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11+ Colorful Tattoo Designs

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? If this is your first one or not, there’s a lot to consider. Black and gray tattoos are certainly great, but if you want your ink to look like it’s almost alive on your skin, then a color tattoo is the one for you. Ranging from cartoony art styles to photorealistic pieces, there is plenty of room for choice and your own personal taste.

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Over here, we’ve gathered and collected some beautifully done skin art to have ever found their way to the web for your inspiration. If you need more, take a gander at these equally awesome tattoo designs.

Colorful Flower Tattoo Design


Colorful Sleeve Tattoo


Colorful Feather Tattoo


Colorful Bird Tattoo

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo


Colorful Owl Tattoo Design

Color versus Black and Gray

The choice of going for color tattoos is really a matter of personal preference. Black-and-gray tattoos are the oldest and most practiced type of skin art. But as the ink industry has flourished and as more people have come to accept tattoos as a legitimate art form, color tattoos came in, bringing a whole new dimension in the art of tattooing.

New ink colors were getting invented and tested out on daring individuals. Color tattoos require a little more aftercare and maintenance over black-and-gray tattoos and even need some more protection from overexposure to the sun to prevent getting the colors faded or washed out.

But if you get the right one for you from a brilliant artist, then that minor setback will be inconsequential as there are few other things that can bring the same kind of life and vibrance to your skin.

Skin Art Design Styles

There are various art styles to choose from when getting your color tattoos, and it will always come down to what you want for yourself as it always has been the case when getting any kind of body modification like piercings and implants.

Have a look at these designs, and maybe, you might come up with your own tattoo ideas.

Small Colorful Tattoo


Girly Colorful Tattoo


Colorful Arm Tattoo for Men


Colorful Dragon Tattoo Design

Colorful Skull Tattoo Design


Colorful Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Personal Choice in Ink Art

Public opinion about body modification hasn’t always been kind. Body piercings and tattoos are some of the more widely accepted forms, but even those get their share of judgment from others who think differently about them. And even among those who partake, there’s always that line we draw for where we think is too far.

Some form of body modification and—especially tattooing—has existed within human culture for as far back as we can only study from history and artifacts. And this is where history has lead us regarding tattoos, we’re getting new ink colors made and new techniques and devices invented in applying them into our skin.

Tattoos are more widespread, and they can hold some importance to the people getting them—be it as a form of expression, a show of freedom, or as an accessory. The choice of getting one and of what always fall on you.

More Tattoo Designs

With the proliferation of tattoos everywhere in the past few decades, new art styles and techniques are finding their way on the skin of several men and women of differing backgrounds. Check out some of these awe-inspiring3D tattoo designs,just another form of art that seeks to evoke great feeling in all who gaze upon it.<

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