9+ Cliff Textures


Having a hard time looking for well-designed cliff templates? You’re on the right page. Cliffs designs and textures are great in providing a natural and strong vibe. Cliffs are also positioned in various places such as in coasts, mountain areas and along rivers. With this, you’ll have more choices as to the kind of style you want to pull off.

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You can check out our collection of templates which are of great quality. Moreover, they are also easy to download and use. By using our templates, your website will be easy to recognize, use, and at the same would be content-rich. Aside from them, you can also check out our Photoshop Textures. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to download them.

Tillable Cliff Texture

tilable cliff texture Download

Sand Cliff Texture

red sand cliff texture Download

White Cliff Texture for Photoshop

white cliff texture for photoshop Download

Rock Cliff Texture

rock cliff texture Download

16 Rocky Cliff Textures

16 rocky cliff textures Download

Different Faces of Textures

It is a rule of thumb in using textures that you must consider the type of texture you are dealing with. There are two major types of textures namely actual and visual textures.

  • Actual texture. They are not simulated, not invented. They refer to the physical textures that we see and witness every day such as the wood, grass, and floor. This type of textures are simply seen and subject to the audience sense of touch.
  • Simulated texture. In contrast to actual textures, these are the textures that are used in editing images and designs. They give more life and substance to the design. Simulated textures focus more on the visual aesthetic of an object where the texture will be applied rather than how the object actually feels to the touch. Furthermore, photography, drawings, and paintings make use of this type of texture.

These are just some of the major types of textures that are worth knowing. You can also check out our Rock Textures for more design options. They will make your designs pop out and look more alive. Just click on the provided link to access them.

Rough Rock Cliff Texture

rough rock cliff texture Download

Free Cliff Texture

free cliff texture Download

Stone Cliff Texture

stone cliff texture Download

Cliff Mountain Texture

cliff mountain texture Download

Cliff Texture for Photoshop

cliff texture for photoshop Download

Practical Applications of Cliff Textures

In terms of application, a cliff inspired design has a lot of uses specifically in the world of art such as the following:

  • Outdoor sculpture. The design is suitable in term of landscaping designs.You can also use them as an inspiration for your other outdoor-related designs.
  • Interior designs. Cliff designs are also applied in the field of interior design. It is favored by artists because of its natural and refreshing. For those who are into the ecofriendly aura, cliff textures are perfect for you.
  • Web designs. In the case of websites, a cliff-inspired design can pull off a timeless and bold look. The details of the rocks make it more interesting. It is indeed visually appealing and attractive.

These are just some of the applications of cliff designs in the world stage. You could consider them as part of your overall graphic designs. Textures are dynamic. They will help balance out the contrast in a design composition. You can also check out more Stone Textures, which are also of great quality and design. Just click on the provided link to access them. Feel free to download them and don’t forget to browse our pages for more design templates and business forms! Enjoy your stay at Template.net!

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