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How to Make a Thank You Card [11+ Templates to Download]

Sending a thank you card may be one of the simplest acts of kindness that anyone can do. That is why if you intend to showcase your sincerity and affection for another person’s deeds or actions, learning how to craft your own thank you cards is a must.

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In this article, we will teach you how to design thank you cards for different occasions and end purpose. We will also show multiple examples of thank you card templates that you may download and use a for your personal or commercial projects.

5 Steps to Make a Thank You Card

First off, here is a step by step guide on how to craft excellent thank you cards. Pore over each step until you have familiarized the entire card-making process.

Step 1: Choose a card design theme or motif.

The first step in creating a thank you card is deciding on what theme or motif you wish to follow. Choose a design theme that matches the kind of card you are making. To illustrate, if you are making a holiday thank you card, a festive theme featuring different symbols of the season will work well. In contrast, a black and white theme for a Christmas card will make it look too dreary and unsuitable as a holiday card.

Step 2: Plan out the card layout.

Next, decide on your thank you card’s layout or the arrangement of all the elements used in the card design. The layout should be clean and organized unless you are going for a collage-type of thank you card. You may create a rough draft of how the thank you card will look like or

Step 3: Compile all the images, text, and design elements you need for the thank you card.

After deciding on the card’s theme and layout design, it’s time to curate all the images, text, header, font styles, and other design elements that you wish to incorporate in your thank you card. Make sure that you source all these elements from legitimate sources and then save them in one folder on your computer for easy retrieval later on.

Step 4: Download a pre-made thank you card template.

Then, you can open a blank card template start editing using compatible graphic design software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages. Another workaround is to directly download a pre-made thank you card template and edit it directly. Check out the multiple examples of card templates found below so that you will have an idea of what thank you card designs are available.

Step 5: Print out the thank you card design.

Keep editing and/or customizing the printable template designs until you are satisfied with them. Do not forget to ask another person proofread the design before saving and sending the final card design to your printer. Choose thick paper or cardstock as they are more durable and are better at handling newer printer inks.

Wasn’t that easy? Do not hesitate to refer back to the series of steps shared above if you forget or just want to refresh yourself with the steps on how to quickly create any kind of thank you greeting card.

11+ Thank You Card Templates

Take a look and be inspired with all the downloadable thank you card templates shown below. Each template is available in multiple file formats that you can use.

1. Baby Shower Thank You Card Template


Thank all your friends, colleagues, and relatives who surprised you with a baby shower party using this Baby Shower Thank You Card Template. This template design works especially well if you now know that your child is a boy since it features a baby blue color palette. If not, you may easily customize the color scheme into a soothing pink or lavender depending on your personal preferences.

2. Baptism Thank You Card


The birth of a child is always a glorious event and something that parents are grateful for. Extend your feelings of gratitude to your child’s godparents, your friends, and your relatives when you send out the Baptism Thank You Card (featured above) after your child’s baptism or naming ceremony. Easily replace the card cover image with a photo of your own baby. And your in-laws and friends will definitely treasure the card as it now bears the image of the newest (and cutest) addition to the family.

3. Christening Thank You Card Design


The Christening Thank You Card Template featured above is a fully customizable template that can be used for a newborn’s naming, dedication, christening, baptism, or cradle ceremony. It features a universal design and color scheme that can be used for whatever religion or denomination your child is introduced into.

4. Editable Christmas Thank You Card

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If you have organized a grand holiday party with friends, relatives, and colleagues, then it is only right to send out a thank you card after the event. The Editable Christmas Thank You Card (shown above) is an easy to edit and well-designed template that families can use to express their joy and gratitude.

5. Printable Christmas Thank You Card Example

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The Printable Christmas Thank You Card Template featured above is another card template that you can use as a post-holiday thank you card design. This template may be printed in both the US letter and legal paper sizes allowing you an easier card printing process (since you do not have to cut out each card).

6. Bi-fold Thank You Card Template


Thinking of ways to help boost company morale and improve employee engagement? The Bi-fold Thank You Card Template (featured above) is perfect for that. Just customize this bi-fold template by adding your company logo or letterhead design, a short handwritten message from the Human Resources department, and then give it to tenured employees.

7. Christmas Celebration Thank You Card


Try out the Christmas Celebration Thank You Card Template (featured above) if you want a more modern thank you card design. This card template works well both as a thank you card and as a general Christmas greeting card. Do not forget to add a personalized message to make the card-giving act more heartfelt.

8. Floral Funeral Thank You Card


Despite the sad ramifications of a person’s death and funeral, some families’ way of coping continues with the act of sending funeral thank you cards. The Floral Funeral Thank You Card template shown above is a good downloadable card template example that allows families to express gratitude and appreciation for the people who made the process easier and less stressful.

9. Personalized Thank You Card Template


It takes a tribe to successfully plan and host a wedding. That is why it is considered proper etiquette for newlyweds to send out wedding thank you cards a few weeks after the ceremony. Use the Personalized Thank You Card Template shown above as it is a perfect example of a well-designed and free card template that couples and wedding planners may use.

10. Restaurant Christmas Thank You Card


Make a mark in the hearts and minds of your customers during the holiday season when you send them personalized business thank you cards. More specifically, if you are running a dining establishment, use the Restaurant Christmas Thank You Card Template (shown above) as it can double as a marketing tool to help increase brand awareness. 

11. Simple Thank You Card Template


Cute babies and pastel colors. These design elements help make the Simple Thank You Card Template (embedded above) one of the go-to child baptism thank you card designs that parents will love. The template includes fully-editable image and text placeholders for you to easily add your child’s images and your own message of gratitude.

12. Typography Thank You Card Template


It’s the thought that counts. Keep this in mind when you create any kind of thank you card. Even the simple card design like the one shown in the Typography Thank You Card Template above will still get your message of heartfelt gratitude across.

With the help of the free and premium graphic design templates shared above, we hope that you will practice doing simple acts of gratitude regularly. For more design tips and to see more downloadable examples of thank you card designs, check out the rest of our website.

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