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9+ Clouds Textures

On the search for cloud textures? We can help you with that. Clouds are magical in their own ways. Most of us expect to see them every day and to the extent that the skies would not be complete without them in it. Regardless of your point of views, clouds are truly snippets of magic in the sky.

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To hasten the search for cloud textures, check out our array of templates which are of great quality. Additionally, they are also easy to download and use. They will surely provide you with a delightful atmosphere in a busy, fast, and globalized world we live in. Aside from them, we also have Background Textures, which are also of the finest quality.

Vintage Cloud Texture


Light Cloud Texture


Pastel Cloud Background Texture


Dreamy Cloud Texture


Different Faces of Clouds

Clouds also come in various types, patterns, and compositions. When you use them as your wallpaper of an element of your design, it is best to know their dynamics. Let’s examine some of cloud types that you may use in your designs:

  • Nimbostratus. Most people are not a fan of this type of cloud. It is considered as a continuous rain cloud. It is characterized with a dark and grayish color scheme, which bears a signal that it is ultimately going to rain.
  • Altocumulus. It is considered as a mid cloud. It is characterized with a white or gray patch and is mostly layered in character. Most of the time, this type of cloud appears with the company of other cloud types.
  • Cirrus. They are compose of ice crystals and their transparent character will truly. It represents a simple and elegant design.

These are just some of the types of clouds that you may use in choosing your line of work. By using our cloud textures, you will be able to pull off a classy, simple, and elegant aura. On another note, you can also check out our Photoshop Textures, which are also of great quality and design.

Storm Cloud Texture


Colourful Cloud Texture


Cloud Background Texture


Grunge Cloud Texture


Blue Cloud Texture


Black Cloud Texture


Fun Trivia About Clouds

Cloud textures are mostly used as wallpapers or backgrounds in gadgets and electronic devices. Most people fancy them because of the calmness and breath of positivity it brings. They will truly complement the other elements of your design rather than overshadowing them. You can even use as backgrounds in your flyers, brochures, leaflets, and pamphlets. In order to appreciate them more, here are some fun facts about them that you’ll surely love:

  • In the solar system, other planets also have clouds such as Venus, which has thick clouds of sulfur dioxide. Even the moon also has its own set of clouds.
  • A cloud can contain millions of tons of water.
  • In the world of arts and crafts, clouds are often made part as an element of landscape paintings. There are technicalities in order to ace the form of clouds.

These are just some ideas and facts about them. You can surely rely on our cloud textures because they portray bold and empowering designs. On another note, we also have Smoke Photoshop Textures, which are also of great quality. To access them, just click on the provided link.

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