9+ Heart Tattoos

Ink, skin art, tats—these are just a few a tattoo enthusiasts will refer a tattoo. Tattoo is from the Polynesian word tatau, which means “to write.” It is the modification on the body made by an ink on the dermis layer of the skin. They can be temporary, which can be erased, and the permanent, where the ink and design will stay on your skin for the rest of your life.

Basically, anything can be made into a tattoo. Cartoon characters, portraits of real people, and even poetry can be placed on your skin whenever you want, whichever body part you want. Tattoos can also be a way of expressing oneself. Mostly, it is the expression of something that you love. And what symbol expresses love more than a heart. Which is why we have provided for you some heart tattoo designs that you can take as inspiration for your next tattoo design.

Small Heart Tattoo



Broken Heart Tattoo



Heart Tattoo on Finger

Heart Tattoo on Finger


Love Heart Tattoo



Tribal Heart Tattoo



Get Inked

Thinking of getting inked? You probably have been putting a lot of thought on the design or, rather, battling in your head on which part of the body you desire it most. Well, here’s a little-known fact: there are actually symbolisms or meaning in each placement of a tattoo. Here is a list of these meanings:

  • Chest tattoos. Tattoos mainly placed on the chest area represent love and affection, considering it is most proximate to the heart.
  • Finger tattoos. Small tattoos usually drawn on fingers, especially the middle finger, is believed to represent love and affection since it was believed to have blood vessel that runs directly towards the heart. The left-hand ring finger tattoos symbolizes bond.
  • Forearm tattoos. It is said to represent strength and toughness. Tattoos on the forearm area is to get attention to their muscles. It usually becomes a motivation to work out and make the forearm looking its best.
  • Neck tattoos. A tattoo in this area usually speaks daring and risky. The person having a tattoo on the neck usually makes bold choices in life.
  • Back tattoos. This type represents the person to be mysterious or shy. These tattoos are generally not easily seen. Tattoos on the back are usually stories to tell by people having them.

For other tattoo designs to take inspiration from, check out our website’s collection of more love tattoos designs that you will surely love.

Infinity Heart Tattoo



Solid Heart Tattoo



Heart Tattoo on Foot



Heart and Key Tattoo



Heart Tattoo on Wrist



Why Hearts?

Now that you know the areas where to put your ink and their meanings, it’s the design part you are thinking of. And you are thinking of hearts. Hearts are generally the symbol of love, although the heart symbol can also represent other different things. It all depends on each person and how they want to represent it. Heart tattoos has been a famous design since tattoo gained its popularity, and so a lot of people love getting one. We have quite an array of heart designs to provide. Along with some of our heart tattoo designs, here are some fun facts that can add on how you want to express yourself.

  • Broken heart tattoo. A broken heart generally means heartache. This particular tattoo can be used to express woe or to show that love is sacred and it should be taken cared of.
  • Tribal heart tattoo. Tribal tattoos don’t have any symbolic meanings. These type of heart tattoos mainly points out the person’s love for the tribal style.
  • Heart and key tattoo. This design usually means that their heart is locked and it takes the “right one” to open it.

These are only some ideas on how you can express yourself through your ink, but it all boils down to your own desire. So download these artistic heart tattoo designs and start expressing yourself to the world.

If you like to add more vivid colors and details to your tattoos, check out our website’s collection of watercolor tattoos.

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