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8+ Splatter Textures – PSD, Vector EPS

When people usually see materials that are splattered with paint, it always gives sense of chaos on a calm background. Splatter textures are a form of abstract art in a way that when we look at this type of texture, we experience a mix of emotions. There is just something about splatter designs in how they visually impacts us in an unusual sense of emotions.

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We have taken the liberty of collecting samples of splatter texture templates for you to download and customize. If you are looking for templates do not require a fee, you can check out our list of Free Textures that we offer on our website.

Splatter Wall Texture


Splatter Paint Texture


Blood Splatter Texture


Ink Splatter Texture


What Is a Texture?

Texture refers to the feeling and appearance of a surface or substance. There are two kinds of textures—namely, physical and visual textures. Physical textures refer to the direct sense of touch of a surface, such as rubbing your hand across a wall to feel its physical texture. Visual texture, on the other hand, refers to the visual feelings the viewer experiences by looking at a wall with a rough surface. Thus, creating an illusion of having its own physical texture. The aspects of a visual texture are its color, orientation, and intensity.

Why Are Textures Important?

The importance of textures revolve around design. When designing interiors or content, textures can affect the mood of the viewer. When creating textures, you have to consider the layers in order to create a sense of depth and weight. This greatly affects the aesthetics of the visual art. To create the right visual impression, lighting is the most important factor that you should consider. Playing with the lighting can add extra detail and depth to the space of the texture. This is particularly helpful in both interior and visual design.

For 3D-related textures, you can check out our Free 3D Textures samples found on our Design archives.

Grunge Splatter Texture


Photoshop Splatter Texture


Splatter Ceiling Texture


Watercolor Splatter Texture


Concrete Splatter Texture


What Is a Splatter Texture?

Splattering is the technique of splashing liquid over a surface or an object. When splattering, you intend to cover something with drops or spots. This then creates a splatter texture. The patterns of this texture creates a versatile combination of color and pattern. This texture can give off a feeling of motion and joy, which depends on the colors used. It is also a form of abstract, which can be great in designing.

What Is the Difference between Grunge and Splatter?

Grunge is similar to the splatter effect, but unlike the latter, its texture is more harsh, dirty, and scratched. It can also give a kind of rusty feeling to the image. There is art even behind a texture such as these designs in this list. Splatter effects tend to give off a visual sensation of constant motion. Grunge, on the other hand, tends to give off more of a rough yet serene feeling. Use these two textures to your advantage.

If you prefer to use grunge over splatter textures, you can check out our samples of Grunge Textures and many more textures, patterns, and brushes found on

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