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When we think of rugby, we are easily reminded of American football, and these sports are actually very similar to each other. Both involve a prolate-spheroid ball that is being carried around by a player and brought to the goal line, both involve tackling, and both sports are just as physically intense as the other. The thing with rugby is that it is being played across different continents as opposed to football which is quite big only in the United States. But nevertheless, both these sports have a large group of fans from all over the world. You can also read ticket templates.

Rugby Raffle Ticket Template

download rugby raffle ticket template
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Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Rugby Game Ticket Template

rugby game ticket template
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Size: US


Now for the juicy part. What we have below is a collection of various rugby-themed ticket templates that we have gathered all over the internet. These templates are fully downloadable and editable, and you can use these for making tickets for your rugby games or rugby-themed events. There are around ten designs that you can choose from, ranging from minimalist ones to the more modern and striking designs. These tickets do come with a price though, but they are priced very reasonably that you may not regret buying them.

Don’t believe us? Go ahead and check out the designs now.

If you’re looking for something that modern and functional, yet still clean and easy on the eyes, then why not use the event ticket template shown above? If there’s something about this template that seems obvious, it’s the fact that the only graphical element that you can see is a rugby ball placed just a little bit off-center to allow the bottom portion to be used for the textual elements indicating the relevant information regarding the event.

Birthday Party Rugby Ticket Template

birthday party rugby ticket template

Are you putting together a birthday party for someone who’s a fan of the sports rugby? If you are, then you might want to use the template provided above for making your tickets. The text and the design on this template can be fully edited and can be printed out in high quality. For as low as $7.22, this creative ticket template is indeed a very good deal for making professional-grade ticket invitations for such a reasonable price.

Modern Rugby Ticket Template

modern rugby ticket template

Looking for a minimalist-looking ticket template for your rugby games or rugby-themed parties? Check out the template above, it might probably be what you’ve been looking for. Even with its use of a lot of graphical elements, this template still manages to keep it minimal since the elements are all flat and the background pattern is kept subtle or semi-opaque. This template comes with two designs intended for both front and back sides of the ticket, though you can always choose to use only one side if you want.

Rugby Wedding Event Ticket Template

rugby wedding event ticket template

Looking for a highly affordable template that you can download and use for making magnificent rugby-themed wedding ticket invites? Check out the awesome template above that’s specifically for couples who are avid fans of the sport. Every single element on this template are editable, from the text down to the color scheme, they can be edited according to your preferences. For only $2.70, where else can you find such a sweet deal as this? So don’t hesitate to download this one if you think this template matches what you are looking for from a wedding ticket invitation.

Minimal Rugby Ticket Example

minimal rugby ticket example

If you liked the previous minimal ticket template that you have seen earlier, then you will probably like this one as well, especially if you prefer something a lot more simplistic than the last one. The reason why this one is a lot simpler is because of its monochrome color scheme. Same as the previous template, this one also has a pattern for its background and comes in two designs.

A Foolproof Strategy to Sell More Tickets in Less Time

In order for the event to not only be profitable but also be successful, it will need to have the required number of attendees, and how are you able to gather that number if you fail at selling your tickets? Therefore, it is really important to make sure that you are able to promote your tickets effectively in order to sell them. You can also read create tickets for events.

Sound confusing? That’s because it actually is, but we can help you out with these foolproof tips:

  • Promote your event on Facebook or any social media as ads. While this may seem costly, but it can actually help in giving you a boost in promoting your event. And since millions of people all over the world have their own Facebook account, the more audiences are able to take notice of your ad.
  • Give bonuses or incentives for friend referrals, the more that they people will want to invite their friends if there is one. And in cases like these, it will create a snowball effect and your news will be able to travel through various directions in the least time possible. You may also check musical concert tickets.
  • Give people the option where and when to buy tickets. Don’t just offer your tickets in authorized ticketing centers, offer them online as well. This way, if people find it inconvenient to wait in line, they can simply go to your website and buy tickets there wherever and whenever they want. You can also read stunning event ticket templates.

Rugby Game Birthday Ticket Template

rugby game birthday ticket template

Children love to celebrate their birthdays together with friends, it’s one thing they look forward to every year, the day that they get to enjoy their birthday with their closest friends to eat cake and open presents. Though as a person grows older, their preferences become simpler and they tend to enjoy their birthdays with their family or by themselves, but this doesn’t mean they can no longer enjoy it the same way as they did when they were little. Speaking of children’s birthday parties, here’s a printable ticket template that you can use for making invitation cards if you’re actually planning one.

Differences between Rugby and Gridiron Football

Earlier in this article, we did mention the similarities that rugby has with football, but there are actually differences between the two. Some differences are quite obvious while some are also surprising. You can also read concert ticket templates.

Below is a list of some of the differences between the two sports:

  • Rugby is comprised of fifteen players on the field while Football is played with only eleven players at any point of time.
  • Rugby is played over two 40-minute halves with a halftime of 10 minutes. Football consists of four quarters with 15 minutes clocked per quarter.
  • In rugby, a try is the term used when a team manages to place the ball down on their opponent’s touch line, while in football, the term used to refer to this is a touchdown.
  • In rugby, a score is counted when the ball is successfully kicked between the goal posts, while in football, this happens after a touchdown and is call a field goal.
  • Rugby uses a prolate-spheroid ball that has a length of 27 centimeters, a circumference of 60 centimeters, and a weight of 1 pound. The ball used in football has a similar shape, but the length is a bit longer at 28 centimeters, the circumference is smaller at 56 centimeters, and is lighter at only 0.87 pounds.
  • Rugby only allows for seven substitutions, and a player who has been substituted can no longer be put back to the game unless there is an injury and there are no other substitutes. For football, they have no limit for their substitutions.
  • In rugby, the only protective gear they have is a thin padding for their shoulders, their collarbone, and their knees, with only a mouthguard to protect their teeth. In football, they use a helmet, a shoulder and chest protector, upper leg padding, and mouthguard.
  • The field in rugby is measured at 120 meters long and 70 meters wide., while the football field has a dimension of 110 meters by 48.76 meters, making the former much longer and wider among the two.

Vector Sports Ticket Sample

vector sports ticket sample

If you’re wondering where the rugby-related element is found in this article, there actually isn’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this template for making tickets for your rugby games. This template will allow you to use it for any sports or sports-themed events, and the best thing about this is that regardless of its simplicity, it will let you indicate the two teams that will be playing on the spaces provided. And of course, this template comes with a design for the both front and back sides of the card, but will still allow you to use only one if you choose.

Personalized Rugby Union Ticket Template

personalized rugby union ticket template

Here’s another template that you may also want to consider using for making your own event ticket invites, and this template will only cost you around $6.82, which is not a big deal. This template will allow you to make a wide range of rugby-themed tickets such as wedding ticket invites, actual football and rugby game tickets, and save the date ticket invites. Judging from the reviews that this template has received, you are guaranteed not to regret it if you choose to download and use this.

Retro Style Rugby Ticket Design

retro style rugby ticket design

Here is another simple-looking ticket template that you can use for your rugby games or events. This ticket template shows only what you need from a ticket, a graphical element representing the sport, the schedule of the game, the zone and seat number, and the serial number. Whether you want to go for detachable stubs or the more modern method for checking tickets, this template will actually give you the option to do both. You may also see dinner ticket templates.

Rugby Birthday Invitation Ticket

rugby birthday invitation ticket

If you prefer to go for a cleaner and simpler look for your rugby-themed event tickets, then the template above may be what you need. As you can see from the ticket template above, the design uses a lot of white space and each detail regarding the event are placed inside separate divisions which allows for easy reading or gathering of information. While this template costs approximately $10.26, it does come with a matching template for making thank you notes.

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