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27+ Rock Textures – Free PSD, Vector EPS, AI Formats Download

Rock textures are very popular nowadays and are the absolute favorites for the lovers of art and craft. The main beauty of the rock texture designs is the mixture of earthen and natural elements with creativity. These are widely used in landscape designing and is has a unique attribute which makes it stand out among the other designing ideas. You can also find its utility in web site designing and if you are looking for some of the best rock textures for Photoshop, your search ends here as we have the most creative and versatile rock texture designs to blow your mind away. There are plenty of design ideas for you to choose from.

> The Rock Textures – Creative and Interesting

The main advantages of using rock texture designs are:

Many people find rock textures beautiful as they have an element of nature associated with them.

22 Different High Quality Rock Textures

different high quality rock texture

21 Rock Textures Set Download

rock textures set

Colourful Rock Texture Download

colourful rock texture download

Simple Rock Texture Template Download

simple rock texture download

Rock Texture Experiment Template

rock texture experiment template

Gray Color Rock Texture Template Download

gray color rock texture download

Shredded Rock Texture Template Download

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Simple 5 Different Colours Rock Texture Download

simple 5 different colours rock texture download

20 Rocks Textures Template Download

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Set of 4 Rock Textures Template Download

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Small Gravel Rock Texture Design Download

small gravel rock texture design download

21 Hi-Res Gouged Rock Textures Download

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10 Lilydale Toppings Gravel Texture Template

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15+ Mountain Different Hard Rock Textures Download

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5 Blue Rock Texture Set Download

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10 Stone Wall Rock Textures

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High Quality Grunge Wall Texture Download

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Marble Rock Textures Pack Download

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3D Hot Rocks Texture Download

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Download Free Rock Texture Template

download free rock texture template

4 Nature Stone Textures set Download

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Free Stone Textures Download

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6 Amazing Elegant Marble Textures Download

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Free 10 Sand Stone Textures Download

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High Resolution Mineral Rock Textures Download

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10 Seamless Stone Textures Template Free Download

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> Rocks set in the Concrete

These are among the most trending rock texture design ideas. Rocks are embedded in the concrete surface or any base. The appearance can be enhanced by choosing colors appropriately. You can use brown or any other deep color for the rocks and, as for the base, some comparatively lighter colors for the concrete or base. These texture designs are creative and artistic.

> Rock Wall Textures

If you are looking for some designs which have art and creativity and are also unique from the other rock texture designs, these are best suited for you. These textures comprise of a set of rocks of different shapes are stacked on top of each other in the formation of a rock wall. It is trendy, creative and also unique from the other designs. Now, proper application of shades and color variations can be used to enhance the images and the color of the rocks can also make it more interesting.

> Cracked Rock Texture Designs

The natural phenomenon of cracking in the rocks can also be used in rock texture designs. The cracked rocks are realistic and natural and many people like them because of the distinct appearance. You can make your own cracked rock designs using good software like Photoshop which has a lot of high end enhancement features and filters to give the desired look to your chosen textures.

> Hot Rock Texture Designs

Hot rock textures are a bit different from the other rock designs and are preferred by a lot of people who love artistic and colorful designs. The designs also involve a lot of creativity and are energetic. The appearance of the hot rocks can be enhanced by using higher contrast ratio and effective filters including higher resolution. You can also get new and better design ideas by using more bright colors and filters like color inversion.

> Mossy Rock Textures

The appearance of the mosses and green lichens on the rocks are liked by a lot of people as they are more fresh and natural and the appearance is also beautiful. The greenery on the rocks brings liveliness to the designs. You can develop better mossy rock designs by increasing the green content on the images and using some lighter shade for the rocks.

> Creating Rock Texture Designs- Putting The Ideas into Work

Photoshop is one of the best software you can use for designing the textures as it has a lot of high end image editing options and versatile filters to put your creativity into work. It is also user friendly, so if you are a beginner, you will be quite comfortable using the filters and working with the software. You can check out the wide range of rock texture ideas given here and design your own rock texture. There are a lot of advantages of designing the rock textures yourself as you will find it easy to make any variations and get different designs by changing the filters later on.

> How to Make The Rock Texture Designs

After Looking at The Rock Texture Design Examples Given Here, You Can Pick Up Your Favorite Design Idea and Design Your Own Rock Texture with The Photoshop Software.

Here is How to do it:

> Some Important Points to Remember

You must use high resolution images when displaying your texture designs as in the rock textures, it is very important that all the detailing and effects should be distinctly clear to the viewers. For the rock textures, keep the contrast ratio and color of display high. As the rocks are mostly of dull and earthly colors like brown or black, keeping a higher contrast ratio will help it look interesting and polished and it will also highlight the effects and filters used in the design.

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