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8+ Floor Tile Textures

A floor tile helps a lot in assuring the cohesion and effectiveness of the overall design of a space. It may be a simple colored tile or it can also be presented with a variety of textures and patterns. Different floor tile textures appeal to various design aesthetics as they can give live to an interior or exterior space depending on how it will be used and incorporated to other materials and items present in a particular design plan.

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We can give you samples of floor tile textures for you to get inspiration for the floor tile that you will use in the space that you are currently designing. Moreover, we also have other samples of Photoshop Textures which you may be interested to browse through and download as well.

Wood Floor Tile Texture


White Floor Tile Texture


Ground Floor Tile Texture


Granite Floor Tile Texture


Stone Floor Tile Texture


Indoor Floor Tile Textures

Indoor floor tile textures are those floor tiles that are textured either for the design of an indoor location or are made to complement the activities that are done within the confines of an indoor space. Indoor floor tile textures may be used in the following locations:

  • Houses and other living spaces
  • Business locations
  • Establishments
  • Any other indoor facilities

A few samples of an indoor floor tile texture are as follows:

  • A wood floor tile texture is mostly used because it is easy to maintain as long as the quality of wood is maintained. You may use our wood floor tile texture as a reference for your interior designer or contractor to see what type of wood can provide the particular texture that you want to see in your indoor floor tile.
  • White floor tile textures are the usual picks of people as it can create an illusion of a bigger space, and it can easily light up an entire room.
  • Kitchen floor tile texture are used to give character to kitchen areas and to make sure that slipping will be lessened as there are hot items and other kitchen equipment that are always carried by people in this particular part of the home or a restaurant.
  • A marble floor tile texture is mostly applied to floor surfaces because of its visual impact and great appearance.

Aside from our samples of floor tile textures, our templates of various 3D Textures are also available for download.

Seamless Floor Tile Texture


Kitchen Floor Tile Texture


Marble Floor Tile Texture


Outdoor Floor Tile Textures

Floor tiles are not only used inside a specific place. There are floor tiles that are purposely made to make an outdoor venue look more put together and applicable for different functions like a gathering. A few outdoor locations where floor tile textures can be used are as follows:

  • Gardens
  • Outdoor coffee shops
  • Grills
  • Pools
  • Store Walkways

Outdoor floor tile textures can provide a polished look to an outdoor location but can still maintain its beauty. This is the reason why most outdoor floor tiles have textures that are earthy or those that are resembled to the land or any ground material. A few samples of outdoor floor tile textures are as follows:

  • Ground Floor Tile Texture
  • Granite Floor Tile Texture
  • Stone Floor Tile Texture
  • Seamless Floor Tile Texture

Though these floor tile textures are used outdoors; some interior designers use them in indoor spaces as well to achieve a particular design theme or visual aesthetic. Other than our samples of floor tile texture templates, you can also download our samples of Background Textures usable as references in creating different backgrounds with the design of your choice.

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