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8+ Finger Tattoos

In searching for the perfect tattoo, it helps to devour numerous articles about tattoo designs. Getting inked is a monumental event in one’s life. While it is paramount that you choose a personally meaningful design oozing with symbolisms, the body part on which you wish to get inked must be carefully considered.

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Finger tattoos are a thing nowadays. Ever since Rihanna flashed us with her side finger tattoo that spells “Shhhh,” tattoo enthusiasts have been hooked like trouts to a line. These tattoos are notable for their quaint aesthetic appeal and immediate visibility.

Are you planning on getting a finger tattoo soon? Or are you considering it perhaps? Here we offer you a slew of tattoo design ideas for you to choose from. Scroll freely and use the tattoo that you find meaningful. Or use these designs as sources of inspiration for you to create your own!

Diamond Finger Tattoo


Feminine Finger Tattoo


Are Finger Tattoos for You?

Finger tattoos are commonly associated with headbangers and huge motorcycle riders. This is truly a misconception, finger tattoos are also perfect for the intellectuals, the artists, and even your everyday run-of-the-mill Jane or Joe.

Finger Tattoos and Their Symbolisms

Just like other kinds of tattoos, finger tattoos have various symbolisms. Some are the following:

  • Crosses, Star of David, pentagrams. Often these serve as declarations of a person’s religious view or preferred flavor of spirituality. For example, the Star of David are often inked on Jews, while the pentagram are the go-to tattoo for black metal fans and self-proclaimed new-age Wiccans.
  • Arrows and knives. These symbolize ferociousness and indefatigable will to uphold one’s values or ideals.
  • Butterfly finger tattoo. These tiny beauties are best when in colored ink. This tattoo screams creativity and being free-spirited.
  • Hearts. Love and affinity for the optimistic view of life.

Are Finger Tattoos Appropriate for Your Lifestyle?

Before jumping into the bandwagon, it’s important that you consider several factors first. You need to know if parading with designed ink on your finger would be detrimental to your career.

Do you work as a lawyer in a huge law firm? If you do, then that means you need to wear suits or corporate dresses—a finger tattoo might not be for you. Small tattoos in places that are not immediately visible are more advisable; and if it interests you, you might want to check out our gallery of small tattoo designs.

Cross Finger Tattoo


Love Finger Tattoo


Creative Finger Tattoo


Typography Finger Tattoo

Finger Lion Tattoo

Heart Finger Tattoo

Things to Remember in Getting Finger Tattoos

Now that you have carefully assessed your lifestyle and you figured that getting a finger tattoo is completely bereft of any negative effect on your future work life, then it’s time that you craft your design and find the perfect tattoo designer for you.

First of all, don’t get inked in a rush. Never get your finger tattoo on a whim, especially since the location makes them extremely conspicuous. On another note, finger tattoos have a higher possibility of fading quickly as compared to tattoos on other body parts. Remember, we are always washing our hand and the constant exposure to water makes it fade easily. Hence, you must be prepared for a tattoo retouch and that implies more financial costs.

In relation to all these, if you are into abstract art then you might find our collection of abstract tattoos useful.

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