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11+ Wrapping Textures

Seeing these Photoshop textures will make you want to create your own style of wrappers for all occasions. You will need many types of wrappers for almost anything you want to create. Choosing the right kind of wrapper textures is important since you will have to pick appropriate ones for just the right blend with any occasion.

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See and differentiate textures before using them; comparison with other textures will help you choose the right one. Your creativity will get you to the perfect designs, and when you’re given a lot of ideas about it, it will be up to you to choose.

Grunge Wrapping Paper Texture


Gift Wrapping Texture


Gold Wrapping Texture


Free Wrapping Paper Texture


Free Wrapping Texture


Plastic Wrapping Texture


Crumpled Wrapping Texture


Different Wrapping Material for Different Cultures

Different paper textures will not only be best for wrappers but also for a lot of uses. Wrapping textures for presents may vary according to different cultures. There could be beliefs far beyond just the usual placing of presents in boxes and wrapping them with gift tags and warm wishes.

You can sort different cultures to see how they wrap their presents and what the reasons behind these practices are. Where there wasn’t really gift wrapping done before, we get to trace the innovation and how this modern practice has developed. Here are some Asian cultures on the practice of gift wrapping:

  • Chinese culture. Before they have started with wrapping large presents, they do not actually wrap their gifts but directly just place them in envelopes. Chinese culture suggests red envelopes which, for them, means luck.
  • Korean culture. They have this bojagi that they use for gift wrapping. These usually come in squares and are commonly made from silk or ramie.
  • Japanese culture. It is in their culture that gift wrapping is really common. They are fond of wrapping gifts in boxes. They also have their popular traditional wrapping cloth that impresses a lot of people for being ecologically friendly alternative to wrapping paper.

Wrap Bubble Texture


High Resolution Wrapping Texture


Shiny Silver Paper Texture


Digital Wrapping Texture


Wrapping Color Texture


A Wide Variety of Textures

Different textures from different cultures suggests that through the modernization in time, a lot of styles can be created. It is a matter of preference to whoever wants to use these types of textures for whom their presents could be. It may be textures preferred by the person about to give it, or it could also be a favorite of the person who is about to receive it.

From paper textures, foil textures, and digital textures, there are just so much to choose from. Here are styles for the right kind of texture you would want to use for your presents soon:

  • Foil texture. Your preference will tell you what foil textures are appropriate for. These are right for huge presents that can highlight the texture of your wrapper. These textures tend to look shiny and effortlessly attractive.
  • Paper texture. These textures are the kind of environment friendly ones. These are reusable at first glance, and no doubt about it, these textures could be used for another kind of texture the next time you use it. That is one great way to innovate.
  • Crumpled texture. Any texture could become crumpled textures if you please. This is one way of adding more design to any plain-looking texture.

Different textures are all available for your own preference and style. Don’t stick to one texture and lose your creativity. There are a lot more to try!

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