13+ Simple Restaurant Gift Voucher Designs – PSD, EPS

What is a gift voucher? It is basically a gift certificate or gift card given to loyal customers or customers who purchased a number of items in which they become eligible to claim the voucher. Vouchers have values assigned to them although they are not convertible to cash. The voucher’s value is dependent on the establishment’s decision and they alone can decide what amount should be placed on each voucher.

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Restaurants give gift vouchers often. This helps with the restaurant’s marketing which in turn makes customers come back. It is not only the food which excites customers, but the promos, discounts, and other gimmicks being offered by the restaurant as well. If you are planning to give out gift vouchers in your own restaurant, check out these simple yet affordable restaurant gift vouchers.

Restaurant gift vouchers and how to use them

Similar to retail stores, restaurants love to give away gift vouchers. If you have ever received a voucher from a recent trip to the apparel store or restaurant where you just had lunch and forgot to ask the sales assistant what it’s used for, then read up. Restaurant gift vouchers are usually sheets of paper stating you can avail of a discount or get a free meal during your next visit to the restaurant. Other voucher promos also include a free dinner for two or a free restaurant souvenir.

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Whatever the gimmick, gift vouchers are great tools to keep both old and new customers coming back to the restaurant. Vouchers assist in the restaurant’s marketing efforts. Posters, tarpaulins, and flyers are external marketing tools which help bring in customers while vouchers make sure that customers eat at your restaurant often. The job of posters, tarpaulins, and flyers are to give your restaurant exposure and more visibility among restaurant-goers. Vouchers, meanwhile, are only given once customers have finished eating their meals. They are basically the restaurant’s marketing tools from within. Like every business, restaurants want you coming back for more.

Since restaurants want you to become a repeat customer, gift vouchers are always set by restaurants to be used in the next week or next month. Restaurants never allow the voucher to be used the day it has been given to the customer. They also pair together the voucher’s usage period with a restaurant event like a new dish being served or the restaurant’s anniversary. Gift vouchers cannot be used together with existing discounts for some dishes. The restaurants may give away a free voucher, but they still want you to pay for their food and service.

If the customer is nonetheless satisfied, he will always find a way to come back. Restaurants just want to make sure your affair with them will last for a long time.

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Congratulations to you if you managed to receive a restaurant gift voucher. Use it anytime but it is advisable you use it if you are craving for their food or if the restaurant is offering some new dishes. Depending on the voucher’s value, it will give you a good discount and you can enjoy the food for less than its regular price. If a friend also has the same voucher, use it together and treat family and friends to some delicious discounted food. But if you are going out on a date and you want to impress that special someone, it is better that you rather pay for the meal with cash. Gift vouchers are like meal coupons, so don’t make a wrong impression on your date.

10 Simple Restaurant Gift Vouchers

Unique Gift Voucher Template


Modern Gift Voucher Template


Modern Food Voucher Template


Restaurant Food Gift Voucher Template


Food Gift Voucher Template


Gift Voucher with Burning Design

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Dinner for Two (Fish and Beans) Gift Voucher

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Italian Restaurant Gift Voucher

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Vegetarian Restaurant Gift Voucher

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Gift Voucher with Mexican Design

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Dessert for Two Gift Voucher

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Ribbon and Hamburger Gift Voucher

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Wooden Table Gift Voucher

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Pink Cupcake Gift Voucher


Tips on making restaurant gift vouchers

Make the text readable / eradicate typographical errors

This is the most important factor when making any designs. For restaurant gift vouchers where you need to rely on text, it is highly advised that the text should not be too small or too large. The voucher’s purpose is to inform the customer that he/she will be receiving a promo or discount, so emphasize the fonts so that the customer can easily read the information.

Additionally, there should be no room for typographical errors on the gift voucher, especially for the discount value. You definitely don’t want your customers paying for a much a bigger amount after a wrong value was accidentally included and the voucher is now being used by the customer. This will definitely cause a scene in the restaurant so avoid typographical errors on the vouchers and the menu designs.

Use the appropriate voucher size

As much as possible, print the vouchers on a small piece of paper where it can be folded once and inserted in a pocket or wallet. Make it convenient for guests so they won’t have a hard time when presenting the voucher in their future visit. If possible, have an envelope ready for the voucher so it looks more formal and elegant. Placing the vouchers inside the envelope with a custom-made stamp which resembles the restaurant’s logo will make guests feel special so they will not think twice about coming back to your restaurant.

Use the restaurant’s concept or theme in the voucher design

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Using the same concept throughout the interior and exterior of your restaurant is a great idea for your restaurant to have its own distinct and unique look. Having different themes for the tables, walls, decorations, and other restaurant equipment will only look messy and confuse your costumers. Apply the same theme for your restaurant gift vouchers. Guests will remember their pleasant and appetizing experience in your restaurant every time they take a look at the voucher. They will also be reminded to use the said voucher to go back to your restaurant for another delicious meal. Not only are the menus given an extension of the restaurant’s concept, but extend it to the vouchers as well.

Incorporate photos of food

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Nothing is more appetizing than using food photos in your restaurant designs, especially on the restaurant gift vouchers. If you truly want your customers to miss your food, use some photos of your best sellers and what he can get during his next visit. The customers most likely ordered one of your best sellers, so make sure you incorporate them in the voucher design. Although vouchers are rather small in size and can be placed in a pocket, having photos of food will certainly add to the voucher’s design. Customers will appreciate it and look forward to their next visit.

Find a third-party designer

If you are having issues making your own restaurant gift voucher designs, find a third-party designer instead. It will save you time since experienced designers are very quick at creating designs. All you need to do is pay them upfront, give them the details, and let them work. Getting a third-party designer will save you time, but it might not  help you save on the cost. Experienced designers never charge cheap rates, unless you’re a close friend or relative, and most of the time they certainly want the full payment before they start making the designs. If you do get a designer and don’t mind the price, choose a designer which has a lot of experience in making restaurant-related designs.

There are also hundreds of online designers who offer quality services. Most of them can be found on Zazzle, Creative Market, Stock Layouts, Themeforest, and Etsy. If you decide to choose these online designers, there are a few things you should remember before acquiring their services. Check their profile first and see if their collections and previous works are consistent when it comes to quality. Also, check for customer reviews if most of them are positive.

Are you now ready to make your own restaurant gift voucher?

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