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There are many things to be thankful for every single day, and a lot of people say it aloud, yet a few significant others write it down on paper. Could it be that they’re too shy or too busy to say it? I don’t think so. It’s more like they want to give deeper appreciation on a relationship you’ve shared or your presence that have blessed them.

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Give your guests something they can treasure for a lifetime with our chalkboard thank-you cards that make a fine addition to your event giveaways. Say your thank yous in an instant with ready, printable templates that will ignite each of your guests day.You may also see Card Templates.

Chalkboard Thank You Card Template

chalkboard thank you card template1
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Chalkboard Wedding Thank You Card Template

chalkboard wedding thank you card template
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Printable Chalkboard Thank-You Postcard

printable chalkboard thank you cardDownload

Free Chalkboard Thank-You Card

free chalkboard thank you cardDownload

Photo Chalkboard Thank-You Card

photo chalkboard thank you cardDownload

Chalkboard Wedding Thank-You Card

chalkboard wedding thank you cardDownload

Chalkboard designs are used all over the world. Chalkboards were no more than writing tablets used by Indians in the eleventh century. They were handy slates with a wooden frame that were used by students as notebooks and later developed into a gigantic rectangular frame sticked to the wall, thanks to headmaster and geographer James Pillans.

Now, chalkboards are being used not just for classrooms, but textures for design. Consider some of our printable chalkboard thank you cards that’ll be perfect for different kinds of occasions such as:

  • Baby Showers
  • Weddings
  • Work Anniversaries
  • Graduation
  • Friendship Day or Best Friends’ Day

Saying “thank you” has already been a routine to some, but trust me, it’s so much better to write it down on a card because they can see your effort and sincerity through the card that you’ve given. Most people also pertain to visual senses, and that’s the reason why they’ll feel more appreciated when the receive a card.

Sincere Ways to Give Thanks

Give back with a sincere heart by giving them your own personal message that has these parts:

  • Salutations. Your salutations can begin with “dear”, “hi”, or “to my beloved” with the recipient’s name, and a title for a more formal tone.
  • A genuine expression of gratification. Short words of gratitude can go a long way, and you can start yours by telling how happy you are that they came to celebrate a special day with you.
  • A note cherishing they’re presence or gifts to the party. Mention a specific gift they’ve sent or a date that they’ve attended, and sure enough, you’ll get a thumbs up.
  • Your good news. Follow them up with a good news like “because of your help, we got our wish.”
  • A final appreciation. Thank them once again and let them savor your good thoughts toward them.

Chalkboard Baby Shower Thank-You Card

chalkboard baby shower thank you cardDownload

Chalkboard Thank-You Note Card

chalkboard thank you note cardDownload

Vintage Chalkboard Thank-You Card

vintage chalkboard thank you card1Download

Before a couple or the wedding coordinator goes on a vacation, it’s important to send wedding thank-you cards to everyone who participated. If you want a twist to your thank you cards, you can use William Shakespeare’s language of saying thank you.

Here’ a few lines and quotes from the famous dramatist himself:

  • I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks. (Twelfth Night, Act 3, Scene 3)
  • I thank you for your voices, thank you! Your most sweet voices! Now you have left your voices, I have no further with you.
  • I thank you: I am not of many words, but I thank you. (Don John: Much Ado About Nothing, Act 1, Scene 1, Page 7)
  • A thousand thanks.
  • I thank you all and here dismiss you all, and to the love and favor of my country commit myself, my person, and the cause.
  • A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.

Here are some other quotes you can incorporate into your personalized thank you card:

  • “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” —William Arthur Ward
  • “I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom“. —Author unknown

Discover more beautiful thank-you card templates by viewing the articles on our Web page.

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