10+ Rose Tattoos

Tattoos are distinct imprints on skin or any parts of a person’s body with indelible designs by inserting tints into punctures in the skin. For some, it is a way for them to express their love toward art. Like paintings, through tattoos, you can create any designs that you want to—the only difference is, your skin serves as the canvas.

One of the most common tattoo design out there is a rose. Though this is a unisex design, however, it is mostly seen on women’s skin. If you are one of those avid rose tattoo design, then our list of rose tattoo designs are best for you.

Small Rose Tattoo



Rose Tattoo on Finger



Rose Tattoo on Arm



Skull Rose Tattoo



Rose Sleeve Tattoo



Rose Tattoo on Wrist



History of Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a trend that will never get old. Regardless of what era, it already existed long before you know it. However, it is not the same as today since modern tools or types of equipment are being used. Now let us take a look the history of tattoos.

When it comes to tattoos, the earliest seen example was for a long time Egyptian female mummies way back 2,000 BC, but there was a followup discovery in the Italian-Australian border dated in 1991 of an iceman and his tattoo patterns, though this date has been reverted back a further thousand years when he was carbon-dated more or less at 5,200 years old.

Planning Time

Getting a tattoo is a challenging decision. Though it is cool and unique, still there are things you need to put into consideration before making up this decision. Tattoos are permanent once inked onto your skin, and removing it is not that simple and easy. Be open for any advantages and disadvantages in getting tattoos.

Do you adore skulls that much? Then why not get a skull tattoo? Our skull tattoos are a great way for you to check out cool skull designs.

Rose Vine Tattoo



Rose Tattoo on Thigh



Butterfly and Rose Tattoo



Dove and Rose Tattoo



Black Rose Tattoo



Fierce and Bold

People with tattoos are cool, fierce, and bold. You can’t help yourself but to look or stare whenever you see someone who has them. There is this intense vibe if we see people with tattoos. Indeed, it is unique and artistic in its own way. Others even cover themselves with various tattoos that the only place left without it is perhaps their face.

So if you are planning to get a new tattoo or you want to add another one, our hearts tattoo are a great idea. Roses convey a special message to anybody who sees it. Generally, it represents an idea of “love” or “peacefulness,” which is perfect for your unending love to your parents, to your special someone, or your love toward art. There are ten choices on this list that you can choose from.

Why Choose Our Designs?

  • Each comes in a high-quality resolution.
  • You can download them to your laptop or computer anytime and anywhere and even straight to your tattoo artist’s smartphone.
  • Each can be printed easily if you want a physical copy to show to your artist.
  • Each contains unique designs that will surely attract those who will look at it.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick one you like best. You can also share this page with your friends who love tattoos. Add more designs to your collection from our featured flower tattoos.

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