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Did you know that you can glam up simple file folders so that they can help you and your restaurant gain a consistent and positive brand or image? In this article, we provide different examples of restaurant presentation folder templates and teach you how you can use them as a part of your restaurant branding strategy.

Each template included in this article is downloadable and may be edited to match your restaurant’s specific needs. Feel free to browse through them and select the template that will complete your collection of restaurant advertising templates.

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What are restaurant presentation folders?

Presentation folders can be part of any business’ branding stationery set if they are designed just like other branding document templates. To illustrate, promotional flyers and menu cards help distinguish a restaurant from other dining establishments. They also help accentuate a restaurant’s brand image. Therefore, putting these branding elements on your company’s presentation folder will help create a more cohesive restaurant corporate identity that will both benefit your own employees and your customers.

In the world of graphic design, restaurant presentation folders can now easily be created using pre-made folder templates. These pre-made templates are created by professional graphic artists and designers using different image editing programs and desktop publishing software tools. This means that these templates are already pre-formatted and will come with a pre-existing layout. Some templates will even have built-in images and text placeholders. End-users, like restaurateurs, can then easily make customization on these templates to match their own restaurant’s image.

Most pre-made templates are created in Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD or INDL), or Microsoft Word (DOC) file formats. Make sure that you have a compatible software program installed on your computer prior to purchasing a folder template.You may also see power point presentation design templates.

Embedded below are examples of restaurant presentation folders that anyone can personalize to match their own dining establishment’s image. Be inspired by these templates and make sure you include original branding elements when customizing the printable template of your choice.

Bon Appetit Personalized Pocket Folder Template

First on the list is the Bon Appetit Personalized Pocket Folder Template (shown below) from Zazzle.com. This is a restaurant folder template that includes pockets to ensure that any documents or paper placed inside are not easily dislodged.

bon appetit personalized pocket folder template

This restaurant presentation folder template includes a colorful focal image against a black background—creating an elegant yet trendy cover design that will suit most modern dining places. The site handles all the editing and customization of the template. You will only need to input any text or logo design you wish to include in the folder through an automated form found on the site. Sadly, the images are fixed and may not be changed.

This template best prints out on sturdy, semi-glossy card stock that measures 9 inches by 12 inches. It has 4-inch deep pockets that can also fit a standard business card. The inner portion of the template is bare white while the outer cover is black. Also, note that this folder template is sold in sets of 5. After paying for the template through the site, the finished products will be shipped to your address after a few days.

Burger House Presentation Folder Template

Next on the list is the modern Burger House Presentation Folder Template (image embedded below). This presentation folder template best suits restaurants that want to maintain an elegant and classy vibe.

burger house presentation folder template

Using a predominantly black background color, this folder template allows restaurateurs to use a big focal image on the folder’s cover. If you use this pre-made template, make sure that you have an original photograph that will do justice to this template’s theme.You may also see restaurant branding mockups.

This fully editable template is part of a package template set that also includes templates for creating business cards, social media banners, notebooks, envelopes, and even restaurant letterheads. In this template pack, the folder template is available in two format sizes. One is in A4 size 220 mm by 110 mm and the other is in US legal-size format (9 inches by 12 inches). All templates are stored in the download file are available in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator file formats.

Fast Food Presentation Folder Template

The Fast Food Presentation Folder Template shown below works best if you are looking for an easy-to-edit and universally appealing restaurant folder template design.

fast food presentation folder template

Choose this presentation folder template if you want a more corporate look for your business’ daily office transactions. This folder template is also suitable as a promotional material since you can give it away to customers as part of your advertising strategies.

The template measures 23 inches by 28.25 inches (including print bleed size) when printed out. All graphic design elements in the template are editable through Adobe Photoshop and boast a 300 DPI resolution. To fully personalize this presentation folder, make sure to always find a way to seamlessly include your restaurant logo design on the template as this helps with brand recognition.

When using this restaurant folder template, make sure to add little design elements to soften the template’s overall look if you want a younger and more friendly image for your restaurant. However, if you want to use this folder template for a high-end restaurant or a dining establishment that caters to an older market, the current template design works fine.You may also see restaurant business plan templates.

Print out this template on thick paper or card stock to make sure that the folder is sturdy. Also, note that this template is stored as a PSD file and will require you to have Adobe Photoshop or a compatible software program installed on your computer before you can edit it.You may also see business presentation templates.

Junk Food Presentation Pocket Folder Template

Do you want a folder template design that is straight to the point? Then, try out the Junk Food Presentation Pocket Folder Template shown below.

junk food presentation pocket folder template

This template suits pastry shops, fast food chains, donut shops, and even bagel shops. If your dining establishment offers different kinds of meals or food items, you may use this presentation folder template as one of the different folder template designs for your organization. This strategy not only promotes multiple restaurant products, but it is also creative.You may also see food and drinks website templates.

To use this approach to developing restaurant presentation folders, make sure to have some design elements that will stay the same throughout each folder template design. An example is the use of a consistent typography font or the use of the same company logo design.

Also, this template prints out on glossy card stock measuring 9 inches by 12 inches. This is another folder template available through Zazzle.com and it is sold in sets of 5.

Lemon Print Presentation Folder Template

lemon print presentation folder template

For those who are operating a food truck business or a small restaurant business, you may take the approach used in the Lemon Print Presentation Folder Template shown above. Even if you have a small business, it does not mean you have limited branding opportunities for your business. For example, you may still use restaurant presentation folder templates to help increase your brand’s recognizably. Doing these small steps now will undeniably help the business once it expands.You may also see small business plan.

This template is fully editable on Zazzle.com. It measures 9 inches by 12 inches and prints out on 12-point glossy paper. The folder has a built-in pocket for inserting papers and documents. Another slit is also available to make it easier to insert business cards. The final presentation folders will be sent to your address after the company prints them. Also, note that this template design is sold in sets of 5.

Both fast food restaurants and fine dining restaurants will benefit from this kind of presentation folder template design since it can be used for business-related transactions and client-oriented services. If you intend to use this for both purposes, you may add a few design elements like a section containing customer service contact information and food feedback forms that customers can fill out and tear off.You may also see fast food flyer templates.

This template is also available in multiple color versions (blue, green, orange, red, orange, and teal). It has folded portions that can act as folder pockets. The font styles used in this template are not included in the template so you will need to download them separately after purchasing the template. Download links will be provided.

Orange Restaurant Presentation Folder Template

orange restaurant presentation folder template

How to use restaurant presentation folders

If you are still on the fence whether or not to use presentation folders for your dining establishment, read on for more practical uses of restaurant presentation folders. This way, you can justify their use and how you can improve upon them for your restaurant’s benefit.

To cover up restaurant menu cards. One of the most obvious functions of a restaurant folder is to serve as a cover for a restaurant menu. Some menu templates may already come with a cover design. But, if you want to create a sturdier and more creative folder cover for your restaurant menu list, using restaurant presentation folders is the way to go. With pre-made restaurant presentation folder templates, you are free to make minor design changes that will help distinguish your folder from the other restaurant branding items.

1. To store official restaurant documents. Traditionally printed folders are used as a storage mechanism for documents or restaurant stationeries. If you have a restaurant presentation folder, you may use this to keep important documents for your business. Even if most of the world has already adapted everything digitally, the use of printed documents for official business and government transactions has not decreased.You may also see presentation outline template.

2. To make restaurant stationery appear more formal and professional. If your restaurant already uses official restaurant stationery designs, you might as well use them with presentation folders. A stationery and folder set gives off a more organized feeling—something that can help boost your restaurant’s image in the eyes of your employees and clientele. After all, you cannot just give out company letters and documents using just the paper they were printed on. A presentation folder somehow creates a sense of security and secrecy to the document. If you wish to achieve these traits for your restaurant, then begin looking into different presentation folder options for your dining establishment and company.

3. To complete restaurant branding identity. Seasoned restaurateurs know that when starting a restaurant, they first need to develop a sound marketing strategy. One way to do this is by creating a brand identity that would captivate customers. This can be done through print, television, radio, online, and social media advertising. With print media advertising, you may use the same restaurant templates to create a cohesive look for your restaurant. To illustrate, you may use the same restaurant logo design on your restaurant flyers, brochures, and presentation folders. When customers see the same things all the time (while dining at your restaurant or while out in the streets), they will begin to associate your brand with a specific logo and image.

Listed above are a few examples of how you can use presentation folders for your restaurant. Whether you are operating a formal buffet restaurant or you are running a pop-up pizza chain, this list of practical applications of simple folder templates for your business will be extremely beneficial. Take note of these tips and develop new ones for your business along the way. That is the best way to ensure that you run a dynamic and successful business in the food industry.You may also see restaurant website themes.

Pizza Place Presentation Folder Template

Use the Pizza Place Presentation Folder Template shown below if you intend to open an Italian restaurant or a pizza parlor.

pizza place presentation folder template

This template download contains folder PSD template files that have a 300 DPI resolution—making sure that all templates are ready to print at optimal quality. The template prints out on cardstock measuring 23 inches by 28.25 inches with a 0.25-inch print bleed. It is also available in four color variations (red, orange, predominantly red, and predominantly orange).You may also see pizza menu templates.

As a fully customizable template, it is advisable to always add your little touches to the template before printing it out. Restaurateurs may add things like company logo designs, food icons, and even an original picture taken of dishes that your restaurant offers.

Portrait Pizza Restaurant Presentation Folder Template

A restaurant presentation folder’s main purpose is to draw attention to its cover design. Usually, this cover design should reflect an element of your restaurant business. If you want a folder template that best exemplifies this effect, try out the Portrait Pizza Restaurant Presentation Folder Template embedded below.You may also see restaurant business proposal templates.

portrait pizza restaurant presentation folder template

With this template, you will need to use a unique and well-taken picture of a meal or food offering. In the sample mock-up shown above, a picture of a pizza in a pan is beautifully shown. You may replace this with any picture depending on the cuisine your restaurant specializes in. For a more realistic and attractive printed result, you may hire a food photographer to take the food photos.

This folder template best prints out on cardstock measuring 23 inches by 28.25 inches with a pre-formatted 0.25-inch printing bleed. This template download includes 4 PSD files for the four color variations of the template. All templates are in portrait orientation.You may also see pizza menu templates.

Reminder: You need to have Adobe Photoshop CS6 installed on your computer in order to edit the template on your own.

Professional Fast Food Presentation Folder Template

If you want to depict utmost decadence and elegance in your folder template design, you may like the Professional Fast Food Presentation Folder Template shown below.

professional fast food presentation folder template

Even if this folder template is mainly designated as a template for fast food restaurants, it may still be used by other business establishments that want their own brand identity. With this presentation folder template download, you will get one PSD template file. This file is already organized in layers to make it easier to edit. It is also available in 300 DPI resolution and the CMYK color model.You may also see startup checklist for opening a restaurant.

If you wish to print out this template at home, be prepared to use thick paper or cardstock that measures 23 inches by 28.25 inches. Also, remember that most printable restaurant templates like this one do not include images. You will need to use your own original photos and insert them into the template before printing.

Restaurant Stationery Folder Template

The Restaurant Stationery Folder Template featured below is part of a restaurant stationery branding pack. If you like this folder template, you may also use it for other restaurant template needs.

restaurant restaurant stationery folder template

All graphic design elements in this template are created using smart objects in Adobe Photoshop to make it easier to edit later on. If you do not know how to use Adobe Photoshop, there are many free Photoshop tutorials for newbies you can find online today. When printed, this template measures 30.5 inches by 22 inches on thick, high-quality cardstock. You may also see free stationery designs.

Rustic Restaurant Presentation Folder Template

Rustic themes tend to go well with local restaurants that offer local cuisine and with some specialized fine dining restaurants as well. If you are operating this kind of restaurant business or if you just want to experiment with this kind of restaurant theme, you may like the Rustic Restaurant Presentation Folder Template embedded below.

rustic restaurant presentation folder template

Just like vintage wedding templates, this rustic folder template will work well for themed restaurants. This specific folder template prints on cardstock measuring 9 inches by 12 inches. Also, note that this template is part of a larger restaurant branding set that includes separate templates for restaurant letterheads, business cards, and corporate envelopes. All templates are print-ready with a 300 DPI resolution and a CMYK color mode. The templates also include a pre-formatted 3-millimetre printing bleed area.

To make this restaurant folder template more memorable, you can use thick Kraft paper or any paper with a similar coloring and texture to print on. To fully establish your restaurant’s brand, we also suggest using the same rustic color palette when decorating your dining establishment.

White Fast Food Presentation Folder Template

White often signifies simplicity. And, if you want this design principle to be reflected in your restaurant folder template choices, you may like the White Fast Food Presentation Folder Template shown below.

white fast food presentation folder template

This editable presentation folder template can primarily be used for fast food restaurants. However, you may still customize it for any kind of dining establishment as long as you change the main images used in the template cover design. Make sure to use high-quality photos for the folder’s cover design so that your restaurant’s presentation folder will surely stand out.You may also see portfolio cover designs.

Also, this is a PSD template, so make sure that you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer before downloading this template. Including a pre-formatted printing bleed, this template prints out on thick card stock measuring 23 inches by 28.25 inches.

White Restaurant Presentation Folder Template

Choose the White Restaurant Presentation Folder Template shown below if you want a clean and uncluttered restaurant folder template design.

white restaurant presentation folder template

As part of a restaurant stationery pack, this download file will also include templates for creating corporate letterheads, envelopes, and presentation folders. All files are fully editable in Adobe Illustrator and available in AI and EPS file formats. Tip: Check this article for more information on creating corporate letterheads for your folder template.

This restaurant presentation folder template measures 9 inches by 12 inches. If you are not confident with your editing and printing skills, it may be best to use the services of a professional print shop. These establishments often have all the necessary skills for printing materials not in the standard print sizes.You may also see Illustrator tools.

Choose the best restaurant presentation folder template for you

Planning your restaurant’s official stationery designs should coincide with your restaurant’s marketing strategy. By doing so, you become aware of how another aspect of the business will help propel the other. We are talking about brand identity and how it can affect restaurant sales.You may also see sales report templates.

Therefore, you should first choose cohesive restaurant branding elements that can work together and can be added to different restaurant stationery, advertising design, and decorative devices. The best restaurant presentation folder template is the one that allows you to make all the necessary template modifications. If you find a folder template that already includes all the criteria that you have set, then download that template quickly and begin personalizing it to fit your restaurant’s image.You may also see restaurant website templates.

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