8+ Small Back Tattoos


People with tattoos never fail to grab the attention of folks around them. Others might show waves of fascination, while others might show disapproval. Either way, these people’s reactions wouldn’t matter.

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Tattoos are considered to be a form of art these days, a reminder of a memory or an outlet for passion. It is not just used merely for showing off, but instead, it is a form of self-expression. If you happen to look for tattoo designs that are expressive yet elegant, you ought to try our collection of watercolor tattoos. If you prefer specific ones, like back tattoo designs, then you can continue browsing this page and find the one that best fits your liking.

Small Back Elephants Tattoo

small back elephant tattoosDownload

Arrow Tattoos on the Back

arrow in the back tattoosDownload

Small Tree Tattoo on the Back

small tree first tattooDownload

Small Flower Back Tattoo

small flower back tattooDownload

What Kinds of Tattoos Are There?

There are a number of back tattoo designs to choose from, but finding the right one that perfectly fits your preference might be a difficult task. To guide you on your choices, you ought to take a look at these:

Animal-Themed Tattoos

You can simply choose to have animal faces or bodies tattooed on the top part of your back. You can decide on whether having a single animal or the entire flock tattooed.

Simple Nature-Themed Tattoos

For some women, they enjoy those with a more serene theme. Hence, tattoos with trees, branches, and floral patterns are very popular with them.

Texts with Cartoons

As traditionally requested, a certain name or word tattooed at the back. It could be the name of a loved one, an event, or even a pet. However, to break this usual trend, people pair these texts with cartoons or renowned characters.

Complex Tattoo Designs

If you happen to prefer tattoos with complicated designs, then the intricate and complex design with beautifully blended colors of fine art tattoos would certainly be your choice.

Dimensional Tattoo Patterns

Geometric tattoos have very eye-catching designs themed with dimensional figures, grouped lines, and astronomical objects. With a well-skilled tattoo artist, you can even have an optical illusion for a tattoo!

Small Decorative Tattoo on the Back

small decorative tattooDownload

Small Back Tattoo for Girls

small first tattooDownload

Small Hand Poked Tattoo on the Back

small hand poked tattooDownload

Small Bird Tattoo on the Back

small bird tattooDownload

Small Lower Back Tattoo

small lower back tattooDownload

Deciding Where to Put Your Tattoos

When you talk about tattoos, you would definitely think about where to put it, and next is the decision on which kind of tattoo you get. Most people have them on their arms or across their entire torsos. Others would hide them on the ankles or on their backs. Some celebrities even have tiny tattoos put on their knuckles and wrists.

For women, they opt to put tattoos on their back. They might choose to put one near the nape, shoulder blade, or the lower back. Some enthusiasts would also consider having a large part of their backs tattooed. As for men, they are commonly found to choose tattoo designs that would take larger spaces, while others would even have the entire back tattooed. But small tattoos for men are also equally available as that of the women’s.

Express Yourself with Tattoos

Though having a tattoo may not be socially accepted in other cultures, it is deemed to be a vision or an expression. And just like other forms of art, it needs to be respected.

As for people proudly strutting off with their tattoos, they need not to be ashamed or mindful of what others say. If tattoos clearly show who you are, then there is no need to change.

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