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8+ Fur Textures

Fur is the outer covering of animals that are used to protect them from extreme weather conditions. There are also other functions that furs may provide not only to animals but also to human beings. Nowadays, you can see fur almost everywhere as a design material. To raise awareness on the removal of animal cruelty, establishments use faux furs or the actual furs of animals who have died for reasons that are not related to the acquisition of their fur.

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We can provide you with samples of fur textures so you can have design inspirations that are related to the outer coverings of different animals. Moreover, you can also download other samples of photoshop textures

Animal Fur Texture


Vector Fur Texture


Seamless Fur Texture


High Resolution Fur Texture


Soft Fur Texture


Animal Fur Textures as a Design Item

Since each fur is unique in terms of its characteristics and appearance, they are used in different designs, and there are also some changes and improvements that have been applied to them to make them look more appealing as a design item. A few of the animal fur textures that you may download from this page and use in any design undertaking are as follows:

  • Vector fur textures are great to be used as backgrounds of websites and other documents as the effect applied to it is futuristic and minimalist yet striking.
  • Actual animal fur textures can be used as design inspirations for different materials that are needed to be beautified through the addition of a specific character that an animal fur can provide.
  • Seamless fur textures are appropriate to be used as patterns.
  • High-resolution fur textures can be used as art inspirations as they provide an in-depth look of the animal’s fur and its characteristics
  • Soft fur textures are usable in adding character to materials where the application  of soft hues and vibrancy are needed
  • You can also change the colors of furs which will make it easier for you to incorporate them in a specific design where you want to use them. A few of these color changes in furs can be seen in our downloadable black fur textures, brown fur textures, and colorful fur textures.

If you think that the samples that we have provided in this article are still not enough as design inspirations, you may download more animal fur textures in the link provided.

Cat Fur Texture


Black Fur Texture


Brown Fur Texture


Kinds of Animal Fur

An animal fur can actually make a person identify the animal specie where the fur is taken from because of the unique characteristics of the animal furs present in a variety of animal species. A few of the common animal furs that are seen in different items are as follows:

  • Zebra stripes
  • Black-and-white spots
  • Bear fur
  • Tiger fur
  • Lion fur
  • Cat fur

Usage of Fur Textures

Fur textures may be used for the following purposes:

  • It can be used by interior designers as inspiration for the materials that they will put in a living or commercial space. It can be used as a wallpaper design, a carpet, or even in the pillows and other furniture that will be present in the interior project.
  • Fur textures are also used by fashion designers to provide individuality and uniqueness to their collection. It can be a collection of clothes that focuses on a particular fur as a theme or it can also make use of a variety of animal furs that can be cohesive through a specific design application.
  • There are also merchandises like wallets, bags, mugs, and photo frames that make use of fur textures as a design.

Aside from our fur textures, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples and templates of animal skin textures.

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