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9+ Easy Tattoo Designs

In our day and age, self-expression is the name of the game. When we express ourselves, it is akin to affirming the qualities of our being which we hold dear. Thus, through our self-expression, we are able to attract other people with similar sentiments as ours. One of the primary modes of self-expression available to us is the tattooing of our bodies.

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So if you are currently baffled by the immensity of all your emotions and ideals and are figuring out how to express them or remember them, then perhaps getting a tattoo is a good idea. Here, we have collected a myriad of easy tattoo designs which will stun you with their quaint uniqueness. If you find anything that suits you, just click on the image and download it on your laptop or smartphone for free!

Easy Tribal Tattoo Design


Tattoo Design on Wrist


Flowers Tattoo Design


Tattoo Lettering Design


Tattoo Design for Men


Getting a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is one of the most momentous events in a person’s life, especially when it is your first time getting a tattoo. Your tattoo should embody whatever ideal, characteristic, or life milestone you wish to remember forever. It should never be born out of the spur of the moment or due to a fleeting moment’s fancy since you carry these marks on your skin till the grave. Whether you have decided on inking abstract tattoo designs, 3D tattoo designs, tribal tattoos, cross tattoos, or rose tattoos, it is important that you meticulously observe some helpful reminders.

And for your convenience, here are tips to guide you as you go through the wonderful process of etching a permanent self-testament on your skin.

Ink with the Right Mindset

The reason for getting a tattoo should solely be for self-expression—nothing less and nothing more. What we mean by this is that, you should never get a tattoo mainly because you are being pressured by anyone or by any outside force.

Choose the Most Personal Design

Before you choose a design or conclude on a specific kind of design, you must first subject yourself and your emotions to intense self-reflection. Ask yourself if you really want to get a tattoo, and if the answer is yes, then dive deeper into your consciousness and try to nitpick which part of you stands out the most or which particular aspect of your life do you want your tattoo to represent.

Afterward, decide on the design. Scour the Internet and various art galleries of your favorite artists while exploring new ones. Once you’ve decided on the design, print your design or have a professional artist sketch it for you.

Tattoo Design on Sleeve


Tattoo Design on Neck


3D Tattoo Design


Vintage Tattoo Design


Tattoo Artists Come in Flavors

Your design is hot and ready, now all you need to do is search for the perfect artist for you. Tattoo artists, just like all artists, specialize on specific kinds of tattoos. That is why you need to match your tattoo artist with your tattoo design. If you want to ink mandalas and authentic Hindu symbols, then you certainly wont go to an artist who is famous for inking 3D or abstract tattoo designs.

Aftercare Is Important

To avoid infection in your freshly needled flesh, be sure to apply some Bepathen+ or Aquaphor or any care cream available in your local pharmacy twice a day for two to three weeks, depending on your tattoos’ specifics.

Now that you’ve learned the ropes, go and get some fabulous ink on your skin now! Tattoos are wild beauties that are beyond skin-deep.

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