9+ Velvet Textures


There is just something about velvet that gives off a distinctive feel. They are smooth and dense to touch. We often hear the term “Smooth like velvet.” It is no wonder why this term came to be for velvet really does live up to its name. Velvet fabrics are elegant and are associated with royalty. But what about using them for visual designs?

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Here, we have collected samples of velvet texture templates for you to download and use. But if you are looking for ones without a fee then you can check out our list of Free Textures you can find on our website.

Black Velvet Texture

black velvet texture Download

Free Velvet Texture

free velvet texture Download

Crushed Velvet Texture

crushed velvet texture Download

Velvet Fabric Texture

velvet fabric texture Download

Beige Velvet Texture

beige velvet texture Download

What Is Velvet?

Velvet is a type of fabric that is woven with its threads distributed evenly. This gives a certain feel to the surface. It is also a heavy durable fabric with a strong sheen. The reason why velvet is associated with nobility is because of its high cost in producing one. It is demanded for its unusual appearance for it is shiny yet not too bright to the eyes and its softness on the skin.

Velvet nowadays are made with polyester, nylon, and other materials to make production cheaper but ideally it was made from silk to which only royalty and the rich can afford in the past since velvet was popular.

What Does Texture Mean?

Textures define the sense of touch you feel when you see a certain surface or substance. It is common to find textures online and in graphic designs. There are two kinds of textures. The first is tactile, or physical texture, which refers to the direct feel of a surface. The second is visual texture, which refers to the impressions the observer feels when looking at an image. It gives an illusion of having its own physical texture. The elements of visual textures include color, orientation, and intensity.

Textures are used in visual art and designs. Examples of these are pictures, backgrounds, websites, etc. They project a sense of visual touch, which is as if you can actually feel the surface. This is achieved by realistic characteristics of the texture.

For more fabric-related textures, you can also check out our Free Fabric Textures that we offer on our archives.

Seamless Velvet Texture

seamless velvet texture Download

Shiny Velvet Texture

shiny velvet texture Download

Orange Velvet Texture

orange velvet texture Download

Velvet Cloth Texture

velvet cloth texture Download

Velvet Texture for Photoshop

velvet texture for photoshop Download

Why are Textures Important?

Textures affects the mood of the viewer. In interior design, textures also play an important when designing a room. So does in graphic design. When people view websites or even in advertisements, the background or details with specific textures can play a role when attracting viewers. Choosing the right texture can benefit you with what you are trying to project. When going on a website, for example, the viewer would get irritated if the texture of the background does not match the rest of the details.

We hope we have shed some light on the subject of textures before choosing which kind of velvet texture you prefer. For more samples like these, we also offer Leather Textures that you can find on our website here on Template.net.

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