16+ Bubble Textures

Glossy, colorful, and dangling bubbles are attractive to the eyes and when they are combined with the art elements of your project, they’ll speak louder than words. The bubble texture templates are a rather creative way to appeal to the viewer. They feature a collection of user-friendly designs set on beautiful themes. Most of them are customizable and would benefit everyone from amateurs to professionals. Here is a list of Bubbly textures. You can aslo see Water Textures.

Blue Bubble Texture

blue bubble texture

The image features glossy bubbles in an emerging direction. They look like soda fizz, set on blue. The image is ready to use and comes in a vector EPS format. You can also see Grunge Textures.

14 Bubble Textures

bubble textures

The collection has 14 colorless bubble cluster designs. The rendition is fluid and artistic. All the images are JPG with 300 DPI and Photoshop, Illustrator support. You may also like Glitter Textures.

Black & White Bubble Texture

black white bubble texture

The texture features a white background with a translucent bubble design. They form a streamed layout with freedom for creativity. The image comes from Shutterstock. You can also see Grass Textures.

Air Bubble Texture

air bubble texture

The texture features an air-filled bubble wrap design. The design is creative with a high resolution. It is recommendable for art websites, with JPG and PNG files.

Bubble Wrap Textures

bubble wrap textures

It’s a unique bubble wrap ink impression which is design suitable for retro-theme art websites. The set features 6 different renditions easily adjustable in JPG files.

Realistic Bubble Texture

realistic bubble texture

The realistic texture features cheese bubbles. The color contrast and shadowing renders it a real-life feel. Recommendable for milk product websites and downloadable in vector EPS files.

Red Bubbles Texture

red bubbles texture

The design has tiny red-colored bubbles making up the texture. The texture would be fit for backgrounds and party decorations. Downloadable in JPG format.

Dark Nylon Bubble Wrap Texture

dark nylon bubble wrap texture

The art features a close-up of darkened nylon surface air bubbles. The design is captivating and can be used at art ventures in the form of a 300 DPI JPG image.

Dew Bubble Texture

dew bubble texture

It’s a photographic pattern of air bubbles trapped in mud. The design is unique and can be used as a pattern for geology backgrounds. Downloadable in JPG format.

Air Bubbles Texture Collection

air bubbles texture collection

The collection features large, semi-transparent, white air bubbles. The bubbles are vector images isolated on chess patterns. These can be used in photography enhancements.

Abstract Bubble Texture

abstract bubble texture

The abstract texture is a collection of 10 multicolored bubble-based backgrounds. These can be used as image highlights or simple complementing textures for art websites.

Grunge Bubbles Texture Free vector

grunge bubbles texture free vector

The file has orange and yellow grunge randomly made bubble design. The bubbles are vectors and are available for free of cost. The theme is suitable for modern wallpapers.

Drink Bubbles Texture Design

drink bubbles texture design

It is a wine-colored, beautiful-looking, layered bubble texture. The design has been edited for effects. Suitable for covers and wrapping designs in PSD 3000×1900 PX resolution.

Bubbles Seamless Texture

bubbles seamless texture

The bubble design textures are suitable for cover art, photo enhancements, overlays and backgrounds which make them a definite choice for designers seeking evocative designs. The bubbles can be used as art in the form of air pockets in ice and bubble wraps as well. The listed designs are all available in JPG, hence promising easy customizability. You can choose your favorite design and apply them accordingly with AI and Photoshop effects. Download one today! You can also see Paper Textures.

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