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9+ Moss Textures

Gone were the days when moss are found just in forests and any other outdoor areas where their growth is possible due to favorable natural conditions. Nowadays, there are types of moss that are even cultured and sold at a high price, especially if they can be used in a variety of projects, be it for landscaping or interior design.

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There are a lot of kinds of moss textures that you may use if you want the visuals of a moss present in the space where you are working or living without the presence of an actual moss. This will help the space to look more vibrant, alive, and close to nature. We can provide you with a variety of moss textures and other Free Textures which you may use as references.

Moss Rock Texture

Moss Stone Texture

Moss Wall Texture

Seamless Moss Texture

Where to Use Moss Textures

Moss textures can be used for the following purposes:

  • Moss textures can be printed in a huge canvas or medium so it is possible to be made as a wallpaper either of an indoor garden or a forest themed function hall.
  • Moss textures can also be used as a design material for merchandises like phone cases, pillows, seat and bed covers, and a lot more.
  • Moss textures can be applied to different documents like event invitations and menu selections.
  • Moss textures can be design inspirations that interior and landscape designers may present to their clients. With a variety of moss textures available, their clients may select the kind of moss texture that they want to use either for a living or a commercial space.
  • Moss textures can also be additional art pieces that can be displayed in different kinds of rooms should it be placed in a frame.

Other than our downloadable samples of moss textures, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of Grass Textures.

Free Moss Texture


Tree Moss Texture

Natural Ground Moss Texture

Moss Wood Texture

Grass With Moss Texture


Suggestions in Using Moss Textures

No matter where and how you will use it, here are some suggestions that you may follow in incorporating moss textures to any material or document that you are creating or designing:

  • Know the type of moss texture that you need. There are moss textures that look good as ground designs. There are also moss textures that are present in trees, walls, bricks, and any other material. The natural occurrences that are present in a moss texture should be considered to assure that it is appropriate to be used as a design material to the project that you are currently working on.
  • Select a moss texture that will give a boost in the overall look of the material where you will place it. Identify the kind of hue tha you want to use and the vibrancy of the moss that you want to achieve so it will be coherent with the overall design theme of the project.

Kinds of Moss Textures

A few samples of moss textures we offer are as follows:

  • Green moss texture
  • Moss rock texture
  • Moss stone texture
  • Moss wall texture
  • Seamless moss texture
  • Free moss texture
  • Tree moss texture
  • Natural ground moss texture
  • Moss wood texture
  • Grass with moss texture

Other than our samples and templates of moss textures, our samples of Stone Textures are also available for download.

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