9+ Artistic Tattoos

As the decades unfold in the desert of time, the art of tattooing has slowly ceased to become a taboo body ornament. Our society is becoming less judgmental toward individuals who have tattoos.

If you are an artist, a musician, a writer, a poet or any other creative type, then you are most likely familiar with that occasional sharp kick in your gut that tells you to express yourself in some way. Then you realize that your usually preferred form of art is not enough and you need a firmer and more permanent reminder of whatever self-discovery or self-affirmation you currently have.

Hence, you scour the Internet and subject your mind to intense self-reflection in order to come up with the most meaningful tattoo designs. Do not be dismayed, for we have collected numerous artistic tattoos for you to choose from. Scroll down below and download the tattoo designs which suits your fancy!

Artistic Butterfly Tattoo

Artistic Butterfly Tattoos


Artistic Sleeve Tattoo

Artistic Sleeve Tattoos


Artistic Tattoo on Arm

Artistic Tattoos on Arm


Small Artistic Tattoo

Small Artistic Tattoos


Twisted Artistic Tattoo

Twisted Artistic Tattoos


Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos are serious business. It is probably one of the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life. That is why, if it is your first time getting a tattoo, it is important that you read articles about getting a tattoo.

For your convenience, here are some guides to help you decide whether or not you should get inked.

Ask Yourself Why You Are Getting a Tattoo

If you are doing it because of a dare or some other form of social pressure, then don’t even think about going through with it. Reflect on what particular aspect of yourself you want your tattoo to symbolize. Your tattoo has to be meaningful and personal. Remember, you are going to live with it inked on your body till the grave.

Research for Your Design

After careful reflection, scour numerous art galleries for tattoo design ideas. You can also browse our collection of fine art tattoos, which you can download easily and show to your tattoo artist.

Watercolor Artistic Tattoo

Watercolor Artistic Tattoos


3D Artistic Tattoo

3d Artistic Tattoos


Floral Artistic Tattoo

Floral Artistic Tattoos


Artistic Skull Tattoo

Artistic Skull Tattoos



Artistic Tattoo on Shoulder

Artistic Tattoos on Shoulder


Choose Wisely and Sleep on It

Once you’ve gathered enough design inspirations, print or make a detailed sketch of your design. Afterward, collaborate with an artist who can make a more professional sketch of it. Now that you have your final design, don’t be hasty in inking it on your body. Sleep on it first then ask yourself one final time if you are really ready for this tattoo.

Choose the Appropriate Tattoo Size and Area of Your Body

Whether it’s a leg tattoo, arm tattoo, or back tattoo, appropriate placement is important. Consider if having a tattoo in a certain body part can become an issue or liability in your future workplace. Also, the size should not deteriorate the aesthetic quality of your design.

Decide on the Tattoo Artist

Make sure that the tattoo artist you choose specializes on the kind of tattoo you plan on having. For example, you don’t go to an artist who specializes in 3D art tattoos if you plan on having native or classic tattoos. Afterward, you have to commit with your artist and show up to your appointment on time.

Aftercare Is Important

Don’t forget to put care cream on your new tattoo. If your tattoo artist doesn’t cover aftercare, then you can buy Bepathen+ or Aquaphor or more generic creams at your local pharmacy. Apply it twice a day for two to three weeks in order to ensure that your freshly needled flesh won’t develop any infections.

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