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9+ Chrome Textures

Have you ever wondered to yourself what is the definition of the texture used in elevators and escalators? Most would normally called it metal or steel, but in the world of visual arts, this metallic appearance is known as chrome. It can be used numerous times in graphic design. This gives off a visual feeling of metal, which is sturdy and smooth to touch. If you plan on creating a chromatic design, you can expand your creativity with the samples we have provided below.

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Seamless Chrome Texture

Brushed Chrome Texture

Shiny Chrome Texture


Chrome Metal Texture


Are Chrome and Steel the Same?

Before anything else, there is a difference between the two. Stainless steel is made out of a metal alloy without plating or layering, while chrome is made out of a metal core, which is plated with a thin chromium layer.

The Different Kinds of Chrome Textures

  • Seamless Chrome Texture. For those who do not know the definition of seamless, allow us to elaborate. Seamless literally means “something that has no seams.” The definition of seam is two pieces conjoined together such as cloth or leather. Hence, the word seamless chrome, meaning “there is nothing on the surface that appears to have a seam.” It is viewed as a smooth texture.
  • Brushed Chrome Texture. This type of chrome texture is mostly used in elevators. It is metallic material that does not reflect yet still shines. This gives some sort of a 3D effect and depth on the chrome texture.
  • Shiny Chrome Texture. As the name suggests, his chrome texture has a shine effect. It gives a visual stimulation that light is reflected on its surface.
  • Chrome Metal Texture. This chrome texture is pure metal with not that much depth to it. Basically gives off a metallic sense of touch to the visual design.
  • Tread Chrome Texture. This type of chrome texture has treads on its surface. It is the top surface of steel steps or stairs. It gives off a 3D effect as if the treads are popping out of the chrome metal itself.

For metal-related textures, we also offer Metal Textures on our website.

Isolated Chrome Grill Texture


Metal Fiber Chrome Texture

Abstract Chrome Texture


3D Chrome Texture

Silver Chrome Texture


  • Isolated Chrome Grill Texture. This gives off a visual texture of a metal surface with spaces in between them such as a grill, for example.
  • Metal Fiber Chrome Texture. Fibers are made up of metal, plastic-coated metal, or metal-coated plastic. This texture gives off a durable feel to the chrome.
  • Abstract Chrome Texture. This type of texture is not like the others where in the surface is smooth and flat. Abstract chrome textures give off a 3D effect whereas the surface is crumpled up.
  • 3D Chrome Texture. The depth and lighting are exaggerated in this type of texture gives off a realistic visual. It is as if you can physically touch it.
  • Silver Chrome Texture. Is basically a chrome design that is silver rather than the usual metallic gray.

Looking for textures on the abstract side? We also offer Abstract Textures you can find on our website here on

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