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9+ Best Angel Tattoos

Tattoos are one of the best ways to express your love for art. It is quite stunning and eye catching. No wonder why some people really love the idea of getting inked, especially those who want to convey their adoration toward art. Tattoos are also being used to commemorate loved ones or simply to show an undying love toward a significant other. They can be in any forms and styles, depending on one’s preference.

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Angel Wing Tattoos are one those tattoos that are commonly used. It is mainly because of its extraordinary form. An angel wing tattoo typically symbolizes faith, peace, love, spirituality, protection, and purity. If you want to see more samples, check out our awesome collection of angel tattoos below.

Angel Wings Tattoo


Angel Sleeve Tattoo

Baby Angel Tattoo

Guardian Angel Tattoo

Fallen Angel Tattoo

Your Guardian Angel

Angel tattoos are so broad in terms of type or category. For its symbolism, it will also depend on every individual. A lot of tattoo enthusiasts are enamored of having a portrait of an angel tattooed on their skin. Regardless of formation or design, as long as it shows the angel’s beautiful image. Realistic angel is one of the best styles of an angel tattoo design. It portrays an image of an angel that seems to be so real. This type of tattoo may be quite costly, however, the result is truly satisfying.

More Angel Tattoo Types

For those who are fond of cherubs, our baby angel tattoo is a perfect match. This particular tattoo design has been popular for tattoo artists for centuries. It symbolizes hope, love, faith, protection, and spirituality. It has similar symbolism to angel wing tattoos. Nowadays, tattoos are not limited to men alone. Women can acquire them too. With angel tattoos, though it may sound a bit feminine, these can be applied to men as well.

As you go along, you will be able to witness more angel tattoo designs that are indeed bewitching. These angel symbols are a great example of Cool Tattoo Designs.

Realistic Angel Tattoo


Tribal Angel Tattoo

Angel Tattoo for Women


Angel Tattoo for Men

Sitting Angel Tattoo


Tribal Angel Tattoo

Another angel tattoo that has unique physical attributes is a tribal one. This type is uncommon, that is why those who are not into mainstream stuff will love the idea of having this design inked on their skin. This is also great for those fond of tribal-inspired designs.

Each one of us has different taste and liking when it comes to designs or, to be more specific, in terms of tattoo layouts. Some may prefer abstract tattoo type or 3D tattoo design. Minimalist Tattoos are one of those tattoos which are pretty underrated, yet it expresses deep context depending on how an individual perceives it. This type of tattoo can also be in any forms. There are minimalist animal tattoos, minimalist angel tattoos, minimalist skull tattoos, and so on.

Tattoos on a Whole New Level

With today’s modern-day technology where everything is almost digitally done, when it comes to making a tattoo, it also shifted 180 degrees. Historically, it is done by just a mere needle and ink with only one color tone. Now, various equipment are being utilized to achieve that desired design, especially when it comes to making 3D or realistic tattoos. Colors can be mixed simultaneously. Not just that, you can even get a tattoo of any design you could think of.

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