9+ Stained Paper Textures


Stained papers can be due to different instances and processes. More so, there are different liquid sources that can stain a particular piece or sheet of paper. Since there are various sources of stains, the overall visuals of stained paper textures also vary.

We have collected a number of stained paper textures that you may use as design materials especially on projects, crafts, and items where the aesthetic of this particular texture can create a more appealing appearance. Other than our stained paper textures, you may also want to browse through our downloadable samples of other Photoshop textures in the provided link.

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Coffee Stained Paper Texture

coffee stained paper texture Download

Tea Stained Paper Texture

tea stained paper texture Download

12 Watercolor Stained Paper Textures

12 watercolor stained paper textures1 Download

High-Resolution Stained Paper Texture

high res stained paper texture Download

Blood Stained Paper Texture

blood stained paper texture Download

Different Kinds of Stained Paper Textures and Where to Use Them

The variations in the stains caused by different liquids can create different textures and designs. Some of the stained paper textures that you may download from this post are as follows:

  • Coffee stained paper textures are mostly brown in color since it is the color of the liquid that stained the paper. Because of this, this particular stained paper textures can be used in rustic and earthly designs. Use this template if what you’re going for “a grizzled and introspective private investigator” look for your personal study.
  • Tea stained paper textures are light and airy in nature. Most tea-stained paper textures are in the pastel color scheme. You could draw inspiration from this sample for your stained tablecloth in your school play or local theater production.
  • Watercolor stained paper textures is a collection of various color shades that look like watercolor smudges. Draw inspiration from this set for your own piece of abstract art. Or, if you’re going the easy route, print and frame this sample on your living room as an interesting conversation starter.
  • Blood stained paper textures are representations of real blood drips that have dried and scattered in a paper medium. These could be used for horror movie posters or, if you’re feeling daring, as a Kafkaesque wallpaper design.
  • Water stained paper textures are evidently just papers with different textures and clear stain depths. We can provide you with more kinds of paper textures in the provided link.

Water Stained Paper Texture

water stained paper texture Download

Grunge Stained Paper Texture

grunge stained paper texture Download

Vector Stained Paper Texture

vector stained paper texture Download

Vintage Stained Paper Texture

vintage stained paper texture Download

Ink Stained Paper Texture

ink stained paper texture Download

More Ideas Where to Use These Stained Paper Textures

Different stained paper textures can be used as design items in varying materials. Some of the instances where you can use stained paper textures are as follows:

  • Since most stains are from beverages, you can use stained paper textures in creating the designs of kitchen wares like mugs, plates and a lot more.
  • Stained paper textures can also be used by establishments to design the materials that are present in the location of the business. As an example, restaurants can use stained paper textures in their menus, flyers, and posters.
  • The stained paper textures that you may download from this post can also be transferred to different items like cellphone cases, notebook covers, and item holders.
  • You can easily print our stained paper textures and use it as a design material in your room. More so, you can also use it in various documents and presentations that you would like to beautify.
  • Our stained paper textures can also be used as design materials for textile printing.

Other than our samples of stained paper textures, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of Grunge Paper Textures in the specified link.

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