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16+ Restaurant Letterhead Designs & Templates

Letterheads are routinely used by restaurant owners for their restaurant’s marketing and branding purposes. A letterhead mainly consists of the name of the business, along with its logo and contact information. If you would like to make one for your restaurant, you can check out our collection of ready-made letterhead templates.

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Food Catering Letterhead Template

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  • InDesign
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  • Publisher
  • Illustrator

Size: A4, US


Do not miss out on this expertly created “Food Catering Letterhead” template that allows you to effortlessly promote your food catering services in a professional way. Using this PSD letterhead template, you can place your logo at the beginning of the page and your contact details towards the end. It is also easy to customize in any file format of your choice.

Free Restaurant Letterhead Template

File Format
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  • PSD
  • Ai
  • Publisher
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US

Free Download

Check out this simple and elegant letterhead template that you can use for your restaurant business. You can download this free printable letterhead template instantly to create an eye-catching letterhead with your logo and your restaurant details on it. It’s easy to edit and customize in various file formats as well.

What is a restaurant letterhead?

But, before we get into the nitty-gritty of letterhead creation, let us first define what a restaurant letterhead is. A letterhead is a printed title or headline shown on the topmost portion of a piece of stationery. This title will usually include the organization or business name, logo design, slogan, or background designs. The whole paper printed with such a heading is usually referred to as a ‘letterhead’.

To make letterheads appear more formal and professional, they may be printed out at a professional printing shop that specializes in letterhead printing. It is also possible to print out letterheads using home printers as long as you use high-quality paper. These papers, or in some cases, cardstocks may be A4-sized or standard letter-sized (8 inches by 11 inches). You may also see professional letterhead templates.

If you are looking for professionally created letterhead stationery designs at a fraction of the cost of hiring a graphic artist, look into the different restaurant letterhead templates that we have compiled in this list.

Why should you create and use restaurant letterheads?

Designing restaurant letterheads is not something all restaurant owners should do for their business. This is because of the needs of the restaurant and its customers may not match this kind of branding and marketing approach. However, a large portion of dining establishments will still benefit from the use of restaurant letterheads. Listed below are practical reasons for creating and using sample letterhead templates for restaurants.

1. Proof of Authenticity

One of the main reasons for creating restaurant letterheads is to make any printed communication from your restaurant appear authentic. And, just like how official government seal letterheads in birth certificates work to prove one’s identity and nationality, using well-designed headers for your restaurant letter papers will help lend legitimacy to your establishment.

Restaurateurs may also need official restaurant letterheads for some business transactions like applying for bank loans or sending documents and letters to customers and investors. Other restaurateurs may use these printed letterheads to give away to customers as part of their marketing strategy.

2. Professionalism

Another reason why restaurant letterheads appeal as a component of restaurant marketing campaigns is because they make a dining establishment appear more formal. This especially works for fine dining restaurants or dining establishments that cater to a high-end clientele. As mentioned earlier, letterheads may be used to send messages to customers or the letterhead designs themselves may be used on your menu cards.

3. Brand Identity

Restaurant letterheads are effective tools in helping establish your restaurant’s brand identity. The letterhead will usually contain the same restaurant logo design elements that will help reinforce your customers’ memories of your restaurant. This means that the more they see the same business logo design in and out of the restaurant, the more they are likely to retain information about your restaurant. Check out this article for more useful tips in logo designing.

4. Creative

Not all dining establishments use restaurant letterheads. So, if you want to set your restaurant apart from your competitors, using letterheads may be a good decision. Remember that people are naturally drawn to good designs and creativity. By using restaurant letterheads, you attract your customer’s attention by creating something that they do not regularly see from other restaurants.

Take a look at these restaurant letterhead templates

Embedded below are various examples of restaurant letterhead templates. Browse through them and pick out the template design that will best complement your restaurant business. Note that all of these templates are available as download files in Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Publisher (PUB), or Adobe InDesign (INDD) file formats. Check them out!

BBQ Steak House Restaurant Letterhead Template Set

Choose the BBQ Steak House Restaurant Letterhead Template Set shown below if you are operating a barbeque or steakhouse restaurant as this letterhead template sports an equally rustic design theme that will match your type of dining establishment.

This letterhead template comes in three variations: one front page letterhead, one with a unique eye-catching design, and a standard full-page letterhead design. You can use all of these letterhead templates to make any official documentation from your restaurant appear more put together. This template set also includes other restaurant templates for a menu card, a presentation folder mock-up, a logo design, a business card, a discount coupon card, and even a wallpaper design.

The letterhead template is fully editable in Adobe InDesign while the other templates can be edited in FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. All images and graphic design elements used in this template follow the CMYK color setting and have a 300 DPI resolution.

Blank Restaurant Letterhead Design Template

This blank template is perfect for restaurateurs who only want the most basic letterhead design so that they can create a unique template for their restaurant. The letterhead mock-up embedded above also works as a logo design base. This means that the template can also be used for other graphic design projects.

Cafe Restaurant Letterhead Identity Design

If you are looking for a simple cafe letterhead design, try out the Cafe Restaurant Letterhead Identity Design featured below.

You can use this restaurant letterhead template for any coffee shop, bistro, or tea shop as it mainly features a steaming cup. The template also includes matching letterhead designs for a business card template. Note that this template is available as a vector file. You may need to have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer before you can edit it.

Dark Restaurant Corporate Identity Letterhead Template

Fast Food Restaurant Letterhead Template Set

Most restaurant letterhead templates are part of a bigger restaurant branding template set, just like the Fast Food Restaurant Letterhead Template Set embedded below.

This is a fully customizable template that will fit most fast food restaurants. You may easily change the food icons, color schemes, and font types used in this template to match your restaurant’s image. This template uses a standard A4 paper size when printed. It is available in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator file formats.

Fast Food Restaurant Corporate Letterhead Template

For big restaurant chain corporations, using templates like the Fast Food Restaurant Corporate Letterhead Template (shown below) is a good way to distinguish their company correspondences from other company’s letterhead designs.

Note that this letterhead design comes in a corporate branding package. This template pack includes various templates for business cards, CD and DVR covers and designs, corporate envelopes, folders, coffee cup designs, wallpaper designs, Facebook cover design, signage designs, note card design, outdoor sign design, pen designs, USB design, and even a T-shirt design. The letterhead template best prints out on A4-sized paper or cardstock. Use this template if you wish to inculcate your company’s image within your own company culture.

Luxury Restaurant Stationery Letterhead Template

Want a restaurant letterhead template that exudes affluence and formality? Then try out the Luxury Restaurant Stationery Letterhead Template shown below.

This restaurant stationery template set includes high-quality templates that you can use for A4 letterheads, presentation folders, pens and pencils, business cards, envelopes, smartphone screens, paper pads, and even wine corks and sommelier knife designs. This allows any restaurateur to create almost anything with just this template pack.

The Luxury Restaurant Letterhead Template may also be used for wine bars and other restaurants that offer an extensive beverage offering. Remember, this template does not include the images and packaging illustrations used in the mock-up template above. You will need to replace them with your restaurant illustrations to make the final letterhead design more realistic.

Guidelines for creating or customizing restaurant letterhead templates

Restaurant letterheads are mainly used as marketing tools to help attract a customer’s attention. When designing or just customizing them, restaurateurs should make sure that they make the template designs as compelling as possible. To do just that for your restaurant’s letterhead template designs, we have compiled the most useful tips for creating the best restaurant letterhead design.

1. Use High-Quality Paper

Restaurant letterheads are usually printed on paper. If you want to capture a person’s attention from the moment they hold and read a printed restaurant letterhead, make sure to use high-quality paper. Formal requests, contracts, letters, and even notes are typically written on restaurant letterheads, so make sure that its design will match whatever piece of content it may bear in the future.

Letterhead templates generally follow a standard paper format, so you do not need to worry about cutting out any paper or cardstock. What you must focus on is the type and grain of the paper you are choosing. Of course, you do not need to use expensive cardstock for all your restaurant letterheads. Instead, you may reserve the use of letterheads printed on premium paper for official correspondences while letterheads printed on regular paper can be used for other routine restaurant letter paper needs.

2. Market Research

As with any design project, it is important to know the target audience or market of the template design you are creating. Conducting some market research allows you to know the age group, gender, income level, spending habits, eating habits, etc. of the people who dine in your restaurant. When you have this set of data, you can begin to picture the ideal customer and use the information to create a letterhead design that will appeal to them. Check out this article for more information on the benefits of market research for your business.

Simple market research can be done by asking current customers to fill out survey forms in-store or online through your social media accounts. Small restaurants can easily implement this on their end while bigger restaurant chains may need a more coordinated approach to market research. Doing market research will also help restaurateurs create a general marketing plan for the entire business. This business plan should have different components that will feed off each other and, ultimately, lead to your brand’s success.

3. Use Creative Designs

The best restaurant letterhead designs are, of course, the most creative ones. Whether you are creating a restaurant letterhead template from scratch or you are using a pre-made business letterhead template, always make sure to choose a creative design that will match your restaurant’s image. And, if you are redesigning or just starting up a restaurant, make sure that the restaurant design theme you choose is applied in all other aspects of the business (like restaurant decor, menu card design, promotional flyer design, etc).

4. Decrease Text

When designing a restaurant letterhead, remember that your goal is to make your restaurant logo or seal memorable enough. But all the effort involved in choosing a creative logo design will be lost if you also include a lot of text into the letterhead design. To make a more compelling and convincing letterhead template, minimize the use of text. Yes, it is recommended to include the company name and the address on the letterhead, but make sure they are formatted well and do not crowd out the design.

5. Position the Header accordingly

Letterhead designs are usually positioned in the center on the topmost portion of a piece of paper. However, you may follow less conventional methods like aligning the letterhead to the right or left margins. Others even put the letterhead at the bottom of the page. Whatever header format you choose, make sure that it will get the customer’s attention it deserves. Do not add any unnecessary paper margins that can disrupt the aesthetics of your design.

Some pre-made letterhead templates will already include pre-formatted letterhead positioning. Choose these kinds of templates if you are not confident enough in your formatting skills.

6. Choose Complementary Colors

Another important aspect when designing letterhead templates is the use of color. Usually, restaurant letterheads are in black and white, but colored letterheads are increasingly becoming a trend. That is why restaurateurs should make sure that their letterhead designs follow the same color scheme that their restaurant’s original logo design uses since this helps increase brand recognition.

Choosing complementary colors for a restaurant letterhead also means that your letterhead design’s color motif complements the color of the paper you are printing it on. When using pre-made printable letterhead templates, always check if a template is available in the CMYK color model or not. This color setting allows you to get almost the same results when the template is printed out on paper.

There you have it! Those are the most important tips that anyone should remember when designing their restaurant letterhead templates. Beginners in graphic design may take a little more time to understand all these design concepts before they can fully apply these guidelines to their design projects. But keep on practicing and your restaurant letterhead template designs will soon be on par with the professional ones.

Minimalist Restaurant Letterhead Template

Choose the Minimalist Restaurant Letterhead Template embedded below if you want a simple and bare letterhead design.

This letterhead template is part of a restaurant identity branding set and includes other branding templates for Italian restaurants and other similarly themed dining establishments. All templates are fully editable in Adobe Photoshop since they have been created using smart objects and layers. You may change up the base color if you wish to match this to your restaurant’s official color motif.

The letterhead template is best printed out on A4-sized paper. To make the letterhead template complements your restaurant theme, make sure to add your restaurant logo design. You can commission a graphic designer to create an original one for you or you may utilize free online logo design tools.

Pizza Restaurant Branding Letterhead Template

Another well-designed letterhead template for Italian and pizza restaurants is the Pizza Restaurant Branding Letterhead Template shown below. Choose this branding template if you want a more unique and consistent way to showcase your company logo and image.

This letterhead template follows a black and royal gold color scheme – perfect for restaurateurs who want a degree of elegance in their restaurant stationery designs. Aside from a letterhead template, this template set also includes templates for corporate envelopes, cups, plates, salt package, pizza box package design, bags, and business cards. A website mock-up template is also included in this set. Using it will take care of all your restaurant’s branding needs at a fraction of the cost.

Also, note that the graphic design elements used in this template set are vector designs. This means that they may be edited in Adobe Illustrator or other compatible software tools only.

Restaurant Chefinno Corporate Letterhead Template

The Restaurant Chefinno Corporate Letterhead Template embedded above is a branding package template that follows a yellow and black color palette. It is fully editable so you may change these color schemes if you prefer.

This template package includes template mock-ups for the following branding items: Folders, Notepads, CD Covers, CD Labels, DL Envelopes, ID Cards, Desktop Wallpapers, Facebook Covers, A4 Letterheads, iPhone Wallpapers, Business Cards, and Invoices. All design elements follow the CMYK and RGB, color models. These templates may also be downloaded in either Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe Illustrator (EPS, AI), and Adobe InDesign (INDD) file formats.

Restaurant Menu Letterhead Template Pack

Royal Gourmet Restaurant Letterhead Template

Choose the Royal Gourmet Restaurant Letterhead Template featured below if you want an elegant and simple letterhead template design.

This editable stationery template follows a royal orange and yellow color scheme. This makes the entire template appear more cheerful and elegant. As a stationery set, it includes a letterhead template, an envelope template, and a business card template.

The letterhead template prints out on US letter size paper (8 inches by 11 inches). All templates also follow the CMYK color model and are available in either Adobe Illustrator (AI or EPS) and Adobe Photoshop (PSD) file download formats.

Rustic Restaurant Letterhead Template

The Rustic Restaurant Letterhead Template (shown below) is another letterhead design that is part of a restaurant stationery set. Choose this template if your restaurant follows a rustic theme or motif.

This stationery set includes high resolution 300 DPI templates for creating letterheads, business cards, presentation folders, and envelopes. The letterhead templates may be printed out in either letter size (8 inches by 11 inches) or A4 size paper and/or cardstock. If you want a more realistic rustic look for your letterhead templates, you may print it out on Kraft paper.

Simple Restaurant Identity Branding Template

White Restaurant Letterhead Template

For restaurateurs who want to emphasize the cleanliness and simplicity of their restaurant cuisine and decor, the White Restaurant Letterhead Template will certainly suit your dining establishment.

This restaurant stationery pack includes a letterhead template (in A4 and US Letter formats), an envelope template, a double-sided business card template, and a presentation folder template. All templates include a 3 mm printing bleed area and they also follow the CMYK color model.

The color scheme used in this letterhead template makes it suitable for use by casual dining restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, and even salad bars. The templates are fully customizable so you may easily change the color scheme to match your own restaurant’s image and decor. Also, make sure to add your restaurant branding elements to make the letterhead design more unique.

Final Thoughts:

In any free stationery design project, a graphic artist or creator must first choose what kind of impression he or she wants to make with a specific design concept. For example, a restaurateur who wants to highlight his or her dining establishment’s modern and trendy vibe may opt to use a similar modern approach to designing his or her restaurant’s letterhead.

Keep this in mind when creating or choosing a letterhead template for your restaurant. It is all about your brand’s image and how you can make this more relatable and recognizable to your customers. Be inspired and use any of the downloadable and printable templates included in the article above. Good luck!

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