30 Stone Textures to Give a Natural Look to Your Project

If you are going for a rocky feel for your project, be it a webpage background, Photoshop layers, or your wallpaper, these top stone textures are an excellent choice for you. You can easily go out with your camera and snap a picture of any rocky surface that catches your fancy and use the image for your concept. However, you can also download these stone textures from here for free or pay for the premium stone textures collection.

Some Of The Best Stone Textures To Choose From

There can be as many of such stone textures as there are types of stones and rocks in the world! These stone textures can be of cobbled streets for an old-world charm of an old city, a beautiful marble texture for a classy and chic look, real stone tiles, stone wall or wall cladding tiles. ( stone wall texture,stone textures,seamless stone texture,cracked stone texture)

You Can Choose The Ctone Texture That Best Suits Your Purpose, And Get Creative

Use a stone texture of white or colorful pebbles for a light and breezy nautical effect. You can use this texture as a background for invitations for a themed party, or on handmade cards. You can use a stone texture background of sea-glass in shades of blue and green for a calming wallpaper. You can also check out the grassy rocky textures, or stones with small flowers and moss on them, or a sharp granite or slate texture for a industrial urban look.

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10 Stone Wall Textures

  • 10 stone wall textures 161419

15 Stone Texture

  • 159646 15 stone texture

Stone Texture

  • 366

Stone Textures

  • stone


Seamless Stone Texture

  • 4789


Free Texture

  • dsc

Stone Wall Texture

  • 6610296

Simple Stone Wall Texture

  • stone wall texture

Stone Brick Texture

  • dsc

Sharp Rocky Surface

  • sharp


Cracked Stone Texture

  • 133976 stone texture

Rough Stone Texture

  • rough stone texture

Rough Stone Texture

  • rough stone texture

Tileable Stone Texture

  • tileable stone texture 6790015

Stone Texture Cracked

  • dsc

Solidified Lava Rocks

  • solidified


Unique Stone Textures

  • tileable 10512066

Stone Texture 4770×3178

  • 194234 stone texture 4770x3178

5 Stone Textures

  • tileable versions 99409

Natural Stone Tiles

  • angular


Stone Texture Tileable

  • 193756 stone texture

30 High-Resolution Stone Textures

  • stone textures 319788

Stone Texture 51

  • stone texture 51

Natural Stone Tile

  • dsc

Volcano Rocks

  • volcano


Texture Stone

  • 162188 stone texture

10 Stone Wall Textures

  • 10 stone wall textures 10512932

Texture Stone

  • 43121 stone texture

Stone Texture Wall Large Rock Grey Image

  • untitled 14



  • stone


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