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9+ Minimalist Tattoo Designs

A tattoo is a way of showing someone’s freedom of expression. All the tattoo designs that a person chooses to be an aesthetic in his or her body has a story behind it and a reason why it is in a certain body part.

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Getting a tattoo does not always mean that you need to show it to everyone or it has to be in a specific size. Again, as a way of expressing yourself, getting a tattoo and knowing that you have it is more than enough. If you are this kind of person, a minimalist tattoo is the right kind of tattoo for you.

Minimalist Anchor Tattoo

Minimalist Moon Style Tattoo on Wrist

Minimalist Floral Tattoo

Minimalist Watercolor Tattoo

Flower Inspiration Minimalist Tattoo

Keep It Short and Sweet.

A minimalist tattoo is a pared-down version of a normal tattoo. Differences we found are in these following aspects:

  • Size. A minimalist tattoo is relatively smaller in size and most of the time may not be seen instantly by people. Keeping the size minimal keeps other people from being distracted by looking at the tattoo one person has.
  • Design. There are a lot of minimal tattoo designs, and what they all have in common is that they are much simpler compared to normal tattoos. They may be just interconnected lines, silhouettes, small items, or a tiny representation of an object.
  • Color. A minimalist tattoo is not limited to black in terms of its color. There are a lot of color palettes and shades that may be used for minimalist tattoos. Subtle colors, pastels and grey are mostly used when creating one.
  • Overall visuals. Other tattoos have quite an impact visually when seen, especially if they cover a big part or proportion of a person’s body. However, a minimalist tattoo is more in to its meaning than the impact that it may give to people.

Though it is  most common for girls to have a minimalist tattoos, men can actually rock them too by choosing the appropriate tattoo design. We have available samples of small tattoos for men if you want to have them done the next time.

Simple Minimalist Tattoo

Minimalist Fox Tattoo

Traditional Minimalist Tattoo

Clean Minimalist Tattoo

Why Get a Small Tattoo?

There are various reasons why a person chooses a minimalist tattoo rather than the normal designs and some of them we share below:

  • Work reasons. There are certain industries that require their employees not to have tattoos. Mostly, these are for frontline jobs where the employees face guests and are the main representations of the company they work for.
  • Aesthetic. Minimalist tattoos have a certain charm on them. Sometimes, this kind of charm is what a person is looking for. If your personality matches the aesthetic of a minimalist tattoo, then you can already consider to have one. Sleeves or arm tattoos may be too much for strictly professional and formal jobs that show off that part of the body, so getting a minimalist tattoo can do the trick for situations like this.
  • Symbolism. Some tattoos, especially icons and logos, are originally small in size. What the tattoo symbolizes is what is important. So if in the first place it is what the person who wanted the tattoo is looking for, minimalist tattoos are inked in their body.
  • Pain tolerance. Other people are curious on how painful it is to get a tattoo, so they get simpler and smaller tattoo designs first before being inked with the normal ones.
  • Personal reasons. Some people just want their tattoos to be hidden or people to not know that they have tattoos. It may depend on various circumstances and can play a huge factor on why that person chose to get a minimalist tattoo.

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