9+ Small Tattoos


Being exposed to a wide variety of tattoo designs will be of immense help when it comes time for you to choose your own concept and have it permanently inked on your body. There is not only a vast range of subjects or concepts for your design, but you also have to decide on the size of your tattoo. Small tattoos are popular among the inked community for many practical and aesthetic reasons, and just one of these reasons is the versatility of tattoo location.

Here we present a list of some cool ideas for small tattoos. And by small, this can be anything that isn’t a full sleeve or ring of tattoos reaching your jawline. These are concrete, standalone pieces covering a smaller portion of your body. And as you can see, you can have a lot of fun with these.

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Small Tattoos for Men

small tattoos for men Source

Small Tattoos on Wrist

small tattoos on wrist Source

Small Butterfly Tattoos

small butterfly tattoos Source

Small Tattoos on Neck

small tattoos on neck Download

Choosing Your Designs: Planning for Small Tattoos

Planning for a tattoo is a long and tedious one, considering the size, placement, style, and kind of tattoo you’re thinking of getting. Here are just some considerations when planning for a tattoo.

Think about Your lifestyle

Be practical. Would you want your tattoo to be seen all the time, or only visible on special out-of-work occasions? If you are a traditional businessman wanting a tattoo, something along the arm that you could hide under your office shirt and jacket would be a better option than on the knuckles or neck, if you think this personal decision will negatively affect client and partner impressions of you and your company.

Have Fun with Symbolism

A small design means more meaning is jam-packed into smaller inked spaces. If you’re going to be carrying this around with you everywhere from now on, make sure it is something meaningful to you. Some popular small-tattoo trends include

  • flowers, butterflies, and birds (symbolizing nature and freedom);
  • stars (individuality, youth, and fun);
  • religious-philosophical symbols (crosses, yin-yang);
  • skull tattoos (danger, rebellion, mortality or immortality); and
  • hearts (of course).

Think the Long Term

One rule of thumb after all else: fast-forward to when you are an old man or woman. Would your chosen design and its placement still suit you? If you think it’s an image you can pull off, or if you’re not sure but are ready for expensive and painful laser removal, go for it.

Small Cross Tattoos

small cross tattoos Source

Small Tribal Tattoos

small tribal tattoos1 Source

Small Tattoos on Foot

small tattoos on foot Source

Small Heart Tattoos

small heart tattoos Source

Small Bird Tattoos

small bird tattoos Source

Small Flower Tattoos

small flower tattoos

Planning for Small Tattoos: Choosing Location

The most popular locations for small tattoos tend to focus on the appendages and extremities:

  • the hands—fingers, knuckles, inner and outer wrists, the thenar space (the webbed area connecting thumb and index finger);
  • the arms—inner and outer forearm, upper arm, shoulder (arm tattoos are probably the commonest of the common and have a lot of great design options);
  • the feet—top (dorsal) foot tattoos, ankle tattoos, and sole tattoos; and
  • the neck—sides of neck, nape of neck.

Other common areas on the main body itself include

  • chest,
  • back (shoulder blades and spine),
  • sides of abdomen, and
  • belly.

If you’re still unsure, have a professional give you a temporary tattoo in your chosen design and location. Beyond that, keep looking for more great ideas offered on the web and here on Template.net.

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