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10+ Photoshop Vector Textures

Vector graphics are created from points, lines, shapes, and curves that are based on mathematical formulas. These elements are filled with color, blends, tints or gradients, and lines have a stroke attribute such as a solid or dashed line with different thicknesses and colors. They can be used to create Photoshop textures just like the ones on this page.

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These vector textures are useful to any graphic designer, whether professional or amateur, to create stunning designs and artistic ideas. They are mostly free to download and use in a number of different ways. For commercial use, however, you may want to check the designer’s terms of use for restrictions. Scroll away and enjoy these textures.

Abstract Vector Texture


Grunge Vector Texture

Paper Vector Texture


Distressed Vector Texture

Wood Vector Texture


Floral Vector Texture


How to Use These Vector Textures

The use of textures is one of the most powerful tools for creating compelling graphic. Here are some tips and ways to use these vector textures to their full extent.

  • Make sure it serves a purpose. Using textures for aesthetic purposes may require some more thought before finalizing your design. If it doesn’t improve your design, take it out. Using them for subtlety and nuance sounds like a better plan and a better way to go about it.
  • Consider what you are trying to achieve. It’s easy to get carried away when using textures, but you have to keep in mind the final effect that you want to achieve and make sure that your vision is perfectly executed. Dwelling too long in choosing the right texture will never get you done.
  • Never sacrifice quality for loading time. Using textures on your Web pages can require some loading time, especially when used as backgrounds or other larger elements. Yet, you don’t need to sacrifice the quality of your texture. Repeating texture patterns is a good way to save time.
  • Choose your textures logically. Make sure to choose textures that are relevant and logical to the subject of your design. Certain textures will make a lot of sense when used in websites with the same concept or aesthetic. It should help build its identity, rather than just looking good.

You may also want too see our group of abstract textures on another article while you’re here.

Paint Vector Texture

Leather Vector Texture


Asphalt Vector Texture


Cardboard Vector Texture

The Benefits of Using Vector Graphics

There are two basic types of electronic image files: vector graphics and raster graphics. This page presents these textures in vector format for the following advantages.

  • Smaller file size. Vector images translates into a much smaller file size compared to larger raster images as they are created from points, lines, shapes, and curves that are derived from mathematical formulas and not on the dimensions of the object.
  • Higher zoom quality. When zooming in the image, vector images remain smooth and and lines and curves need not get wider proportionally. On the other hand, irregular curves in raster images may be proportionally wider when zoomed in.
  • Modification ability. The parameters of images made with vector graphics are stored so it can be later modified. This is because their dimensions are independent units and moving scaling, rotating, and filling do not degrade the quality of the image.
  • Realistic components. Rendering shadows from a 3D perspective is much more realistic with vector graphics. Shadows can be abstracted into the rays of light from which they are formed, therefore allowing lifelike images and renderings.

For more texture ideas, check out our photo textures available on the website as well.

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