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Asia is the largest continent in the world. Composed of 48 countries, Asia isn’t only limited to countries near the Pacific Ocean like Japan, China, and Indonesia but also covers countries near the European border like Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. Nearly all Middle Eastern countries are part of Asia, too. Basically, Asia and those who live in Asia make up half of the globe’s population.

With a continent of its size, there is certainly no shortage of delicious and mouthwatering dishes found in it. Asian restaurants can go with a single concept like serving specialty dishes from a specific country to serving dishes from a combination of different countries. Restaurants can even serve fusion dishes combining cuisines from different Asian countries.

No matter how delicious the food is, restaurants need to have some great aesthetics while using effective marketing strategies to increase their visibility. Doing so will help them not only keep their loyal customers but attract potential customers as well. Here are some templates you can use for your Asian-inspired restaurants, such as flyers, menus, billboards, and the like.

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Modern Restaurant Menu Template

modern restaurant menu template e1509606327805

Restaurant Front Menu Template

restaurant front menu template e1509606469265

Chinese Noodles Vector Images


Everyone loves to eat noodles, especially Chinese noodles. Although there are no specific requirements to make Chinese noodles since each region has its own set of ingredients, the basic ingredients remain the same. If you are serving up some hot noodles in your restaurant, use these cute Chinese noodles vector images and add them in your menu or restaurant designs. You can use the entire image or choose individual sections of the image.

Indian Restaurant Billboard Template

screenshot from 2017 10 26 15 42 13

Here is another Indian restaurant template. Billboards are some of the most effective marketing tools to use despite being expensive. Their sheer size alone can easily attract the attention of passersby. Recent studies have shown that in the US, 32% of people who have seen an establishment ad in a billboard will purchase something from that same establishment within the week of seeing the billboard. Restaurants can easily market their dishes as all they need to do is create a billboard with photos of food and cheap prices.
This sample curry night billboard uses large bold text for the heading and photos of a curry dish on the left-hand side of the billboard. Edit this to fit your own Indian restaurant as this template contains fully layered PSD files, easy customizable and editable layers, CMYK colors, 150 DPI resolution,, and free fonts. This template has a 70” x 30” (with 1.00 inch bleeds) size. But note that the images used in this template are not included in the download.

Asian Restaurant Business Card


Advertising has been made easy with the use of business cards. After talking with potential clients, don’t leave the conversation hanging and convert it into a sale for your restaurant by giving the potential client a business card. These small cards don’t need to have an overstuffed design, as you only need to write down your restaurant’s address and contact number. You can also add a few photos to make the business card more visually appealing. As seen in this Asian restaurant business card, the text is written in clear and readable fonts with photos of the restaurant displayed on the lower part of the card. The background uses an orange color with bamboo silhouettes and line designs to complement the restaurant details.

You can edit this template for your own Asian restaurant by using your restaurant’s details in the business card. All you need to do is to contact the designer and he will do all the work once you make the purchase. This card has a size of 3.5″ x 2.0″, full color CMYK print process, and double-sided printing for no additional cost.

Indian Restaurant Bi-fold Menu

screenshot from 2017 10 26 15 41 53

India—together with other countries such as Maldives, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan—form Asia’s southernmost region called South Asia. India has one of the best-tasting cuisines in the world. Curry and spice are used in almost all Indian dishes and they taste fantastic. If you are planning to open an Indian restaurant anytime soon, use this Indian restaurant bi-fold menu.

Indian style art covers the menu design’s background with photos of traditional Indian dishes incorporated in the menu as well. The rest of the dishes are listed inside the menu and classified into “classic”, “fusion”, “special”, and “drinks”. This menu template has a tabloid size of 11×17 folded into 8.5×11, or A3 folded into an A4 bi-fold menu. Patterns and fonts are also available for download together with ready drop-marks and bleeds. Compatible formats for this template are Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Oriental Food Invitation


This food birthday invitation is the best template to use for Asian-themed birthday celebrations. Use this for your own restaurant and offer birthday events to boost your marketing. Make your own birthday invitations for each customer celebrating his or her birthday in your restaurant and use this minimalist Asian-inspired design. An image of take-out noodles and noodles in a black bowl with chopsticks comprise the main details of this template. Red is used in the background with circle and vertical line shapes also being added to increase the template’s aesthetics.

Malaysian Cuisine Vector Images

preview 1

Malaysia’s famous satay takes center stage in this Malaysian cuisine vector image collection. Choose from a variety of Malaysian and other Asian dishes in this image collection (fried rice with shrimp and green beans, grilled chicken, stuffed tofu, fish and vegetable salads, papaya soup, fried donuts, etc.) and use it for your own Malaysian- or Asian-inspired restaurant. They can be included in the menu, posters, or flyers to increase the marketing efforts of your restaurant.

Wok Menu Template

new asian e1509004677925

Woks originated from East Asia and have been used throughout the continent. It is one of the most versatile cooking equipment around and its use is definitely not limited to cooking stir-fry food. This template uses a hand-drawn wok design (with other sketches of vegetables, wok box, bibimpap, seafood, and noodles) and is perfect for brochures, flyers, and menus for your Asian restaurant.

This template is available in two colors (white and black) and contains one EPS + 27 PNG files with all elements, six EPS + six JPEG files with brochures, and two EPS + two JPEG files with the menu template.

Pagoda Menu Template


If there is a symbol that represents East Asia, it would be the pagoda. These world-famous landmarks found throughout China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar are commonly used as houses of worship. Pagodas have been part of Asian history as early as the 3rd century BCE. Use the popular pagodas in your designs, specifically this pagoda menu template. The pagoda in this template uses different red hues which are also applied to the other parts of the menu template. Vector images of food are also found together with their corresponding prices.

Japanese Food Poster Template

japanese poster template creative market 1  e1509004138544

Japan has the distinction of being one of the most unique and culturally rich countries in the world. Whether it’s their food, language, architecture, natural resources, clothes, and even attitude, the world is in love with the beauty of Japan. Most Japanese elements can be found in this poster template and it is highly suggested that you download this for your own Japanese-themed restaurant. Sushi and sashimi are at the forefront of this template with red sakura also incorporated at the template’s borders. Japanese-style fonts are also used to enhance the design.

This template includes a fully editable Photoshop PSD file, a well-organized and color-coded layer structure, and an easy-to-use template. There are also easily customizable elements including text, images, and colors.

Asian Stamp Badges Logos


If you are planning to use numerous images for your Asian restaurant, purchase this Asian stamp badge logos collection. The logos are not only limited to Japanese or Chinese cuisine but can be used with other Asian cuisines as well. Use these for your menus, flyers, and restaurant gift certificates.

This template has premade insignia style logos perfect for Japanese restaurants and you can use it for personal or commercial projects. All texts are editable. This download includes 11 vector badge logos, additional scalable elements, vector EPS and AI files, raster PSD, PNG and JPG files, and color and monochrome versions.

Tips when making Asian restaurant designs

If you have already purchased your desired template, the next thing you need to do is make the actual design. Whether it’s a flyer, poster, menu, billboard, or website, the template you purchased is only meant as a guide as you still decide what contents should be included in the final design. So here are some tips you need to remember when making Asian restaurant designs.

Use appropriate designs

Since you have decided to offer Asian cuisine in your restaurant, making the best-tasting dishes is not enough to satisfy your customers. You still have the entire restaurant exterior and interior to create. You are not only inviting locals to eat at your restaurant but foreign tourists as well. So do some research first and be culturally sensitive about the designs you choose. Some colors and other details might not be suitable for foreign tourists when they take a look at your menus or posters. Additionally, if you decide to use foreign characters or languages in your designs, check the spelling and grammar first before you print them out.

Don’t fill the design with text

You don’t want to ruin your beautiful template by filling it with text. Try to limit the text to important details such as the names of dishes and their corresponding prices, discounts, and your restaurant’s name and address. The person viewing the design will certainly not appreciate it if there’s too much text. Balance text with images and make it easy for your customers. Don’t make him blame the menu for being too wordy as the reason why he won’t be coming back to your restaurant.

Add food photos

One of the most effective marketing tools you can ever use in your restaurant is by adding food photos. Take some good quality photos of your food and place them in your restaurant designs. Avoid using blurred or pixelated pictures as these would not look attractive to guests. Also, Asian food is one of the most attractive and elegantly designed dishes in the world, so take advantage of this fact and use pictures of Asian dishes in your restaurant designs.

Get some help

If you are having issues on how to make the final designs for your restaurant, look for an experienced graphic designer to help you out. But before you hire someone or a design company, first check their collection on the previous products they have made and also review their consultancy rates. You don’t want to get terrible advice and also have a terrible design for your restaurant. Designers don’t price their services cheaply, so make sure you choose the best ones so you can get your money’s worth.

We hope that you had a great time browsing through our Asian restaurant template collection. Follow our tips when you are about to use the restaurant template to maximize the template’s visual appeal.

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