9+ Best Polynesian Tattoos


Searching for well-designed and creative Polynesian tattoos? You’re on the perfect site. We have here am array of Polynesian tattoos that you’ll surely love.

The Polynesian culture is very rich and historically significant. It is associated with the beliefs and practices of the indigenous people of the ethnogeographic group of the Pacific Islands. Tattoo artists very much fancy the theme and innate diversity of such culture. So, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling down and download a piece of this wonderful and ecstatic culture and way of life. If you’re interested with 3D Tattoo Designs, however, we also have some designs for you.

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Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

polynesian tribal tattooSource

Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo

polynesian sleeve tattooSource

Aztec Polynesian Tattoo

aztec polynesian tattooSource

Polynesian Tattoo for Women

polynesian tattoo for womenSource

Lion Polynesian Tattoo

lion polynesian tattooDownload

The Dynamics of Polynesian Culture

According to history, Polynesians are diverse in terms of culture and way of life. Here are some of the salient dynamics of the Polynesian culture:

  • According to history, they are divided into two groups—namely, East Polynesia and the West Polynesia. In terms of culture and way of life, the two groups differs. In the realm of East Polynesia, they are associated with cultures who are highly adapted to smaller islands. On the one hand, the culture of West Polynesia is conditioned and associated with high population density. They are said to have well-developed civil and judicial institutions.
  • They were considered to be way finders. They are navigators and explorers by nature. As what you can see from the famous and recent Walt Disney animated movie Moana, it showcased the colorful and unique history of the Polynesians.
  • Aside from being travelers and explorers, they were also artisans and artists. They can actually make simple objects into one-of-a-kind works of art. For example, fishhooks would be manufactured with respect to certain standards and are decorated in the most artistic manner.

These are just some of the trivia and cultural dynamics of the Polynesians. By knowing them, you’ll be able to have a grasp of the meaning and message behind these Polynesian tattoo designs. Aside from that, we also have Cool Tattoo Designs you could check out and draw inspiration from.

Modern Polynesian Tattoo

modern polynesian tattooSource

Vintage Polynesian Tattoo

vintage polynesian tattooDownload

Abstract Polynesian Tattoo

abstract polynesian tattoo1 Download

Polynesian Turtle Tattoo

polynesian turtle tattooSource

Polynesian Tattoo

polynesian tattooSource

Why Use Culturally Inspired Tattoos?

Most of the time, cultural tattoos are availed of, not only because of aesthetic purposes but also of the empowering vibe they bring. A tattoo, by nature, will always tell a story. In line with this, here are some reasons why culturally inspired tattoos are preferred by many:

  • Embodiment of one’s roots and culture. For those who prefer to use culturally inspired tattoos, the designs are considered as an embodiment of their beliefs and customs. It is a great way of remembering one’s cultural roots and dynamics. After all, it will all form part of your skin.
  • Historically relevant. It is inevitable that people will ask you the meaning behind your tattoo. You’ll realize how relevant and historically rich the design is. You will be sharing stories and trivia about it.
  • Timeless designs. The designs will truly surpass the test of times. You will never get bored of them. The people around you will also appreciate them more and more each day.

These are some of the reasons why culturally inspired tattoos are famous and mostly availed of. You can also check out our Colorful Tattoo Designs, which are also of high quality and definition.

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