9+ Steel Plate Textures


Being able to use different steel plate textures will help you create steel textures with ease. Additionally, using them will save you time as you do not have to make them from scratch. Not only that, metallic textures, whether they come in gold or steel plate, will give your design that edge it needs.

Browse through our collection of the best steel plates available online. We have a variety of Photoshop textures that you can use to accent any design you are currently working on. Give your artworks that much-needed oomph with these designs.

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Diamond Steel Plate Texture

diamond steel plate texture Download

Seamless Steel Plate Texture

seamless steel plate texture Download

Stainless Steel Plate Texture

stainless steel plate texture Download

Rusted Steel Plate Texture

rusted steel plate texture Download

Different Steel Plate Texture Templates

The main reason why anyone uses the different types of steel Photoshop textures is so that certain designs or presentations will be given that extra boost to make it stand out from all other designs. However, it can be quite a lot of work to come up with one’s own texture, which is why templates have been made available.

Being able to use these templates will help you create that specific look you are going for. Below are a few examples of the different steel plate textures displayed in this topic:

  • Diamond steel plate texture – These types of texture templates are commonly used for designs that have metallic themes. You can use these texture to apply a metallic effect to add more details in your design and make them more attractive.
  • Rusted steel plate texture – You can use these types of templates if you want that old rustic kind of effect in your designs. Give it that grungy feel to give it a bit of edge. This template goes well with metallic-themed designs.
  • Brushed Steel Plate Texture – These types of steel plate textures can usually be found as backgrounds for posters, flyers, and billboards because of its softer and plainer appearance.

Steel Plate Texture for Photoshop

steel plate texture for photoshop Download

Galvanized Steel Plate Texture

galvanized steel plate texture Download

Brushed Steel Plate Texture

brushed steel plate texture Download

Polished Steel Plate Texture

polished steel plate texture Download

Free Steel Plate Texture

free steel plate texture Download

Where to Use Steel Plate Texture Templates

There are many uses for steel plate texture templates. With them, you can definitely, make your designs more appealing and attractive for viewers. Below are a few examples on what you can use these types of templates for:

  • Use it on posters. Posters need to attract the attention of your target audience. Do so by using the different templates as a background or as accenting details on your poster designs.
  • Use as backdrops. These types of templates were made to be used as backdrops or backgrounds for designs you may want to make instead of creating such details from scratch.
  • Use for presentations.  Do not underestimate the power of background textures, especially on presentations. Make your lectures stand out just a little bit by using some of the softer and more subdued designs to complement the text. This is for you to save time on creating such backgrounds or effects from scratch.
  • Use as a main reference. You can also use these types of templates as a main reference to create your own steel plate designs.

Give yourself more time to focus on the concept, and use these templates to make your job that much easier.

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