8+ Service Catalog Templates


A service catalog is a document created by the company to provide their customers with enough knowledge regarding the services that they offer. There are different information that can be found in specific service catalogs, depending on the offerings of the business and the industry where the business belongs.

We can give you downloadable samples of service catalog templates if you need references in creating the service catalog that you will use for your business. More so, we also have samples of Business Catalog Templates available for download if you want to create a document that can outline your business operations and the nature of your company’s transaction involvements and offerings.

Service Request Catalog Template

service request catalog template Download

Service Level Catalog Template

service level catalog template Download

Service Desk Catalog Template

service desk catalog template


IT Service Catalog Template

it service catalog template Download

Application Service Catalog Template

application service catalog template Download

Inclusions of a Service Catalog

A service catalog should have the following details:

  • The name of the business who will use the service catalog
  • A short description of the business and its operations
  • The services being offered by the business
  • The individual prices of different services
  • The service classifications of the offerings of the business
  • The descriptions and inclusions of the services available to be acquired by customers
  • The package rates of services purchased either in bulk or during a promotion

Importance of a Service Catalog

The creation and use of a service catalog is important for the following reasons:

  • A service catalog allows the company to list down all the offerings that they can provide to their clients. This being said, it will be easier for them to change and/or improve their offers easier just by replacing the old service catalog that they give to their customers. If you will create a service catalog, assure that you will state that changes on service offers and prices may be done without prior notice.
  • Service catalogs make it easier for customers to choose the services that they want to acquire. It gives them information about the services that can help them decide in selecting the service that is appropriate for their current needs.

Aside from our service catalog samples, our PSD Catalogue Templates are also available for download.

Business Service Catalog Template

business service catalog template1 Download

Customer Service Catalog Template

customer service catalog template Download

Technology Service Catalog Template

technology service catalog template Download

Suggestions in Designing a Service Catalog

If you are tasked to design the service catalog of the company where you are currently working at, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Properly select the color of the background that you will use in the document. Make sure that it complements the colors of your products. This is mainly the reason why service catalogs usually have either black or white backgrounds so that their products will be highlighted even more and will be the focus of the viewer’s attention.
  • You may arrange your products chronologically to create a more organized service catalog. It may be based on their prices, popularity, characteristics, or sizes.
  • Assure that the layout of your service catalog is appealing. Make sure that you have the proper spaces for both texts and photos. There should always be a cohesion especially on pages that face each other when browsed by the clients.
  • Make sure that the fonts that you will use are readable may it be in terms of their style or their sizes. Do not use a lot of font families as it may be too distracting.

Other than our downloadable samples of service catalog templates, you may also browse through and download our samples of Professional Catalog Templates.

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