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15+ Technology Banner Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

When we say banners, we commonly associate them with those large-scaled advertising or announcement tools that are hung or spread out high surfaces to make them highly visible to a lot of people. While this may not be wrong in any way, there is also another type of sample banner, and these are web or digital banners that can be seen on the internet.

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We see these digital banners all over the internet and they come in different forms and shapes. Some of these banners are shaped horizontally and are found either on the top of the page or on the bottom, while some banners are vertical-shaped and are seen on either side of the screen. You may also see triangle banner templates.

Talking about banners, we have a collection of banner templates below that speak about or showcase technology. Whether these are referring to gadgets or computer software, they are all gathered here at your dispense, ready to be downloaded and used. If you need to use advertising website banner templates to promote something about technology, now might be the perfect time to scroll down.

Cloud Technology Web Banner Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • HTML5


Technology Startup Web Banner Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • HTML5


Technology Roll Up Banner Template

File Format
  • AI
  • Pages
  • PSD


Technology Business Billboard Template

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD


Professional Technology Banner Template

Info-graphics Technology Banner Template

The term infographics is actually a combination of the terms “information” and “graphics”, and refers to the graphical representation of data and information. The reason behind its use include being able convey information a lot quicker and clearer considering that most people are able to focus longer and learn at a faster rate when there are visual aids present. You may also see free sample banner templates.

Whatever your purpose is, if you wish to convey information through a graphical representation on the web, the info-graphics sample banner template above may be the best option for you.

Commercial Technology Banner Template

Different Types of Web Banners

1. Flash Banners

Utilizing of flash animations which was first introduced by Macromedia before it was acquired by Adobe, these banners incorporate multimedia content into their banner ads. Flash banners involve moving elements and special effects which are created using the flash software, and the result is almost always a smooth and engaging finished product.

2. GIF Banners

There is also another type of website banner that still utilizes animation and effects in order to make the banner visually appealing. The GIF we are referring to here are more than just a still image, these are actually a series of frames that are being played in a sequence and in repeat. GIF files support up to 256 colors, which means that if you maximize your use of colors, then your banner will end up looking great regardless of the monitor.

3. Static Banners

The total opposite of the first two being mentioned, these banners simply utilize a single, still image to come up with the design. You might think that this type of banner is not as engaging as the animated ones, it still has its advantages. One of these is that it lowers your expenses of online marketing, and another advantage is that it is the safest option for virtually any form of business.

Medical Network Technology Banner Template

Cloud Services Technology Banner Sample

Over the recent years, cloud technology has become the standard in computing, many simple businesses prefer to use cloud computing because it is faster and more convenient, and this has resulted from the evolution of the internet since cloud computing utilizes it in order to function.

One of the advantages of cloud computing is its flexibility, wherein you can easily adjust the capacity depending on the demands, and you can draw from the service’s remote servers. You may also see printable banner samples.

Another advantage is its ability to give you control over your work regardless of where you are. As long as you have internet connection, you can continue working on your tasks. You may also see free banners.

If you are into promoting cloud technology, then this would be the perfect business advertising banner template for you. Look no further and download this template now.

Blue Background Technology Banner Template

Simple Technology Banner Example

Importance of Using Web Banners in Marketing Campaigns

1. Web banners are attractive to look at, and as long as they are designed properly, people will be enticed to click on them to find out more details about the advertisement. The problem nowadays is that there are many dangerous ads all over the internet that are used as a channel for malware to pass through. Which is why we are heavily emphasizing that you design your banner ads in a way that they appear safe and trustworthy. You may also see free banner templates.

2. Web banners are highly visible, they are actually impossible to miss because of how prominent they appear on the screen. As mentioned earlier, web banners can either be horizontally or vertically-oriented, and can either be seen on the top, bottom, or the sides. But regardless of where they are placed, they will easily capture the user’s attention even for a split second, and that split second is already enough to determine whether or not the user becomes interested in the advertisement. You may also see banner templates.

Car Technology Banner Template

While many people prefer to commute or use public transportation vehicles in order to go from one place to another, there are also those who prefer to have their own car. If you are managing either a car manufacturing company or a car dealing business and you want to make a statement through the internet, here is the banner layout template specifically for you. You can use this to show off the different cars that you are offering and the highlights of your line of services.

Social Media Technology Banner Template

When social media websites were first introduced, it was mainly for the purpose of connecting old acquaintances and meeting new people. Over the years after it was invented, social media was being used for other purposes which include marketing and selling.

One of the advantages of social media marketing is the increased brand recognition, in which businesses are able to generate leads at a faster rate considering that most people nowadays have their own social media accounts. Another advantage is its increased inbound traffic rate at very minimal costs. As long as you publish more and more quality content, you will be able to generate a higher inbound traffic rate which will lead to more leads and more conversions. And even with all these, you actually don’t need to spend a lot, but it still allows you to do so if you want to.

Whether you are trying to advertise something on social media sites or you are advertising social media sites itself, you might want to check out the creative social media banner template shown above.

Flat Cloud Technology Banner Template

Do’s and Don’ts When Using Web Banners

1. DO opt for a clean and straightforward banner design. As you can see from the various samples shown in this article, the common feature among the designs is that the content are direct and easy to comprehend. Web banners simply highlight the most important details of the advertisement, and it is up to the user to click on the banner ad to find out more details.

2. DON’T shy away from single image banners. As we have mentioned earlier, these banners are referred to as static banners, and that consist of only a single frame or image to represent the entire advertisement. If you think a single image is already sufficient for bringing out your message, then do it. You may also see sample party banner templates.

3. DO include contact details and a call to action on the banner ad whether or not it is clickable. This way, if a user is doubtful with regards to the legitimacy of the ad but they are interested in what you have to offer, then can choose to reach out to you by using the contact number provided on the banner ad. In other words, this works as an alternative method for getting your prospects to engage. You may also see sample welcome banners.

4. DON’T take fonts for granted because they become more and more important as the available workable space becomes more and more limited. To make the most out of your banner, use big fonts for the headline to make them grab attention from users easily, and stick to regular-sized sans serif fonts for the rest of the textual elements.

Corporate Technology Banner Template

Electronic Technology Web Banner Template

Before we end this article, did you find that particular banner template that you need? If you have, are you still having second thoughts if you should download one? To clear up those doubts, these banner design templates have been collected from multiple sources and were designed by some of today’s best graphic artists from all over the world. These banner templates are also highly editable to allow you to pull off that design with such ease. And lastly, these templates actually don’t cost a lot, with some of it you can download for as low as $2.00. But if you don’t know how to use these templates, here’s a short step by step process to help you out.

1. Considering you have founded that banner template that you want to use, simply click on the orange-colored Download or Buy Now button below the thumbnail image. If you are unsure with which template to use, not to worry since this button doesn’t really download the template right away, it simply redirects you to the website where the template was taken, and there, you can see more samples and mock-ups of the template.

2. Once there—and you have decided to use that template—proceed by clicking on the Purchase, Add to Cart, or Buy Now button to actually start downloading the template. (For Shutterstock templates, you may need to sign in before you can start downloading any template from their website)

3. After clicking on their respective download buttons, you will then be asked for a payment. Simply comply with it by choosing which payment method is more convenient for you. And after you have made your payment, the template is good as saved on your computer. You may also see ribbon banner templates.

4. Depending on what format you chose to download, you will need to use the appropriate editing tool to be able to fully customize them. The templates above come in PSD and AI formats, and you will need to edit them using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, respectively.

5. After you have finalized the design of your technology banner, you can then publish it according to your purpose, but not without proofreading it first. A word of advice, always proofread your work before publishing it. You may also see sample wedding banner templates.

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