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10+ Restaurant Thank You Card Templates & Designs – PSD, AI

If there is one thing that new and small restaurant owners should learn from big restaurant chains, it should be the importance of developing a good restaurant branding identity. This can be achieved through a variety of means; one of which is the use of unique restaurant stationery designs backed by a well-planned advertising strategy plan. In this article, we will mainly focus on one such strategy: the use of restaurant thank you cards.

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It cannot be denied that developing a good restaurant advertising strategy may not be at the forefront of the minds of most restaurateurs, especially if they are only operating small and medium-sized local dining establishments. However, if you are a restaurateur who wants your business to succeed, it may be best if you gladly invest in the time to learn how you can adopt an advertising and branding plan for your current business model despite how small your operations are.Read on for more information on how to use thank you cards to jumpstart your restaurant’s branding image and improve company culture.You may also see Card Templates.

Restaurant Thank You Card Template

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Free Restaurant Christmas Thank You Card Template

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Choose the best restaurant thank you card template below

Embedded below are 15 different thank you card templates that restaurateurs can use as part of their business’ stationery design. Each template is fully customizable through Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or any compatible editing software tool. Choose the printable card template that will best showcase your restaurant’s unique branding image.

Cafe Restaurant Thank You Card

Cafe restaurants or coffee shops, rejoice! For you can use this simple Cafe Restaurant Thank You Card Template (embedded above) as your own restaurant’s thank you card template. This template mainly shows a coffee vector illustration and can easily be re-sized to fit any card size you wish to print it on. As a vector illustration, you may also easily edit and change the colors and font styles used in the template as long as you know how to use Adobe Illustrator.

To personalize this thank you card template, it may be best to add your own coffee shop logo design to the cup design. This way, customers can easily notice this detail and they will begin to get familiar with your cafe’s branding identity.

Restaurant Catering Thank You Template

Next on the list is the Canopy Restaurant Catering Thank You Card Template embedded above. This thank you card template suits French or Cajun-themed restaurants and other dining establishments. The restaurant canopy design on the card template’s front cover can be fully replaced with another image. As a suggestion, it is best to use an original and well-taken photo of your own restaurant instead. This way, customers will be reminded of your restaurant’s beautiful facade. When customizing this template, do not forget to add your company logo or use the same font styles that your restaurant banner design uses.

Just like any Zazzle.com template, you may choose among different paper print sizes, paper types, and paper textures when printing out this template. The printed templates will then be sent out to your address a few days after finalizing your order online.

Yes, you guessed it right! The Take Out Chinese Restaurant Thank You Card Template shown above is perfect for restaurants that offer a takeaway menu service. As a restaurateur, you can use this business strategy to help remind your customers of your restaurant while making them feel appreciated. This kind of restaurant thank you card template design may be used by Chinese or Asian fusion restaurants and bistros. This thank you card template is meant to be humorous and can even be used even if you are not a restaurant owner.

If you are a restaurateur who intends to use this card template for your business, make sure to add a defining element to the card’s cover design. For example, you may add your restaurant’s logo into the carton design on the template. This template best prints out on thick paper measuring 4.5 inches by 6 inches. A handmade card design version is also available on Etsy.com. Choose this option if you prefer to receive a physical copy of the thank you card template.

What are restaurant thank you cards?

Thank you cards, as the name suggests, are documents or pieces of paper that contain messages or images emphasizing gratitude, appreciation, or recognition towards a person, organization, group, event, or thing. These cards are usually printed on thick paper or cardstock and have an eye-catching cover design. When business establishments like restaurants use thank you cards, these printed cards are often given to customers and suppliers to express gratitude for their patronage or service.

Thank you cards developed by a restaurant management team can often be used as a form of printed advertising material to promote the said dining establishment. And just like other types of thank you cards, you may choose to create handmade thank you cards or use pre-made thank you card templates. Check out the rest of this article if you wish to see different downloadable restaurant thank you card templates.

Benefits of using restaurant thank you card templates

As a restaurateur, you should be familiar with how busy your day can get managing your restaurant operations. To help convince you to add the use of restaurant thank you cards to your restaurant’s marketing plan, we have compiled the most important advantages of using thank you card templates instead.

1. Easy customization

Pre-made card templates are mainly used for their easy customization options. Some thank you card templates do not even need customizations if you intend to use the original card template design and print it out as it is. Being able to easily edit a pre-made card template also means that you can add any graphic design and text elements into the thank you card to personalize it.

Also, note that most editable thank you card templates will need access to editing software tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. But what is great about this set up is that the original template creator has already organized the templates into editable layers. This way, you will not get confused or get overwhelmed during the editing process.

2. Affordable cost

Another advantage of using pre-made restaurant thank you card templates is that they are a cost-effective alternative to creating a thank you card template from scratch or hiring a professional graphic designer. This can be a major factor to consider when you are creating a standard creative stationery design template for your restaurant since you will be needing a lot of complementary restaurant template designs. Pre-made restaurant templates are a good solution for this since you do not have to manually create and pay for each restaurant stationery template design. You can rely on restaurant template sets that will already include templates for menu cards, thank you cards, restaurant letterhead designs, flyers, business cards, and a lot more. All of these ready to print templates are at a fraction of the cost.

3. Express your creative side

The most impactful business branding identities are often the ones that are well-designed combined with good copywriting. If you want your restaurant to have the same unique yet impactful brand identity, it pays to be hands-on when developing your restaurant’s vision and brand image. It does not matter if you are managing a large restaurant chain or you are just operating a local family restaurant. When you use restaurant thank you card templates, you have the creative freedom to develop something that is utterly true to your business brand.

People crave for this sense of authenticity in the things, places, or objects that they enjoy. And when you apply this to your own restaurant’s thank you card design template, you will be in for a treat. Not only will you see more engaged and loyal customers, you may also get to have a boost in sales and earnings.

4. Showcase your restaurant branding elements

As mentioned earlier, for any restaurant advertising plan to work, you first need to develop a unique restaurant image and then develop matching restaurant branding elements. This may come in the form of restaurant logo designs, slogans, official typefaces, emblem designs, and even a brand model. When you use editable restaurant thank you card templates, you can easily add your restaurant branding elements to the template. By doing this, you help increase your restaurant’s recognizability.

It is also important to remember that in order to achieve an increase in your brand’s public recognizability, you need to make sure that your restaurant’s branding elements can be found everywhere in your restaurant and on the streets. To illustrate, you do not only need to use restaurant advertising materials like flyers, banners, and billboards on easily seen and high foot traffic places, you also need to highlight these branding elements in almost all of the things that are used in your restaurant. From menu cards to towel monogram designs, and yes, to restaurant thank you card designs, too.

5. Increase customer engagement

An increase in restaurant sales does not magically happen. As a restaurateur, you first need to attract and lure customers to your restaurant. One way to do this is by creating eye-catching and appetite-inducing printed advertising materials. These printed adverts will then become the conversation fodder arousing more curiosity from potential customers. Established restaurants can also use these printed advertising materials as a way to create a new image for their business. The common effect is that customers get to talk about your restaurant. And when done effectively, they will be more inclined to visit your dining establishment and experience the service themselves. And by even using simple restaurant personalized thank you cards, you can achieve this result.

6. Quicker turnaround time

Using pre-made printable restaurant thank you card templates allows you to save time and effort since you do not have to create and design the card template from scratch. The amount of time you can save by using pre-made printable templates can then be used for other business-related tasks. And since pre-made restaurant templates are already formatted where you just need to add your own restaurant’s business information and details, they can be printed out in a breeze.

To illustrate, you may use restaurant thank you card templates as part of your dining establishment’s holiday marketing campaign. Since this is a seasonal event, you can easily purchase a Christmas-themed thank you card template and print out a small batch of the thank you note cards and give them away to your customers. There is no lengthy preparation time needed.

Corporate Restaurant Thank You Card Template

For those who want a more formal restaurant thank you card template design, check out the Corporate Restaurant Thank You Card Template shown above. This thank you card template resembles a foldable corporate business card but it can easily be customized to fit as a restaurant thank you card. The entire thank you card measures 6.25 inches by 4.25 inches when folded.

The template follows the CMYK color model and has a 300 DPI resolution. This makes the card template easier to print out later on. And, as an editable template, it includes ten pre-formatted color variations that you can choose to match your restaurant’s official color motif.

Fancy Fine Dinner Thank You Card Template

Need a simple yet funny thank you card design for your restaurant? If yes, you are in luck because the Fancy Fine Dinner Thank You Card Template (shown above) may be the right one for you.

Choose this thank you card template if you want an air of mystery and fun around your restaurant. This card template design can work for fine dining restaurants to casual family restaurants. This thank you card template is fully editable. You can change the card cover’s image, wordings, font sizes, and colors. Graphic design elements may also be added if you wish to transform this template into something that will fully represent your restaurant business.

When printing out this card template, you may choose between two paper print types (matte and semi-Gloss) and among three paper print sizes ( 5 inches by 7 inches, 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches, and 8.5 inches by 11 inches.) The printing costs will increase in proportion to the paper quality and paper size selected.

New Restaurant Thank You Business Card Template

Choose the New Restaurant Thank You Business Card Template featured above if you intend to give well wishes to a restaurateur who has just opened his or her restaurant. Restaurant thank you cards do not all have to be given to customers. Sometimes, the restaurateurs themselves (and their waitstaff, too) need some encouragement. This template comes in various print sizes and paper types on Zazzle.com.

Pizza Restaurant Birthday Thank You Card Template

Restaurant Tuxedo Cat Thank You Card Template

If you want to inject a little fun into your restaurant’s stationery choices, try out the Restaurant Tuxedo Cat Thank You Card Template shown above. This thank you card template features a cute cat illustration, a neutral drawing, but something that most people will like. This template is fully editable using Zazzle.com’s online editor. You may add your own restaurant logo design and even change images, text, and colors.

This thank you card template may also double as an invitation card. If you wish to use this as an invitation card, it is best to choose the 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches print size.

Seafood Restaurant Thank You Card Template

Looking for a way to make your diners feel more special? If yes, try giving them thank you cards after they have their meals. You may use the Seafood Restaurant Thank You Card Template shown above if you want your card template to follow a rustic and nostalgic look. This kind of thank you card template design will work well to remind customers of your restaurant’s reputation and longevity. Local and established restaurants and dining places will benefit from this kind of restaurant card design since it helps emphasize their unique branding identity.

To personalize this thank you card template, you may use an actual photograph of your restaurant’s facade and then have a professional artist create a painted version of it. Also, do not forget to add your restaurant logo and restaurant name on the cover design or at the back of the thank you card.

Grunge Restaurant Thank You Card

The Tricolor Grunge Restaurant Thank You Card Template embedded above is a vector illustration template that will work best for restaurants that follow vintage and grunge themes. As a vector illustration, you may easily add this template to any pre-existing template’s front page design and be able to print out the template in no time. Also, you may change the red and blue stripe colors on the template and choose a color scheme that matches your own restaurant’s preferred color motif.

Tip: Customers may also pass around this thank you card to other vegan restaurants as a form of gratitude for making vegan and/or vegetarian food available.

Cupcake Restaurant Business Card and Thank You Card Template Set

As the heading suggests, the Cupcake Restaurant Business Card and Thank You Card Template Set shown above includes a business card template and a thank you card template. A bonus restaurant gift certificate template is also included. Choose the thank you card template if you prefer to have a cozy and personalized look for your restaurant’s thank you card design. This thank you card template design will also work for dining establishments that sell pastries, bread, and other desserts.

These card templates measure 90 mm by 52 mm or 3.54 inches by 2.05 inches with a pre-formatted print bleed area. This is a PSD template so make sure that you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer before you can edit the card template.

Vintage Thank You Card Template Set

The Vintage Thank You Card Template Set shown above is another vintage-themed restaurant template. Choose this thank you card template design if you prefer polka dots and retro font styles. Also, note that the thank you card template mock-up shown above is only one of the template designs included in this template set. There are a total of 18 thank you card templates included in this set—perfect for creating assorted card designs for every customer type.

Choose the Vegan Restaurant Thank You Card Template Pack embedded above if you prefer to create personalized and handmade thank you card designs for your customers. This approach will work well in restaurants that offer vegan and organic food menu options since the market they cater to may also be interested in sustainable living. Reminder, this template is available in sets of 10. Each card measures 7.2 cm by 9.7 cm.

These thank you card templates are best printed out on thick paper or cardstock. Each template is available as an EPS file and can be edited using Adobe Illustrator or any compatible editing software program.

Choose well

Choosing to give away restaurant thank you cards to your customers can be a noble task in itself. Pride yourself and your restaurant for taking this step in order to give your customers the best service possible. By doing this small step, you are setting your small business for well-deserved success in the future.

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