which parts of the dish should be included in your own recipe. It is a gradual process until you get the right mix. You may also see sample thank you postcards.

Simple Recipe Postcard Design

4. Learn the measurements of ingredients.

In cooking, there is a certain measure of ingredients for every dish. You have to know how to use the cooking equipment very well. Measurements matter because a little excess would ruin the whole recipe. The most common ingredients being measured are seasonings, flour, oil, and liquids. Getting the right measurement of the ingredients avoids mishaps in cooking. You may also see sample photo postcard templates.

5. Think about what can make the recipe better.

As the cooking progress goes on, take note of the things that can make the recipe better. Ask yourself if you need to add more ingredients or remove some. It is just a matter of getting the right balance of the ingredients and having the will to finish cooking. You may also see powerpoint postcard templates.

6. Make changes to the recipe.

After determining the factors that can make the recipe better, it’s time to make the necessary changes. Make sure all the changes are applied. Taste the recipe after and see if it is satisfying enough for you. Go through the process of making it again and jot down everything you remember. You may also see postcard template samples.

7. Provide a name.

Recipes don’t go without a name. This gives the people a sense of curiosity on what is the dish about. The name is its identification and selling point if you decide to sell it. Moreover, the name of the dish speaks personally to you as a cook. You may also see 5*7 postcard templates.

8. List the ingredients.

List all the ingredients that you used to cook the dish. Include its right measurements as well. This lets the person reading the instructions in your recipe to plan ahead and buy the ingredients. You also need to specify if the certain ingredient is frozen, unsweetened, organic, sliced or minced. This applies to ingredients like liquids and seasonings such as garlic and onion. You may also see birthday postcard templates.

9. Write down the instructions.

Make a long list of the cooking process. There is no certain length to it, as long as you can write every instruction properly. Remember that this is about food and any mistake in the instructions will surely ruin the dish. Proofread your work after to see if there are some errors that you need to correct. Well-written recipes are read again and again by aspiring cooks. You may also see printable postcard templates.

10. Put signature and date.

Your signature is important after you make the written instructional part of your recipe. It certifies your authenticity that you really came up with the dish. The date on when it was written should be included as well. You may also like travel postcard templates.


Every meal we eat is made with love and passion. Putting it in postcards is another way of telling that eating good food can do so many wonders than just satisfying the stomach. It is best shared with friends and loved ones. You may also see graduation postcard templates.

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