9+ Broken Glass Textures


Broken glass textures are visual representations of actual glass materials that have either shattered or been broken. There are different kinds of patterns that can be seen in various broken glass textures as there are also variations on how a glass material can be broken. Because it can exude a lot of ideas and emotions, broken glass textures are the perfect designs to include in your project.

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This post contains a list of different kinds of broken glass textures that you may use to augment the design that you are currently working on. If you want to have other kinds and samples of Glass Photoshop Textures, you can go ahead and download them.

Free Broken Glass Texture

free broken glass textureDownload

Shattered Broken Glass Texture

shattered broken glass textureDownload

Cracked Broken Glass Texture

cracked broken glass textureDownload

Transparent Broken Glass Texture

transparent broken glass textureDownload

Abstract Broken Glass Texture

abstract broken glass textureDownload

Variables Affecting Broken Glass Texture Designs

Broken glass textures may vary in their physical appearances depending on some factors that are involved in its design creation which are as follows:

  • The lines that are used in the broken glass texture and the methods on how they are all interlinked can provide the differences in the spaces present in the broken parts of the glass.
  • The reflection of the light source can also provide different appeals on a variety of broken glass textures. The appearance of the cracks of the glass can vary on the amount of light that it has reflected.
  • The broken pieces that are present in a broken glass texture can also identify the amount of shock that the glass has received why it has been broken if we will base the design inspiration from real life scenarios.
  • The color and thickness of the glass that has been broken can also give a big difference to a broken glass texture.

If you want to have other samples of glass textures aside from broken glass texture designs, you may browse through our downloadable samples of Stained Glass Textures in the provided link.

Broken Glass Texture for Photoshop

broken glass texture for photoshopDownload

Broken Window Glass Texture

broken window glass textureDownload

Frosted Broken Glass Texture

frosted broken glass textureDownload

Realistic Broken Glass Texture

realistic broken glass texture1Download

Broken Glass Texture

broken glass textureDownload

Where To Use Our Broken Glass Textures

Just because broken glasses are considered as disasters in real life does not mean that they cannot already be used as a design material. A few ways on how you can use the broken glass textures that you may download from this post are as follows:

  • You can digitally print our broken glass textures and apply it to various materials and merchandise. This design will truly look good on:
    • shirts,
    • shorts, and
    • other clothing items.
  • It’s all up to you and your creativity on how you can properly incorporate our broken glass textures in the design that you want to achieve. One suggestion that we have is to play on the texture’s opacity. Broken glass textures can also be used to design:
    • documents like flyers,
    • invitations,
    • menus, and
    • product lists.
  • You can use our broken glass textures as backgrounds for presentations. More so, it can also act as electronic wallpapers.

Other than our broken glass textures, we can also provide you with more samples of Best Textures in the link provided so you can have more design selections for the texture that you may use in your current and future artistic and creative endeavors.

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