7+ Sports Ticket Templates for Any Event – PSD, Vector EPS

Sports games or activities are never dull events. They are a showcase of strength, athleticism, skill, and strategy. Most of the time a victor is declared and the result always attracts attention from both supporters and skeptics. The entertainment value of sports events can be enjoyed whether you are watching alone or with family and friends.

Most sports events, especially those which are broadcast live, require admission fees. Technology now allows the purchase of tickets online a few months before the actual event. In relation to that, sports ticket designs have cropped up over the years and have been made for different occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and business events.

Check out these sports ticket templates if you want to go for a sports theme in your event.

Gender Reveal Party Invitation


This gender reveal party uses a sports theme which is applied to the invitation as well. Guests are given a choice to join team blue (for a baby boy) or team pink (for a baby girl). This invitation perfectly incorporates sports themes as guests are divided into two teams, just like in sports. Each team is also given a different color which matches the possible gender of the child. As seen in the invitation, blue is better suited for a male child as pink is for a female one. The blue and pink colors are spread across the invitation and complement one other seamlessly.

Gender reveal parties are part of a three-part celebration which also includes the baby shower and the infant’s first birthday.

Baby Shower Invitation


This sports-themed baby shower invitation has a similar design to the gender reveal party invitation as shown above. Instead of the pink and blue color combination, the red and blue combo is used instead. The red and blue color combination is very prominent in sports-themed designs and have almost become the design’s default colors. Also found in this invitation is an image of a football attached to a key wrapped in ribbon, providing some added visual appeal.

Baby showers have evolved from very formal events in the 1940s to casual celebrations in the 21st century. Modern baby showers have shifted to gift-giving and games but the essence of baby showers remain the same. Baby shower invitations should depend on the concept of the actual shower. If the hosts are looking for a more formal setting, then the appropriate invitations should be made for casual showers.

Birthday Invitation


This birthday invitation template uses popular sports themes and designs. Images of a basketball, soccer ball, rugby ball, and baseball are grouped together while green stripes and a collection of stars form the overall design of the invitation. The green stripes create a nice representation in the design as they resemble the color of the field or pitch where most sports games are played. Green, red, and blue colors are also used for the text.

Football Ticket Templates


This is another sports-themed birthday invitation template. Red, blue, and white colors still dominate this design with some poster style art designs. Varsity-themed fonts are also used. There are two available designs to choose from: football helmet and football. The poster style designs are highly detailed and the colors are evenly distributed among the images.

Birthday Party Ticket Templates

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This sports-themed birthday invitation template uses some nice vintage themes. The design has a stained paper background and uses varsity and vintage font styles. Vintage designs are very popular and the concepts for the said designs vary with each decade. Using vintage sports themes is also a great alternative. For example, images of athletes wearing short shorts or baggy shirts can be added to the designs.

Bridal Shower Invitation


This bridal shower invitation has one of the best sports-themed invitation designs around. Specifically using baseball as an inspiration, the design combines baseball and romantic images. An image of a baseball helmet with two baseball bats crossed together is shown, as well as a baseball formed with a shape of a heart with two baseball bats crossed together. Varsity-style fonts are used in this invitation to complete the design. Since baseball is one of America’s favorite sports, the red, white, and blue color combination is heavily used here.

The sports theme in this bridal shower invitation matches the shower event despite its sporty overall design. Bridal showers are fun yet occasionally formal events. Since they celebrate the anticipation of the bride-to-be’s wedding and entry into motherhood, there are limited designs to choose for these events. Bridal showers and sports usually don’t match, but with a few tweaks in the designs like incorporating more shower themes than sports will make the design match the event.

Wedding Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 06 15 14 21 e1507274366640

Compared to bridal showers, weddings are more formal. Even for private weddings where only select family members and friends are invited, proper decorum is still observed. Making wedding invitations can be quite complicated and require a long thought process, but designs don’t have to be restricted. Numerous designs such as floral, photography, chalkboard, western, and oriental-themed designs have been used before, and there are still more design concepts that can be used. One example is using a sports ticket theme.

Just like the bridal shower invitation, there is a thin line when using sports themed designs for formal events. Sports events attract loud and raucous crowds and are very casual compared to weddings. This wedding invitation manages to pull off a sports themed invitation by using very simple designs. The photo of the couple is highlighted front and center with the wedding details written in a red striped background.

Sports Camp


Using a sports-themed design for a sports-themed event is a no-brainer. In fact, depending on the event, any design can be used and there are no limits on how to make designs for sports events. Watching sports events is one of the most entertaining and fun activities to experience, so add some “fun” in those designs and let your creative juices flow. This baseball camp ticket template again uses the “red stripes and blue” color and wonderfully incorporates a silhouette of a baseball player hitting a serve. Two colors are available for this template: red and blue.

Sports camp attracts hundreds of participants, mostly kids aging eight to 12 years old. Different types of sports hold camps including basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, and other athletics. The purpose of these camps is to teach the basics of the sports as well as accelerated skill and fitness development. The baseball camp template as shown above is very attractive, and similar designs can also be used for other making other sports camp designs.

Concept for ticket designs for each sport

If you haven’t found your preferred design template here (although it is recommended that you purchase them), check out these sample concepts designed for each sport.

uss nimitz 108622

  • Basketball. Using the orange rubber ball as a design concept is very common. Try using pictures of famous basketball athletes like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Also, try to use silhouettes of athletes similar to the one found in the NBA logo showing a silhouette of Hall of Famer Jerry West dribbling. If you prefer team concepts over players, use the team’s colors in your designs (i.e. purple and gold for the Los Angeles Lakers, yellow and blue for the Golden State Warriors, or the colors used for your local team).

football 452569

  • Soccer. Known as football everywhere in the world aside from the USA, soccer also has a number of designs to choose from. Aside from using famous players and teams, the football pitch/field is also a nice concept to use. Game officials have also become part of the game themselves. A referee, linesman, and the flags, and red and yellow cards used by these officials can also be incorporated in soccer designs.

baseball 2617310

  • Baseball. As seen in the designs above, having a baseball concept looks visually appealing. The sport uses a number of gears which can be added in your designs (helmet, gloves, bat, baseball, home plates, catcher’s face mask).

rugby 1335770

  • Rugby. Similar to soccer, rugby is known anywhere in the world as rugby while a version of it is called football in the US. Rugby is best known for its brown shaped oval ball which is thrown around a 100m field. Use the ball for your designs, o if you’re into the American football version, use the worn used by athletes such as the helmet and jerseys filled with shoulder pads.

novak jokovic 1600735

  • Lawn/Table Tennis. These two similar sports have a variety of designs that can be used for sports ticket designs. The tennis rackets and the balls used for their respective games are all attractive designs to use. Lawn tennis is not only known for powerful smashes and balls whizzing across the clay and grass courts, the sport is also known for athletes wearing very fashionable in-game attire (for reference, look up Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic). Add some sports fashion in your designs by incorporating some arm bands, shoes, and caps.

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