14+ Restaurant Ticket Designs & Templates – PSD, Vector EPS

Holding events like meetings, parties, conferences, and fundraisers in dining establishments is one way to promote your restaurant. As with all restaurant events, restaurateurs also need to consider how it will be promoted to their customer base. A creative way to do this is by using restaurant tickets.

In this article, we will provide different tips on how to customize ticket templates for any planned event. Downloadable examples of restaurant ticket templates are also embedded within the article.

How do you choose restaurant ticket templates?

Choosing a restaurant ticket template is relatively easy. Just keep in mind the key factors enumerated below:

1. Identify your restaurant’s image

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing any kind of pre-made template design is your restaurant’s image. This can be as simple as deciding what cuisine you are offering or can be as fancy as having eclectic dishes for a high-end customer base. A restaurant’s image could really be anything as long it piques diners’ interests and taste buds.

It is also important to remember that a restaurant’s image is its brand identity. This is the impression that customers and the general public can have about your restaurant. As a wise restaurateur, you should actively help shape this brand impression so that it will favor your business. Once you have settled on your restaurant’s image, it will be easier to choose a printable ticket template that will match your image or vision for your restaurant event.

2. Comes pre-formatted with text and image placeholders

Most restaurateurs and business owners do not have all the time to create restaurant advertising materials that are needed to make a restaurant marketing plan work. That is why it will be more convenient to choose a restaurant ticket template that has already been pre-formatted. All restaurateurs have to do is add (copy and paste) all the restaurant menu and event details to the template. Printable ticket templates will also come with pre-made layouts. This makes it easier for restaurateurs since they no longer have to think about coming up with a template layout design.

Also, check this article for more information on how to develop a marketing plan.

3. Customization options

Restaurateurs and graphic designers should also consider a template’s customization capability when choosing which template to use. This is especially important if you want to save time when creating a restaurant ticket. Having the ability to customize a pre-made template will also give you a degree of creative freedom. Aside from the usual typeface, font color, and font size changes, some pre-made templates may be edited to include original graphic design elements like logo designs and emblems. Editing a ticket template is essential, especially if you want to reinforce your restaurant’s branding identity through this print medium.

4. Consider your budget

Not all restaurants have the big marketing and operating budgets that most restaurant chains have. If you are operating a new restaurant or if your restaurant just caters to your local area, it would not be reasonable to focus on expensive business promotion strategies. Instead, you can still promote your restaurant accordingly without having to spend an arm and a leg for it.

Pre-made templates for making restaurant tickets can be used as they cost less compared to hiring a professional graphic artist. With a printable template, you will be able to promote and attract customers through unique restaurant ticket designs. In addition, the funds that would have been spent on paying for graphic designers and for professional printing can then be used for other more important aspects of the restaurant business.

5. Reevaluate your own designing skills

Another important thing to consider when choosing any kind of template design is your own editing skills and computer literacy. Whether you like it or not, using pre-made printable graphic design templates will require you to have some knowledge about photo editing. Most photo editing and desktop publishing software programs today can be intuitively learned within a few days. So, if you have the time and the patience to learn something new, using printable ticket templates is the best route to take.

But, before you fully commit to using a printable restaurant template, make sure that you are honest with yourself about your own Photoshop skills (for example). There are a lot of free Photoshop tutorials available today that anyone can learn from before you dive into purchasing a template. On the other hand, there are also pre-made templates that are edited by their original creators before a final version or copy is sent to you. If you are not as confident in your editing skills, you may take this route. Most printable templates available on Etsy.com offer this customization option.

Embedded below are 15 examples of restaurant ticket templates. Feel free to browse through them and then purchase the one you think will best fit your restaurant’s image. Also, note that most templates in this collection are available as a Photoshop file, an InDesign file, or a vector file.

Barbecue Restaurant Flyer and Ticket Template Bundle

Starting the list is the Barbecue Restaurant Flyer and Ticket Template Bundle (shown below). This template does not only suit barbeque restaurants, but it may also be customized for local bistros and pubs that want to host ticketed events at their restaurants.


This is a template bundle that includes two kinds of flyer templates and a ticket template. All templates follow a uniform rustic theme, but this color scheme may be changed depending on your preferences. When customizing this template, make sure to add your restaurant’s own branding elements like your logo design, food icons, and other design elements to make your brand more recognizable.

Burger Restaurant Voucher Ticket Template

Choose the Burger Restaurant Voucher Ticket Template (embedded below) if you want to use a vector ticket template design. Vector templates are preferred if you can only use Adobe Illustrator for your design project.


This printable template is perfect for fast food restaurants or dining establishments that specifically sell burgers and sandwiches. When using this burger flyer ticket template, you may also replace the hamburger illustration on the cover with an image of an actual hamburger sold at your store. But, if you want to keep the caricature effect created by the illustration on the template, it is best to keep the burger image.

The template may be re-sized depending on your desired ticket size. As always, do not forget to insert branding elements on the template before printing it out. And, since this template may also be used as a gift voucher card ticket, you may include tracking numbers on the ticket template.

Cinco De Mayo Restaurant Ticket Template

Choose the Cinco De Mayo Restaurant Ticket Template featured below if you are planning a Cinco de Mayo event for your restaurant.


As its name implies, this template may be used by different dining establishments that wish to celebrate and appeal to their Spanish-speaking customers during the annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations. And, as a customizable template, you may still use this template as a base for other events you wish to host at your restaurant. Just remember to change the ticket template’s headers and accompanying images when customizing it.

This is a Photoshop template that prints out on paper or cardstock measuring 21 inches by 29.7 inches, including the printing bleed area. The template also includes three built-in color variations. All fonts used in the template are free fonts that you can download after purchasing the template.

Free Restaurant Complimentary Drink Ticket Template

The Free Restaurant Complimentary Drink Ticket Template (shown below) is another restaurant ticket template that is created specifically for getting free drinks at a restaurant dining event.


What sets this ticket template apart is its size. It follows a standard credit card size and contains minimal information. The template is fully editable through Zazzle.com. This means that you can change the template size depending on your preferences.

Depending on your budget, you may also choose between different paper types (from matte or glossy to smooth finishes). Also, note that this template is available in packs of 100. Use this template set if you intend to invite a lot of people to your restaurant event.

Gold Boho Restaurant Free Drink Ticket Template

If you want a splashier restaurant free drink ticket template, try out the Gold Boho Restaurant Free Drink Ticket Template shown below.


This template is available with a minimum purchase of 100 ticket cards. It works best as a restaurant ticket for free drinks, but it may also be used for wedding receptions and fundraisers. The template prints out on both sides to make it appear more professional and creative.

As with all printable templates from Zazzle.com, you can easily and quickly do the template customization through the site. You may personalize all the wording on this ticket card template. You may also choose among different print sizes. The smallest and most standard print size for this template is 3.5 inches by 2.0 inches. You may change the paper type and paper thickness as well. Remember that the thicker and more stylish the paper type you use, the price of the ticket template pack will subsequently increase.

Modern Black and Gold Free Drink Ticket Template

Looking for an elegant and modern twist to your restaurant ticket template design? If yes, try out the Modern Black and Gold Free Drink Ticket Template embedded below.


This is a Zazzle.com exclusive template. It is also available with a minimum purchase of 100 printed ticket cards. After personalizing the template through the site, the finished restaurant tickets will be sent to your address. This template measures 3.5 inches 2.0 inches and may be printed on different types of paper depending on your preferences.

To personalize the template, you may also add your own restaurant logo design into the template. It is very easy to do this since Zazzle.com has a built-in online template editing tool.

Musical Resto Bar Night Event Ticket Template

For those who are operating restaurant and bar combo dining establishments, try out the Musical Resto Bar Night Event Ticket Template (shown below) as the ticket template design for your next event.


This ready to print template measures 7 inches by 2 inches with a pre-formatted 0.25-inch printing bleed. The template also comes in 300 DPI resolution and follows the CMYK color model. Editing this template is relatively easy since it is available as a PSD file. All the font styles used in the template are free typography fonts. Download links to these fonts are included in the template’s instruction file.

Restaurant Halloween Party Ticket and Menu Brochure Template

If you are interested in hosting a Halloween dinner party at your restaurant this year, then make sure to use ticket templates like the Restaurant Halloween Party Ticket and Menu Brochure Template shown below.


This is a template pack created especially for Halloween and includes templates for a Halloween party menu bi-fold brochure template and a party ticket template. Use this template if you want a well-planned party or dinner event. The party food menu may also be customized to include not only your restaurant’s menu list but also other scary images and information about Halloween.

The restaurant menu bi-fold brochure template measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches in landscape format while the restaurant party ticket template measures 7 inches by 3 inches. All templates follow the CMYK color model and include pre-formatted print bleeds.

Also, note that the template does not include any images. You will need to use or create your own scary Halloween images if you want your restaurant ticket template design to be visually attractive. Also, do not forget to add your restaurant name, logo, and contact information on the templates.

Restaurant Opening Gift Voucher Ticket Template Design

The Restaurant Opening Gift Voucher Ticket Template Design (featured below) is a vector ticket template illustration that suits restaurant grand openings.


Use this template if you want to entice a lot of people during your restaurant’s grand opening with a discount or gift voucher. The ticket template may be customized to fit any type of restaurant opening event. The color scheme, font size, template size, and images used in the template can all be edited to match your restaurant’s brand image. You may even add your own vector business icons just to make the template appear more original and in tune with your brand.

Rustic Burlap Free Drink Restaurant Ticket Template

If your restaurant is already following a rustic design theme in terms of decor and stationery design, then you will like the Rustic Burlap Free Drink Restaurant Ticket Template (featured below).


This template is editable on Zazzle.com. You can add up to three lines of text, change the different text sizes and its colors, and even insert your own images and logo designs. Zazzle will take care of the printing aspect of the template that you have created. The finished products will then be sent to your address within a few days. Note that a minimum order of 100 ticket templates is needed.

This template may also be used for wedding events, charity dinners, birthday parties, and even corporate events. The ticket’s standard printing size is 3.5 inches by 2.0 inches, but you may choose bigger paper sizes if preferred.

Sample Restaurant Event Ticket Template

Hosting events at your restaurant can be a profitable source of income for your business. And, if you are interested in implementing this business strategy, you may also begin looking into different restaurant ticket templates that you may use for each event. A good example of such a multipurpose ticket template is the Sample Restaurant Event Ticket Template shown below.


This PSD template is available in two color variations (baby pink and light blue). You may choose from either pre-formatted color variations or you may implement your restaurant’s original color motif. This template prints out on thick paper or cardstock measuring 5.75 inches by 2.25 inches with a 0.125-inch printing bleed. Free fonts are used in this template, so make sure to download them first before proceeding to edit the template in Adobe Photoshop.

Simple Restaurant Free Drink Ticket Template


The Simple Restaurant Free Drink Ticket Template (shown above) is another Zazzle.com template. Use this template if you prefer to make quick edits and do not want to deal with printing out the restaurant ticket templates themselves. Purchasing from the site means that they will take care of the printing for you. This means that you will just receive the finished restaurant tickets on your doorstep after a few days.

A minimum order of 100 restaurant ticket cards is needed before you can process an order. You may also choose among six printing sizes, but the standard print size is 3.5 inches by 2.0 inches. There also are more than 10 paper types to choose from. So, if you want to create highly elegant restaurant tickets, then go for the thicker matte paper types.

Valentine Event Restaurant Ticket Design Template

Planning to host a Valentine’s Day dinner event at your restaurant? If yes, you will not go wrong with the Valentine Event Restaurant Ticket Design Template embedded below.


Fittingly, this template follows a red background color scheme with silver font colors to help emphasize the event it is created for. A detachable stub portion is also included in the template to make it easier to track customers and attendees during the event.

The template prints out on cardstock or paper measuring 6 inches by 2 inches. The download file can be edited using either Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Adobe Photoshop, or Microsoft Publisher.

Tip: When customizing ticket templates, do not forget to double-check the event details like ticket price, venue, date, and time. Doing this beforehand will help you save time and avoid issues with the ticket in the future.

Vintage Birch Tree Restaurant Free Drink Ticket Template

If you want a restaurant ticket template that will evoke nostalgia on anyone who receives and reads it, then try out the Vintage Birch Tree Restaurant Free Drink Ticket Template shown below.


This is another Zazzle.com template that is sold as part of a pack of 100 ticket cards. Use this template for casual family restaurants, fine dining restaurants, buffet restaurants, or even at hotel restaurants with a fully-stocked bar. This template also prints out on standard business card size measuring 3.5 inches by 2.0 inches.

When personalizing the template, make sure to add your own business logo designs and restaurant name. If space permits, also make sure to add your restaurant’s social media links since doing this will help raise your brand’s recognizability.

Wine Restaurant Invitation Ticket Template


Last on the list is the Wine Restaurant Invitation Ticket Template (shown above).  This template is a vector file stored as an EPS file download. Choose this template if your restaurant also offers a wine menu and has a dedicated wine bar. You may also use this ticket template if you are just introducing your wine selection to your customers. This allows them to explore your new beverage offerings at a discount.

This template may be re-sized depending on the size of the restaurant ticket you want to have. You may also need to have Adobe Illustrator or any compatible editing software tool before you can edit the template.

A few last words…

Have you finally chosen a restaurant ticket template design? If yes, good for you. If not, do not worry. Just keep looking through the site and you will surely find the ticket template design that you are looking for. Remember that you always have the option to use any of the ticket templates above as a template base to create your own highly original restaurant ticket template.

Also, if you have enjoyed this article, do not forget to bookmark it for future reference and share it with your friends and colleagues.

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