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18+ Best Restaurant Roll-up Banner Templates

An inexpensive but effective way to promote any restaurant business is through the use of roll-up banner ad displays. They can be placed on-site near your best restaurant entrance or they can be positioned at any place other than your restaurant that is frequently seen by passersby. So, if you want to know more about how to fully take advantage of this marketing tool, read on.

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In this article, we provide comprehensive information on roll-up banner ads that you can use for any dining establishment. Also, we have included examples of downloadable roll-up banner templates that you can use to base your banner designs on.

Restaurant Roll Up Banner Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • Apple Pages

Size: 30×70 inches + Bleed


Check out this well-designed “Restaurant Roll Up Banner” template that will let you display your restaurant’s information such as its menu, contact details, and delivery. In this creative banner template, you can add lip-smacking images of your restaurant’s dishes so that it catches the attention of the viewer. Download it now!

Fast Food Roll Up Banner Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • Apple Pages

Size: 30×70 inches + Bleed


Effectively market your fast food business to your target customers by making use of our fast food roll-up banner template! This fast food template comes with an excellent layout that can be easily adjusted using various editing programs. It is instantly downloadable and printable.

Restaurant Services Roll Up Banner Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • Apple Pages

Size: 30×70 inches + Bleed


Gran the attention of on-lookers or passerby’s with your restaurant services by downloading and using our “Restaurant Services Roll Up Banner” template. This modern banner template allows you to present your top-services in an eye-catching manner. You can also conveniently present your contact details, top dishes, and other such information with ease by opening it in various file formats.

What Restaurant Banner Template Should you Use?

Embedded below are more than 15 examples of downloadable restaurant roll-up banner templates. Be inspired by their designs and make sure to customize them so that you can create banner designs that are unique for your restaurant.

Simple Multipurpose Roll Up Banner Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • Ai

Size: 30×70 inches + Bleed

Free Download

What is a Roll-up Banner?

In advertising parlance, roll-up banners are a form of printed advertising material that furls in one direction. They usually have a stand that allows them to be placed in front of restaurant windows, near the entrance, or any place where people are bound to see them. You can also check out more of our roll-up banner templates.

When used by restaurateurs, roll-up banners contain promotional information about their respective businesses. These pieces of information may vary from details about recent promotions and restaurant history to restaurant menu lists. They can be printed on tarpaulin, plastic, or any kind of synthetic canvas material depending on your preference. The more durable the printing material you use, the higher the cost of printing will be.

Black Sushi Restaurant Rollup Banner Template

Black backgrounds work well with banner display ads because they help highlight the main information shown in any given ad. This is shown well with the “Black Sushi Restaurant Rollup Banner” template embedded below.

As with the previous roll-up banner template, this template highlights the picture of sushi. Any restaurateur can use this same technique even if his restaurant does not sell sushi. Just take a good image of your restaurant’s signature dish and plaster it on the center of the template. If you have enough resources, you may also invest in a good food photographer to take photos of your restaurant dishes.

This template prints out on tarpaulin measuring 30 inches by 70 inches with a pre-formatted 1-inch print bleed. To help enhance brand recognizability, make sure to include your restaurant logo design and contact information on the template before printing.

Burger Restaurant Roll-up Banner Design

Burger restaurant owners out there, rejoice! You may now advertise your burger joints creatively with the Burger Restaurant Roll-up Banner Design Template shown below.

This restaurant banner template may also be used by other kinds of dining establishments as long as they change the burger illustration into other food icons that will match their restaurant. Since this template is available as a vector illustration, you will need to have Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Inkscape installed on your computer before you can successfully edit the image.

Customizable Pizza Shop Roll Banner Design Template

Editable Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template

The “Editable Restaurant Roll-up Banner” template embedded below is perfect for restaurants that have a wide variety of food choices like buffet houses and casual dining places.

Print out this template on a tarpaulin or other printing materials that measure 30 inches by 70 inches. It also has a one-inch printing bleed and follows the CMYK color model. This makes sure that the printed output is similar to the digital version of the template. With this template, you may also choose from three color scheme palettes (green, yellow, and red).

Fast Food Roll-up Banner Template

Formal Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template

If you are looking for a banner template with formal designs, try out the Formal Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template featured below.

This restaurant template follows a 150 DPI image resolution. It also measures 30 inches by 70 inches when printed out. The image shown above is a banner design roll-up mockup of the template. Print out this template at a professional print shop so that you can choose the type and material for the banner stand.

Tip: Choose a banner stand color that will complement and not disrupt the design flow of your banner design.

Fresh Cuisine Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template

Ice Cream Restaurant Roll-up Banner Design Template

Advantages of using roll-up banners

Still contemplating whether using roll-up restaurant banners is right for you and your business? If yes, we have listed a few benefits associated with their use to help convince you to invest in creating banner templates and printing them out to become roll-up banner displays for your restaurant.

1. They promote your restaurant business professionally.

Roll-up banners exude a sense of professionalism, especially when you see them set up in a business entrance or even inside a convention center booth. If you want your restaurant to be taken seriously or if your restaurant’s image is geared toward attracting the professional segment of the population, the use of this type of print advertising will appeal to you.

2. They cost less than other forms of banner advertising.

In advertising, printing outdoor advertising banners usually falls into the tarpaulin printing category, especially if you want large business or store signages. Their associated cost is also high. However, if you choose the roll-up banner format, there will be a small cost saving compared to printing other forms of banner advertising like billboards and overhead signages. Roll-up banners will only need a few feet of printing material. What increases the cost of roll-up banner ads will be the banner stands as they can be made of aluminum, steel, plastic, or a combination thereof. Still, this combined cost is lesser than other high-end forms of banner advertising. On another note, you may also use free banner templates and designs so that you do not have to pay for the creation of a banner design itself.

3. They are portable.

Another major advantage of roll-up banners is that they are highly portable. You can roll them down if they are not in use and then easily carry them around since they are not that bulky. This is also one of the reasons why roll-up banners appeal to business owners who need to set up booths at conventions and conferences. As a restaurateur, you can use a roll-up banner ad during a food expo and then bring the banner back to your restaurant after the convention ends.

4. You can customize the design.

As with all forms of printed advertising, you have the option to determine the copy and design of your banner ads. In the case of roll-up banners, you may rely on pre-made banner templates. This way, you can take the banner design aspect out of the picture. This helps you save a lot of time since you will no longer be creating a banner design from scratch. On top of that, you can devote all your creative energies to the customization of a pre-made template and make the template reflect your restaurant’s image.

 5. You can use them repeatedly.

Some forms of print advertising for restaurants like printed flyer advertisements can only be used once since they can easily be destroyed and thrown away. But restaurant roll-up banners are a different breed since they can be used repeatedly. As mentioned earlier, roll-up banners can be furled down and kept inside their canvas bags or whatever container you have. And since they are made out of sturdy plastic or tarpaulin materials, they will not rot or be destroyed easily. As a restaurant owner, you can rotate the different roll-up banner ads for your restaurant to match the specific season or event.

6. You can save floor space.

Unlike printed billboards advertising displays that take up a lot of space, roll-up banner advertisements only take up a small area. They can be placed right in front of your restaurant doors so that any passerby would notice them. It is a bonus if they are enticed by the banner enough for them to enter and dine at your restaurant. Roll-up restaurant banners may also be placed at mall entrances, bus stops subway stops, parks, and sidewalks without unnecessarily obstructing pedestrians.

Those are a few advantages of using restaurant roll-up banners. Weigh each advantage and see how they fit into your marketing strategy. If they do complement your plans, do not hesitate to create your roll-up banner design soon.

Luxury Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template

Want your dining establishment to exude a feeling of luxury and credibility? We suggest using the Luxury Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template shown below.

This restaurant banner template comes with a Photoshop file download. (If you are not familiar with Adobe Photoshop, check out this Photoshop tutorial for beginners). With this template, you can fully edit all the text and graphic design elements. You may also choose between two color options (red and black). It follows the CMYK color mode and has a 150 DPI image resolution. It measures 30 inches by 70 inches when you print it out on tarpaulin material.

Multipurpose Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template

Pizza Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template

Increase customer engagement by using banner templates like the “Pizza Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template” shown above. With this template, you can highlight a picture of one of your prized pizzas and include the different pricing options for a pan of pizza. Couple this template design with captivating copy and you will hook new and old customers alike.

This template measures 30 inches by 70 inches. To make sure that your roll-up banner withstands the test of time, use sturdy printing materials like tarpaulin or other synthetic types of canvas. Note that this template’s download file will not include the stock images, so you need to use your images from the start.

Premium Restaurant Banner Roll-up Template

The Premium Restaurant Banner Roll-up Template featured below is a versatile banner template that can be used for any type of restaurant.

This banner display template comes with four different format styles and corresponding color palettes (green red, blue, and orange). Choose the format style that you feel will best reflect your restaurant’s image. As with all banner display ads, make sure to add your own set of pictures to make the ad more credible.

This banner prints out on canvas or tarpaulin measuring 30 inches by 70 inches with a pre-formatted 1-inch printing bleed. This template features a 100 DPI image resolution, so it is best to not stretch out the image elements too much. You may still fully customize any graphic design element on the template, but just do this with caution so as not to unbalance the template’s look.

Red Pizza Restaurant Roll-up Banner Template

Standing Pizza Store Roll Banner Template

Summer Restaurant Roll-up Banner Design

Sushi Restaurant Roll-up Banner Design Template

Want a minimal banner ad display design for your specialty cuisine restaurant? Then, try out the Sushi Restaurant Roll-up Banner Design Template shown below.

This banner template for sushi restaurants is also suitable for other trendy restaurants that want to attract the younger and high-end crowds. With this template, you can easily change the color schemes and replace the blue background with your color of choice. We recommend using the same color scheme that was used for your restaurant logo to aid your brand identity. As a vector template, this design template may be stretched out to 30 inches by 70 inches when printing.


Promoting a business takes a lot of skill. But with comprehensive knowledge on just one aspect of advertising, you can begin to transform your restaurant’s image and financial status. If you wish to learn more about creating a restaurant marketing plan, check the linked article.

Now that you have learned about roll-up banner advertising, use this knowledge when creating the best advertising strategy for your own restaurant business. Incorporate any of the different banner templates we have listed in this article and watch customers rush to your restaurant in droves. For more restaurant business tips and free downloadable templates, check out the rest of our website!

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