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If you were born before technology took over almost everything, you would surely remember how magazines put fun into reading. This is because, in a magazine, there are a lot of contents that you can read about, like health tips, modern houses, new car models, appealing apparels, and so much more! Also, there are magazine samples that only focuses on one subject, like having a magazine purely for furniture or one that is entirely for sports. Time has changed and their existence is slowly fading but even if that’s the case, it’s still thriving today and can still be seen read by people. You may also see brand new magazine templates.

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Simple Magazine Template

simple magazine
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Free Simple Magazine Ads Template

simple magazine ads
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If you are interested in publishing a magazine purely for fun or for business purposes, then you have definitely come to the right place. We have a collected more than a handful of magazine templates with designs that exquisitely display the utmost simplicity. These simple magazine templates will surely keep your magazine issue simple yet classy. It is important to note that the templates can be purchased and downloaded online, so you can access them anytime and anywhere you are. And since they are digital files, you are given the privilege to edit and customize them according to your liking. So, let us not waste any moment and let’s start going through each of the magazine templates!

Rose Gold Simple Magazine Template

rose gold simple magazine template 788x524

Monochrome Simple Magazine Template

monochrome simple magazine template 788x788

Modern Simple Magazine Template

modern simple magazine template 788x538

Types of Magazines

1. General family interest magazines

If you are aiming for something family-friendly, then you should create a magazine that features all topics that are within the sphere of general family interests. These types of magazines are usually seen in shops with kids, salons, barber shops, or dermatology clinics. They are also perfect to be displayed inside our house to whenever there are guests, they would be entertained by these magazines for a while.

For the content of this type of magazine, you can include family activities such as outdoor adventures and board games. You can also feature special activities that families can do during the holidays. Also, since a magazine is a perfect avenue for companies to display their advertisements, this type of magazine should only have family-oriented ads such as toys for the kids or condo units or house and lots that the parents might consider purchasing. To add one more content to the list, you can include furniture, kitchen materials, and other important tools that are necessary to have for the house. You may also see college magazine templates.

2. News magazine

This is the most basic type of magazine but it’s the most informative one. When you read a certain news in the newspaper, it might not that be researched deeper since there is not enough time to do so. But in the case of magazines, news will have elaboration and be explained more complete because the writers will have enough to time to research on them. Magazines only release one issue a month. You may also see magazine layout templates.

3. Photography magazine

You probably have seen a lot of photography magazines on every magazine outlet you have encountered. This is because photographs sell. People are more likely to look into a reading material if it has a lot of pictures in it rather than those that are filled with words only. There are still words in a photography magazine but they are only short ones, like descriptions and titles. Since photography is a broad topic, we will narrow down some of the common subjects or themes in a photography magazine.


Travel magazines are one of the most popular types of photography magazines out there. This is mainly because of people wanting to different places that are featured in the magazine. It’s that longing for an escape and the exhilaration that one feels when stepping on new land that makes travel magazines profitable. This magazine not only features scenic places but also has ads for hotels and other types of accommodations. You can find cheap hotels that you may want to stay in when you visit a certain place.


Weddings are all about sweet and unforgettable (although a bit dramatic) moments. In a wedding magazine, the most common content features the gowns and suits for the bride and the groom. It can also feature jewelry that the bride may want to wear during the wedding. There are even ads for different venues for the wedding and reception. This is a great magazine to read when you are an engaged couple.

To add more to the content, the magazine can also feature silently captured moments showing intense happiness in the couple’s faces and the people around them. This will be a perfect alternative to a photo album since it has everything that you need to be documented during the wedding and even up to the reception. You may also see business magazine templates.


This type of magazine mostly features toys and cartoons. There is also content for children’s apparels in case the parents would want to purchase new and trendy clothes for their children. There are also games that the kids can play, like simple crossword puzzles and even cutouts that they can play with. You may also see magazine portfolio templates.


Fashion magazines are mostly comprised of different couture and fashion shows either from the local scene or the international stage, or you can have both in a single issue. In this magazine, you will find a large variety of shoes and clothes from the recent fashion show and maybe transcripts of interviews with the designer, whether they are established or just budding designers.

Kids Station Simple Magazine Template

kids station simple magazine template 788x533

Sleek Simple Magazine Template

sleek simple magazine template 788x510

Square Simple Magazine Template

square simple magazine template 788x524

Nature-centric Simple Magazine Template

nature centric simple magazine template 788x510

Multipurpose Simple Magazine Template

multipurpose simple magazine template 788x524

Travel Simple Magazine Template

travel simple magazine template 788x527

4. Lifestyle Magazine

A lifestyle magazine is all about personal wellness and development above everything else. Do you want the readers to know how to gain or lose weight in the fastest way possible? You can feature different diet meals based on their body weight and highlight a variety of exercises that they can do to maintain the figure. However, before you start writing the article for these kinds of topics, make sure that you have carefully researched about them. We are tackling about health here, so it would be best to consult experts or authorities regarding these matters. You may also see food magazine templates.

Aside from physical health, this magazine also features mental and emotional wellness. Are you the readers having a difficult time surviving college? You include tips that may help college students lessen the stress and frustration that they are experiencing. Has the reader recently broken up with their significant other? Create a checklist on how they can move on from their exes. Again, these topics should be carefully researched and ask for assistance from professionals. There may be repercussions if you don’t dig deeper into the topic.

5. Home and Design Magazine

Home and design magazines are all about houses and their entirety. In this type of magazine, it features furniture, appliances, floorings, roofs, wallpapers, and everything related to houses. The target demographic for this magazine are those that are planning to a house of their own, those that want to renovate their current house, and those that are considering options to transfer to a new house. You may also see corporate magazine templates.

This magazine goes in depth with the different parts of the house. For example, the living room is featured on a certain page. The article not only describes the beauty and structure of the living room but they also sometimes additional information such as the source of these items and their prices. If there is a specific interior designer responsible or creating such a beautiful room, then he/she will definitely be credited and might even be interviewed for doing such an exceptional job. You may also see multi-purpose magazine templates.

In this magazine, the different parts of the house are featured, from the living room to the bathroom to the master’s bedroom. Everything is covered as long as there is consent from the owner of the house. Houses of celebrities and other famous people are commonly featured in this magazine. Also, it shows different house styles, such as Mediterranean, European, and Spanish, to name a few. Recently, tiny houses have even become a trend. These houses look small on the outside but it’s more spacious than you think when you go inside. You may also see fashion magazine templates.

The architectural design is also highlighted in this magazine. Have you seen the beautifully designed staircase? It’s perfectly placed in such a way that it doesn’t look distracting. How about the stylish veranda? The combination of different bricks has formed such an exquisite sight. Everything in the house should be featured unless there are private sections that the owners don’t want to reveal. You may also see sports magazine templates.

This magazine not only amazes the readers but also inspires them to have the house of their dreams, whether they buy or create one someday. Or, they could at least have ideas on how they want to renovate their current house into. And to add to that, it would also give them information about possible houses that are on sale. This magazine is full of advertisements for houses that there are a couple of promotions for condos and houses for sales in few of the pages of the magazine. You may also see InDesign magazine templates.

Clean Simple Magazine Template

clean simple magazine template 788x524

Creative Simple Magazine Template

creative simple magazine template 788x510

Lifestyle Simple Magazine Template

lifestyle simple magazine template 788x524

Are you ready to create your own magazine?

Choosing the right template for the magazine can sometimes be difficult especially if you are presented with such beautiful choices. The only thing you should remember is to stick to the concept that you have defined for your magazine. Although the templates all have simple styles, each of them creates such different impacts due to the elements that were used in their design. You may also see best art magazine templates.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the right template for your simple magazine. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to bookmark this page and share the link with your family and friends in case they also need sources for magazine templates. We wish you all the best! Good luck! You may also see PSD magazine templates.

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