9+ Watercolor Paper Textures


In this digital age, it is easy to overlook the relevance of using paper or any printed media in promoting a product or company. What most branding/marketing specialists overlook is that the printed form is an altogether different, yet just as effective a strategy as social media marketing. In printed media, you don’t rely on search engine optimization in order to reel in customers. Instead, you bank on presenting the best format, colors, fonts, textures, content, and overall visual presentation of your branding on printed media.

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Infusing textures that are eye catching on a printed advertisement of your product or company is essential in optimizing this specific branding strategy. Watercolor paper textures are the hottest design trends as of late. This is so because watercolor paper textures resemble real watercolor paintings, thus evoking a sense of familiar comfort at the mere sight of it. That is why, for your convenience, we have collated various Photoshop textures with watercolor design that are easily downloadable and editable.

Digital Watercolor Paper Texture

digital watercolor paper textureDownload

Free Watercolor Paper Texture

free high res watercolor paper textureDownload

12 Watercolor Stained Paper Textures

12 watercolor stained paper texturesDownload

Free Red Watercolor Paper Texture

free red watercolor paper textureDownload

Printable Watercolor Paper Texture

printable watercolor paper textureDownload

A Plethora of Watercolor Paper Textures

Here are the watercolor paper textures that we offer:

  • Digital Watercolor Paper Texture. Are you a Star Trek fan? Or perhaps an astronomy enthusiast? Here we offer you with our digital watercolor paper texture with mesmerizing galaxy designs which would remind you to read that Carl Sagan book you’ve always been putting off from your to-be-read list.
  • 12 Watercolor Stained Paper Textures. A set of paper textures splattered with stains in earth colors such as ochre, mauve, and sap green. This is perfect if you want a watercolor textured background for your garden party invitation.
  • Free Red Watercolor Paper Texture. This beautiful palette of reds burgundy, crimson, pale vermillions, and terracotta screams of elegance and power. Anyone who catches sight of this texture would surely be hooked by its quaintly imposing character.
  • Rainbow Watercolor Paper Texture. Lighthearted and playful. These cutesy, pastel, and cotton candy–colored watercolor textures are fit for designing your birthday party invitation cards.
  • Grunge. If you are making artistic invitation cards for your gig or that low-key art exhibit, then this is the paper texture for you. When you use this, make sure to use font colors and styles that match your edgy event.
  • Blue Watercolor Paper Texture. Pale blues and a grainy finish render this design particularly unique and calm inducing.

Rainbow Watercolor Paper Texture

rainbow watercolor paper textureDownload

22 Grunge Watercolor Textures Pack

22 grunge watercolor textures pack Download

Blue Watercolor Paper Texture

blue watercolor paper textureDownload

Seamless Watercolor Paper Texture

seamless watercolor paper textureDownload

Watercolor Vintage Paper Texture

watercolor vintage paper texture1Download

How to Choose Your Watercolor Paper Textures

In choosing watercolor textures, you need to consider the purpose, theme, and what response you seek from your viewers. Whether it would serve as a background for your company’s job posting, service and products advertisement, engagement party invitation card, or even a birthday invitation card, attention to detail is important. Understandably, this is not an easy task.

First of all, watercolor shades should match the purpose for using it. Basically, if you want to evoke a joyful feeling, you can use the rainbow watercolor paper texture; but if you want to attract dark, artistic souls, then use the grunge texture.

Secondly, upon printing, use a medium that effectively brings out the different layers of your textured design. Avoid mediums that alters the quality of these textures.

Lastly, when you add photos and texts upon editing, make sure that the colors match the paper texture. Otherwise, your design would cease to be effective.

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