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28+ Free Texture -Free PSD, Vector EPS, AI Formats Download

Background is an important element whether it is a website, a social app, brochure, card, magazine or a pamphlet. Backgrounds are made attractive to look at with the help of a number of textures. Clients often ask for different backgrounds that may look innovative apart from just a colored background. Designers brainstorm with a number of patterns, designs and themes to come up with such textures that will look good and will also compliment well with the project. You can also see Cardboard Textures. But are these textures only useful as a background? Designers have recently come up with a number of other ideas too where these textures can be used such as in the form of icons. Similarly, there can be a variety of other options also where these textures can be used. The best part again here is that now an endless list of free textures are available online from where designers can get the required pattern and design for various purposes. You can see also Handmade paper textures.

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> Textures Used as an Overlay

Sometimes designers use textures to enhance the beauty of an image. The texture is merged with the image or is overlapped over an image to provide a much more attractive view to the piece. Also many times the free textures are used by the designers to come up with amazing icons.

> Textures Used for Customized Items

These days a lot of people make use of a number of customized items such as t-shirts, caps and stationeries. Free textures can be used as designs by the designers to customize a number of such items and accessories. Also such textures can be used in designing cards. You can also see Snow Textures.

Free Seamless Red Texture & Vector Download

Free Amazing Mosaic Texture Download

Free Simple Wood Texture Download

Free Blue Polygonal Texture Download

Free Water Drops Texture Download

Free Rough Tile Texture Download

Free Snake Texture Pattern Download

Free Abstract Blue Tiles Texture Download

Free Vector Denim Texture Set Download

Simple Stone Texture Free Download

Free Beautiful Paper Texture Download

Free Blue Chevorn Seamless Texture Download

Free 5 Brick Wall Textures Pack Download

Free Clean Concrete Texture Download

Creative Free Texture Download

Free Concrete Texture Dwnload

Free Liquid Drop Texture Download

Free Eye Brown Texture Download

Free Amazing Brown Texture Download

Free Ship Panel Texture Download

Free Tree Topview Texture Download

> Textures Used as Screens for Illustrations

Textures are also used as screens like wallpapers and themes. Designers can come up with some amazing wallpapers and themes for both computer and mobile phones using some of the best creative free textures.

> Textures Can be Applied to Text

In some cases such as creating fonts also, free textures can be used by the designers. Also a number of quotes and text images are created using some great free textures. You can also see Distressed textures. Textures can be used in many forms and designers can get several ideas to use them. To make the task of the designers even easier, there are various free textures available online. Some of them are listed here.

> Free High Resolution Paper Texture

Paper texture is the most commonly used textures by the designers. Paper textures can be used mainly for designing the background of some educational sites, forms and websites. There can be a number of paper textures available free such as scrambled paper, torn paper, bits of paper, cardboard paper and others. Also these paper textures are available in different colors to match up with the item for which the designers are using the texture. You can see also Handmade paper textures.

> Free High Resolution Wooden Texture

Wooden textures are again used for websites, cards, brochures and similar items. Designers use a wide range of wooden textures of various patterns and colors to match the purpose. A simple and plain looking wooden texture can be used for the purpose of formal cards or business websites. On the other hand a bit glossy looking texture can be used for invitation cards or other purposes. Also a list of various other designs is available such as old pine wood texture, or a fresh green stem texture. you can also see Wooden Texture backgrounds.

> Free Abstract Ideas for Textures

Abstract ideas are again a simple yet attractive way to create great backgrounds or even icons. Abstract ideas can come in different patterns and also in different colors that can range from a formal look to a very jazzy look. Hence, designers can often opt for these abstract free texts for the use of both formal as well as informal places.

> Free High Resolution Metal Textures

Just like the paper and wooden textures, metal textures are also equally famous among the designers. Rusted iron and many other textures are often used for different purposes from time to time. While using the metal textures, the designers take special care of the looks. This is because metal textures often come either in dark colors or in shiny textures. So, the color combination over the texture and the font of text has to be very carefully chosen especially if it a website background.

> Free Textures Inspired by Images

Today a number of people wish to have a card or website owners wish to have their website with backgrounds that have images. Designers also explore various ideas through which this can be possible. There are a number of websites now where a particular image is designed as the background. Not necessarily it has to be an image provided by the client. There are a number of free textures also available inspired by images from nature, landscapes and many others that can be used by the designers to design backgrounds or even cards. Also recently, even the credit cards and debits cards are customized with images and textures as background.

> Free Textures Inspired by Cute Ideas

Notepads, greeting cards and even some websites may have backgrounds where you may find small hearts, or small teddies covering the whole screen. These look immensely cute and are quite famous also these days. Not only images and graphics, even in many cases small texts in Calibri or Disney font scattered as the background cam create an immense illusion of cuteness. Designers can bring out many such cute ideas that can be used in the form of textures in site pages, for mobile applications and even for greeting cards and writing pads. Also such cute looking textures can be designed into screensavers for computers and mobile phones. Today textures play an important role at a number of places whether it is a background of a website, card or it is about an image or an icon. There are a number of free textures available online that designers use to provide a perfect background or a perfect icon for the clients. The textures are chosen carefully and then used carefully so that both the texture as well as the main purpose can complement each other.

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